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5 Best Air Fryers for Chicken Wings in 2021

Who doesn’t like chicken wings? That too fried! Well, if you are a fan of fried chicken wings like the majority out there than you can settle for healthier way of enjoying them..

Air Fryers are an excellent solution for you to snack up on fried chicken wings.  So much so that Fries and Chicken wings are perhaps synonymous with Air Frying.

The best part here is that you do not need to have a highly advanced or a very large and an expensive Air Fryer in order to prepare wings.

Since wings occupy only a small space, you can look into budget Air Fryers to achieve the same results as the larger more premium counterparts.

In this article we will review some of the best Air Fryers for chicken wings and also look into what makes each of the selection an excellent option.

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List of Best Air Fryers for Chicken Wings in 2021

The following Air Fryers are, in our opinion, highly suited f or frying wings. We have based the selection on value for money as well as on satisfied customer base.

  1. Chefman TurboFry – 2 Quart – Mini and Affordable
  2. AmazonBasics Air Fryer – 3.2 Quart – Small Air Fryers for Chicken Wings
  3. AmazonBasics Large Air Fryer – 10 Quart – Large Air Fryer for Cheap
  4. COSORI Air Fryer – 5.8 Quart – Highly Advanced
  5. GoWISE USA GW44800-O – 12.7 Quart – Comprehensive Air Fryer

1. Chefman TurboFry – 2 Quart – Mini and Affordable

Chefman Turbo is a very small and and affordable Air Fryer for those who want prepare a small batch of chicken wings.

First up we have an option for those who either have a limited budget, want to try out an Air fryer or have a small counter space.

This is a mini and highly affordable Air Fryer that can occupy a few chicken wings at a time.

It has very simple controls i.e 2 knob selectors, one for selecting the time and the other for temperature.

Being a mini Air Fryer, this only has a capacity of 2 Quarts which is among the smallest you can find for Air Fryers.

Besides that, it is also a very low powered Air Fryer with a power rating of only 1000 watts. In other words, it will cost fairly low to operate.

While this may not be an excellent choice for a family, if you are an individual or a couple, then it can serve you quite well.

Another great thing about mini Air Fryers is that they can be cleaned and stowed away fairly easily. You don’t need a huge counterspace to operate them either.

Whether you plan to take it out for RV trips or use it in your college dorm, its size will certainly facilitate you.

All in all, if you need a mini and a highly affordable option, then this is the best Air Fryer for chicken wings in our opinion.

2. AmazonBasics AirFryer – 3.2 Quart – Small Air Fryers for Chicken Wings

Another highly affordable Air Fryer with Amazon quality and warranty.

This is yet another highly affordable Air Fryer but by It is slightly larger than the previous model with a 3.2 Quarts capacity.

What separates this from the one above is its fairly high power rating for its size. This is 1400 watt air fryer. This much power for a small capacity can result in very fast cooking for you.

While it will still be only sufficient for smaller portions of chicken wings, the fact that you can prepare them faster thanks to a high power rating, it will allow you to serve a small family as well.

Other than that, this is a fairly simple appliance. It also features only two knob selectors, one for setting the temperature and the other for the timer.

The only other outstanding point to note here is that it comes with the excellent Amazon support. AmazonBasics items are preferred highly because of their build quality and the excellent return policy.

In short, if you need a high powered, but a small and an affordable model, then this is the best Air Fryer for chicken wings in our opinion.

3. AmazonBasics Large Air Fryer – 10 Quart – Large Air Fryer for Cheap

A very large Air Fryer by Amazon with a highly affordable price tag. Offers a mid-power rating.

Next up we have another Air Fryer from AmazonBasics, however unlike the previous model this is much larger.

This air Fryer has a capacity of about 10 Quarts and the best part about it is its price. Despite its huge size, it is still within the highly affordable range of Air Fryers.

That is the beauty of all AmazonBasics products. From their batteries to cables, microwave and Air Fryers, everything seems highly subsidized. Hence their popularity.

It should also be noted here that unlike the two options mentioned above, this does not feature a pullout box, instead it offers a suspended air frying basket with a see through window so you can monitor what is going on.

On top of that, it has three racks as well which you can use for putting a large quantity of chicken wings at a time. And finally, this also offers the Rotisserie function. So if you are ever in the mood to Air Fry whole chicken at a time, you would be able to do so with it.

The only concern we have is that despite its size, this only offers a 1500 Watt output power. While this is not a big issue, you may notice that your Air Frying can take some time.

All in all, if you are sold by the idea of a having a large model at an affordable price tag, then this is best Air Fryer for chicken wings in our opinion.

4. COSORI Air Fryer – 5.8 Quart – Highly Advanced

An advanced premium Air Fryer with a medium size. Offers plenty of presets, smart home integration and a high power rating.

The first thing you may realize about COSORI Air Fryer is that it is expensive for its mid 5.8 Quart size. Well, that is true, but this Air Fryer has a lot of tricks up its sleeve and a whole lot of satisfied customers to attest for its quality.

As far as the popularity goes, no Air Fryer, at the moment is as popular as this at least in the US market.

Basically this is a premium mid size Air Fryer that has enough capacity to fit a whole chicken inside.

For starters, this has a 1700 watt output power. This is extraordinary for a midsize Air Fryer. You can expect to Air Fry you food in a jiffy with this.

On top of that, this Air Fryer comes with myriad of cooking presets from pizza to chicken to vegetables. If you like automation, then you will benefit from the digital presets here.

Moreover, this is one rare Air Fryer that actually integrates with a dedicated Smart Phone app. You can then use the App to not just control and monitor the Air Fryer, but also to plan and review recipes.

The cherry on cake is the smart home integration with Amazon Alexa device. You can use the Amazon Alexa device to operate it via voice control.

Of course, the only concern one may have here is the price tag, but for the features it offers, we personally find it quite justifiable.

So if you love the high tech feature here, then this should be the Air Fryer for chicken wings for you.

5. GoWISE USA GW44800-O – 12.7 Quart – Comprehensive Air Fryer

An extra large Air Fryer for those who want to cook large portion of chicken wings.

This is an extra large Air Fryer. We have selected this one for those who want make a one time purchase for a product that is more than just capable of Air Frying chicken wings.

You can cook a whole large chicken in it using its rotisserie function. But the beauty of this Air Fryer lies in the amount of various accessories you get.

If you want to Air Fry kebabs, then you will love the kebab rack attachment here, if you like rotisserie chicken then just attach the rotisserie rod. Perhaps you would like some fries with your chicken wings, you could do just that with the rotisserie cage.

There are a total of 10 accessories that you can attach to this Air Fryer for various foods.

The operation is quite simple. It has easy to use touch buttons that can allow you to select a mode or preset for your food.

As far as the power is concerned, it is rated at 1600 watts. While that is not whole lot for an Air Fryer this big, it is decent enough to give you consistent and quick results.

So if you want a large model for cooking large batches of food, then this may be the best air fryer for chicken wings for you.

Features to Look for in an Air Fryer for Wings

While any affordable and a small Air Fryer would work just fine, you can keep the following pointers into consideration when choosing one.


Best Air Fryers for Chicken Wings

Even a small air fryer is sufficient for air frying chicken wings

Air Fryers come in many different sizes ranging from 2 Quarts all the way to 14 and more Quarts.

Of course the larger the air fryer, the more expensive it would be. If you anticipate cooking larger meals on multiple racks, then a large air fryer would work best for you.

However, if you just plan to cook a few chicken wings, fries or a small portion of food in general at a time, then even a small Air Fryer would work great for you.

Generally, if your budget allows and if you have enough kitchen counterspace, we recommend going for midsize models as they can be future proof.


The time it takes for an Air Fryer to cook something or to reach the desired temperature is determined by its power output rating.

The higher the power output, the quicker it cooks. Also, the larger an Air Fryer, the more power it would consume to cater to the larger cooking chamber.

Air Fryers range in power from 1000 Watts all the way to 1800 Watts. Smaller Air fryers such as those featuring a 2 quart capacity generally have a 1000 watt power rating.


Best Air Fryers for Chicken Wings 2

The more features and functions an Air Fryer has the more expensive it would be.

While size and power are the two core features of any Air Fryer, they vastly differ from each other in terms of functions and features they have.

The most basic Air Fryers come with manual knobs for selecting time and temperature. Advanced Air Fryers can feature digital presets for automatically cooking the selected food.

Premium models may even offer smart home integration for voice control as well as planning and monitoring through a dedicated app.

Final Words

Here we looked at some of the best Air Fryers for chicken wings. We generally recommend going for small air fryers if you only plan to cook chicken wings or some fries.

However, if you plan to cook larger meals, whole chicken, fish and chips, vegetables etc, then larger Air Fryers are recommended.

A home appliance is generally a one time purchase. Therefore, it is recommended that you invest in future proof model.

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