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Air Fryer Vs Pressure Cooker | Which One Is Better for Your Kitchen?


Author: Cornelia Suehr
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If you want to upgrade your kitchen, an air fryer or a pressure cooker will be an excellent choice. Apart from making your job in the kitchen easier, the two kitchen appliances also make your kitchen look elegant and classy.

Both air fryers and pressure cookers have grown in popularity in most modern kitchens. Unlike traditional toaster ovens they help cook specific meals.

However, the two kitchen appliances serve different purposes. It is not possible to substitute a pressure cooker for an air fryer, and vice versa.

We have done extensive research both online and offline to get the difference between the two. We have put the two appliances against each other to help you decide which one is the best for your kitchen.

An Air Fryer

It is a kitchen appliance used for grilling, frying, roasting, and baking specific types of foods. It was invented to replace deep frying (see how air fryers and deep fryers compare).

With this kitchen accessory, you put the food in the basket of the device, and you enjoy an array of cooking options that it offers. The top portion of the device has a heating system and a fan. When you put the device on, the air flows down and around your food at high speed. The fast circulation of hot air cooks the food and also makes it crispy.

Best Air Fryers for Chicken Wings 2

If you are considering healthy eating, the kitchen accessory is a perfect addition to your kitchen. Air Fryers (see latest Galanz air fryer microwave) are popular as you don't need to use cooking oil in your cooking. This helps to lower the cholesterol levels in your body.

The appliances come with a timer and temperature control settings. The two features help in air frying your food depending on their temperature and time.

The kitchen appliance is also popular as it is easier to operate and maintain than other accessories in the kitchen.

What Are the Advantages of an Air Fryer?
  • Healthy cooking: air fryers are an excellent pick for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. The appliance uses little or no cooking oil, which comes in handy in reducing cholesterol and fat levels.
  • Versatile: the kitchen appliance is also popular due to its versatility. For instance, you can bake, roast, grill, and fry specific types of foods as you cook. Air fryers come in handy in helping cook foods faster and healthier than traditional fryers. Additionally, air fryers come with a direction book that offers clear instructions on how to use them.
  • Portable: Air fryers are usually small in size, which helps to enhance their portability. An air fryer is ideal if you are going camping or hikes.
  • Affordable: most air fryers, regardless of their size, come at an affordable price compared to traditional fryers.
  • Energy-efficient: with its compact design, an air fryer enables your food to cook faster. This saves on time and energy consumption which saves you from hefty power bills.
What Are the Disadvantages of an Air Fryer?
  • Taste: food cooked using an air fryer may not be as tasty and crunchy due to the absence of oil. If you don't monitor the food well or use the right settings, the food can also turn out dry. Thus, you'll have to master the settings to cook a perfect meal.
  • Capacity: there is considerable variance in size if you compare an air fryer vs. a pressure cooker. Air fryers are typically smaller than pressure cookers. Thus, you can only cook food for a few people.

What Is a Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot?

A pressure cooker is a kitchen appliance that works through the mechanism of steam pressure. It is a sealed pot that creates steam inside, which in turn creates pressure for cooking particular types of food.

The pressure cooker or instant pot comes in handy in various modern restaurants as it helps to keep the food fresh. It is a version of a slow cooker, but it cooks faster.

The best thing about the kitchen accessory is that it helps to remove the bacteria present in food. This encourages healthy eating habits.


What's more?

You don't require to have any skills or knowledge to operate a pressure cooker. The kitchen appliance is easy to use and saves time in the kitchen.

Additionally, the cooker helps to preserve the nutrients in the food while cooking, which also encourages a healthy lifestyle.

If you compare an air fryer vs. pressure cooker, you'll notice that they don't serve the same purpose. You cannot substitute an air fryer for a pressure cooker and vice versa.

However, with technological advancement, it is now possible to get an air fryer fitted with pressure cooker components.

What are the Advantages of a Pressure Cooker?
  • Versatility: you can use the pressure cooker for cooking a larger variety of foods as compared to the air fryer. You should add all your ingredients inside the sealed pot and then wait for your delicious meal to cook.
  • Large amounts of food: The kitchen appliance can accommodate large amounts of food at a go compared to the air fryer. If you have a large family, you should consider using the pressure cooker to prepare your meals, or to a lesser extent, the best air fryers for a family of 4.
  • Healthier living and habits: as mentioned earlier, a pressure cooker helps remove bacteria from food. This ensures you are safe from bacteria attacks, ensuring healthier living.
  • Operation and maintenance: pressure cookers are easy to operate and maintain even if you've not had one before. They also come with a manual with detailed and clear instructions on how to use the appliance.
  • Efficient and faster: when using the pressure cooker, there is a build-up of steam inside the pot, which helps cook your food. The steam enables the device to cook your food efficiently. There are no chances of cooking the food unevenly. The kitchen appliance also makes cooking faster as it seals the steam inside, which makes it possible to cook in about a third of the normal time.
  • Saves energy: as mentioned earlier, a pressure cooker helps prepare your food about a third of the time. Thus, you significantly reduce the amount of energy you use which helps save on your electricity bills.
What Are the Disadvantages of Pressure Cookers?
  • Releasing the steam: When you finish cooking your food, you shouldn't open the pressure cooker immediately due to the trapped steam. You have to wait for a while for the steam to cool before you can remove your food from the pot.
  • Different ingredients: cooking a chicken may not take you the same time as cooking vegetables. Not all ingredients need the same time to cook. Thus, you may have to prepare the chicken and any other meat first before cooking the other ingredients. This may lower the efficiency of the pressure cooker.
  • Pricey: although it cooks food faster, purchasing an electric pressure cooker can be expensive compared to an air fryer. Especially when you can pick one of these best air fryers under 100 bucks.

What Is an Instant Pot?

An instant pot is the true definition of versatility. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, and rice cooker, all in one.

If you want to enjoy homemade yogurt, the instant pot will come in handy. You can also set it for a slow cooker dinner and forget it.

Best Air Fryers for Chicken Wings

Air Fryer vs. Pressure Cooker: What's the Difference?

If you want to contrast the two, you need to consider several factors. These include:

Cooking Method

Both kitchen appliances depend on the temperature to cook. However, the pressure cooker requires high pressure to cook.

When using a pressure cooker, the pressure increases as you cook. You cannot open the pressure cooker while it is cooking. If you want to open the cooker, you must stop the process first and expel the pressure.

On the other hand, an air fryer allows you to open and check your food and even add more ingredients.



Pressure cooking can be used to prepare foods such as vegetables, meat, porridge, rice, beans, etc. Some pressure cookers been have settings for desserts and special egg functions.

On the other hand, air fryers offer multifunctional applications like baking, grilling, roasting frying, etc. An air fryer can be used to prepare deep-fried foods such as potato chips, french fries, fried chicken (see the best air fryers for chicken and also best air fryers for chicken wings), etc.

Air Fryer Buying Guide

Settings Interface

You can also contrast an air fryer vs. pressure cooker depending on their settings interface.

Air fryers feature a digital touchscreen interface that helps you to customize the settings. An air fryer allows you to adjust the temperature up to 390 degrees to help you make incredible fries and crisps. A typical interface contains temperature controls, a timer, an indicator, and an auto shut-off mechanism.

On the other hand, pressure cookers feature low, mid-range, and high-pressure controls. It also contains some buttons and an LCD screen.

Some pressure cookers may feature an assortment of venting methods for discharging pressure faster or cooking delicate foods.

Air fryers come with temperature and programming features that you may not get in a pressure cooker.


Safety Concerns 

Inappropriate handling of a pressure cooker or using a malfunctioning one may turn out to be dangerous. Therefore, you have to keep checking for dirty components and damaged sealing gaskets. You should replace the pressure valve and the gasket if they are damaged.

Air fryers become extremely hot while cooking, which might cause burns. You should also keep the power cable away from hot surfaces.

Best Air Fryers for Chicken Wings


Both air fryers and pressure cookers are vital kitchen appliances that help in cooking. However, they come in different features and applications. You can check out our detailed comparison to determine which is the best for your needs.

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