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Kitchen Gearoid is a site dedicated to kitchen appliances, gadgets, ideas and a place to help you answer all those nitty gritty and very specific question we all have regarding appliances.

Who Are We?

Who are we? My name is Ana Stanar, an Art Historian by education, a high-school teacher by profession, and kitchen appliances and cooking enthusiast by passion.

I am the creator of this site along with my husband who is an entrepreneur by profession, a keen cook, and a gourmet.

A Slight Background…

About 3 years ago my hubby and I moved to our new custom-built house which I had personally designed. As we are both foodies, we had paid particular attention to the kitchen design making sure we understand all the appliances and their placement right.

And that is where our research into kitchen appliances began. As we looked at each appliance, we ventured ever deeper into the minute details realizing that everything matters if you want delicious meals.

We had so many questions, unfortunately, there was no central authority where we could have those questions answered. So after countless hours and days of research, we did get to answer all our questions.

and then…we started this site.

What Inspired Us?

We realized that we were not the only ones asking very specific questions regarding the home appliances. There were thousands of others.

Sure there are larger sites that offer single-page buying guides for various appliances, but none goes into their minutest of details. They offer a birds-eye view, we, on the other hand, tend to dissect each and every appliance and offer a microscopic view detailing each and every aspect.

Buying Appliances Can be Tedious

It is not easy to purchase a kitchen appliance particularly when it is your first time buying a particular appliance. Each appliance has its own set of specifications, requirements (kitchen design, circuit etc), and use cases.

And the critical part to note here is that each and every specification of a certain appliance holds value.

The amp rating and its implication on the circuit, the size and the capacity of an appliance, the types of blades in a food processor and the uses of each, the sensors in a microwave and what they entail, the type of heating element in an oven, each and every specification matters.

Take the amp rating, for instance, I can’t tell you how many times I have had to deal with issues of overloading the circuits with clients just because they had too many large appliances connected at once. Pay attention to the ratings!

Similarly, someone had just asked if a trim kit of a certain built-in microwave can be used with another. The simple answer is NO!

The point is that there are a gazillion questions.

While most people just blindly go about purchasing an appliance not paying attention to its particular details, here we tend to break down each and every appliance to its finest details.

Our Goal

If you have followed our text above, you should have a strong idea about our goal with this site by now. But to reiterate here they:

  • Provide the most comprehensive guide for each and every appliance
  • No one-page appliance guide. Afterall, one-page guides cannot do justice to all the intricacies involved with a certain appliance.
  • Answer the nitty-gritty questions covering the minutest of details
  • Help you troubleshoot common appliance issues.
  • Ideas on placement and design.

Can You Trust Us at Kitchen Gearoid?

We are committed to our goals and in our efforts to providing comprehensive guides for various home appliances as well as to providing the best product reviews.

You can place your trust in us because:

  • We have spent, and continue to spend, countless hours researching the right answers, products and ideas so that you don’t have to.
  • Our reviews tend to look at the product from various angles depending upon the demographics and the requirements of the end-user.
  • We actively look for tough topics and subjects that others avoid – and subsequently provide the answer in a manner that would make our readers more informed customers.
  • You will notice that we DO NOT generally rank the products here. Why? well someone with a limited budget would have a different definition of the #1 product as compared to someone with no budget constraints. It is very easy to list the most expensive product as the best product in a given category and be done with it. It is an entirely different story when you are actually trying to gauge the performance/dollar value.

In the end we hope that you will enjoy Kitchen Gearoid and perhaps find it useful.

We would like to thank you for visiting our website and also taking your time to read about us.

Ana Stanar

Can You Reach Us?

Sure! we will be delighted to hear from you! If you need help deciding on your next kitchen product, if you are facing issues or if just want to come and say hi, drop us a message at:

[email protected]


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