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Air Fryer Oven Accessories | A Guide to Super-handy Tools to Cook Delicious Food


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Can you use an air fryer for any other purposes other than air frying french fries, veggies, and fried pickles? Can you add other tools or air fryer accessories that would enhance the versatility of the kitchen appliance and help in carrying out other tasks?

Air fryers have become part of must-have kitchen gadgets and for a good reason. It has many benefits enables you to carry various tasks in the kitchen, and it cuts your food preparation time considerably.

An air fryer features a rack with trays that hold food, and the hot air in the device circulates for even cooking. Apart from the basket, can you have other accessories to help the kitchen appliance do more?

Here are some suggestions of tools you can use:

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What to Consider Before Buying Air Fryer Oven Accessories

Before you can purchase an accessory, it's vital that you carry out due diligence to ensure the accessory is worth the investment.

Air Fryer ovens come in different models, brands, sizes, etc. As such, you should double-check the accessory to want to purchase to ensure it is compatible with your appliance. Also consider air fryer vs. air fryer oven differences.

Most accessories may list the type, model, and size of the air fryer oven they can work on. As such, you may not have to carry out so much research to decide whether it is compatible with your device or not.

Some accessories are versatile and can work with other devices in your kitchen, such as instant pot, pressure cooker, etc.

Baking Pan

One of the accessories you can purchase to enhance the versatility of your device includes a baking pan.

The baking pot is compatible with most of the air fryer models available in the market today. It is also compatible with most instant pots, meaning it can carry out a double duty in your kitchen.

You can use the baking pan to prepare both savory and sweet dishes. It will help you air fry anything, including monkey bread, veggies, eggs, macaroni with cheese, etc.

various pans

The baking pan is oven safe and can stand her of up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, you can use it for various purposes in your kitchen.

What's more?

The kitchen appliance features a nonstick surface that makes it easy to clean after use.

Air Fryer Liners

Are you worried about food getting stuck at the bottom of your baking pan or air fryer? If yes, the air fry liners, also known as parchment liners, come in handy.

The liners will help reduce the number of food residues stuck on the appliance, making cleaning effortless.

The liners come in two sizes, including seven and nine-inch liners to ensure they fit in any air fryer.

dumpling making

They also contain some holes that ensure that air circulates.

Just like the liners of a slow cooker, parchment liners are not supposed to affect your recipe in any way. They just make your life in the kitchen easier by eliminating the scrubbing of sticky foods on your air fryer.

They are also FDA-approved, making them safe to use while preparing food.

Cooking Rack with Skewers

An air fryer oven works by circulating hot air around your food. The hot air helps to make your food crispy and crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It helps you achieve deep-fried-like results on your food without using oil or using a little of it.

If you want to do air fry large foods such as a whole chicken, a cooking rack with skewers comes in handy. Instead of one side of the chicken lying on the bottom of the appliance, the rack elevates it, allowing hot air to circulate freely. This results in even cooking of the food on all sides. You end up with a crisp coating but a juicy inside.

The rack also comes with skewer racks that assist you in making perfectly air-fried veggies, kabobs, and meat.


Grill Pan

Do you want to enjoy a grilled chicken, beef, etc.?

When thinking about the air fryer accessories to purchase for your kitchen appliance, a grill pan should be top of your list.

An air fryer grill pan looks basic, but it comes in handy in helping you grill some seafood, chicken, steak, etc. The raised grill pan also allows oil and grease to drip away from the food as you cook.

It also has a design that allows for grilling of smaller ingredients, such as sliced veggies that risk slipping through the grates of an ordinary grill.

grill meat

It also provides an excellent way of fixing burgers on the grill if it is chilly outside. You will also enjoy some girl marks on your burger or other types of foods.

The perforated holes at the bottom of the grill pan also allow for airflow. The circulating air enables heat to distribute evenly.

Air Fryer Accessory Pack 

If you are an air frying enthusiast, it will be best for you to get the air fryer accessory pack.

The air fryer accessory pack comes in various versions depending on the tools you want to use in your kitchen. Otherwise, the pack comes with everything that you'd require.

For instance, the accessory pack features a baking pan, a pizza pan, disposable paper lines, a silicone cupcake mold, a silicone mat, and two cooking racks (one with skewers).

whole pack

Additionally, the air fryer accessories pack features a tool to help you lift your hot food from the air fryer oven. The air fryer accessory pack also contains tongs and an oil brush to help you with your meat and veggies.

The pack is one of the air fryer oven accessories that ensures nothing you cannot do air fry.

Locking Tongs 

The cooked food from your air fryer could be very hot for you to touch with bare hands. As such, it will be best to invest in some tongs to help you lift the hot food from your air fryer.

The silicone or nylon head on the tongs comes in handy in preventing scratching of the device's interior or cooking accessories.

cookies with sugar

Mandoline Slicer 

Are you making chips using veggies such as potatoes and zucchini on your air fryer? If yes, you need a simple mandoline slicer with a nice grip.

The tool helps produce uniform slices of vegetables which helps to produce evenly cooked chips at all times.

Ensure you use the air fryer accessory as it can have a very sharp blade.

madoline slicer

Oil Sprayer Bottle 

If you are still considering what types of air fryer oven accessories to buy, you should consider getting an oil bottle sprayer.

As mentioned earlier, you can use an air fryer for cooking food using little to no oil. Using some little oil on the food enhances its look and also makes it crispier.

An oil sprayer bottle helps to add a little oil to food to make it crispier and have a deep-fried look.

You can also use an oil sprayer bottle to spray your cake pan, air fryer basket, and other accessories before you start coking to ensure that foods don't stick.

best bottle on the market

Reversible Air Fryer Rack

If you are still looking for air fryer accessories for your kitchen appliance, a reversible air fryer rack should be part of the consideration.

The rack is a dual-purpose air fry accessory that you can use as a rack for your air fryer. The rack ensures that hot air circulates around your food to ensure even cooking of the ingredients.

You can also use a cooling rack which you can use to put your hot food and allow it time to cool down.

metalic reversible rack

Baking Cups 

Do you want to enjoy an easy time preparing ingredients in your kitchen?

If yes, the silicone baking cups are a perfect option for you. They will help you make muffins and egg bites for the whole week.

The baking cups are individual cups that enable you to enjoy the capacity of your air fryer. Additionally, they a heat-resistant silicone that ensures easy cleaning and release.

muffin maker

Final Thoughts

An air fryer oven is a versatile kitchen device that enables you to air fry, roast, bake, etc. However, you can make use of available accessories that will help enhance your device's versatility. The accessories are available for various air fryer models, brands, and sizes. Therefore, you should check to ensure that the air fryer accessory you buy for your device is compatible. The best thing is that some accessories are compatible with other appliances in the kitchen, meaning you can use them for various purposes.

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