5 Best Commercial Microwave Reviews in 2023 | Complete Foodservice Solution for Restaurants and Catering Facilities

Are you looking for the best commercial microwave to buy? Getting a commercial microwave can be a very tedious task, especially when you don't know the features to look for.

The following tested commercial ovens, with a buying guide will help you to make a quick decision.

What is a Commercial Microwave Oven? 

A Commercial Microwave is a complete foodservice solution for restaurants and catering facilities.

Commercial microwaves are larger than the standard household microwave, but you can still find perfect midsize countertop microwavesThey can be used as full-time ovens and many times come with a convection feature that will provide faster and more even cooking than a standard microwave. Most of them are durable and tough stainless steel microwaves.

Top 3 Commercial Microwave Oven


[Best Commercial Microwave Oven Overall]

1. Midea Stainless Steel Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven

 It features 1000W power and a 1.2 cubic feet capacity that provides you with sufficient space to cook and heat many different kinds of foods. Its interior accommodates a 14-inch platter.


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2. Panasonic NE-1025F Compact Light-Duty Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven

The Panasonic is a compact commercial-grade microwave oven with the performance you need for a variety of commercial food applications.


[Best for the Panasonic's Inverter Technology]

3. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S Stainless Steel

Panasonic is one of the most renowned companies that provide high-quality commercial kitchen appliances worldwide.

This 1250-watt countertop/built-in microwave oven features Panasonic's Inverter Technology.

Some have Rotisserie Features

 Some commercial microwaves also come with rotisserie features for fresh roasted chicken, steaks, or pork chops to be prepared quickly on weeknights.

Microwaves have been an integral part of the commercial food industry since the 1980s. Over the years the price has dropped, efficiency has increased, and they are now available in a variety of options. Microwave ovens are used for everything from cooking hot meals to heating stir fry vegetables.

Best Commercial Microwave Reviews

[Best Commercial Microwave Overall]

Midea countertop commercial microwave oven is an ideal choice for various foodservice applications, such as restaurants, office canteens, hotels, schools, and hospitals. Great performance along with quality construction ensures long-lasting use.

This commercial microwave oven by Midea is designed to meet your needs in terms of performance and convenience.

Has Large Capacity

 It features 1000W power and a 1.2 cubic feet capacity that provides you with sufficient space to cook and heat many different kinds of foods. Its interior accommodates a 14-inch platter.

Looking for a reliable and efficient microwave oven for your business or home use? Look no further than this commercial microwave oven, which allows you to heat up a variety of foods including pizzas, pastries, sandwiches, and more quickly and safely.

This microwave oven is not only easy to use and cooks food well, but also features a Braille keypad for blind or visually impaired individuals, making it more accessible. 

Additionally, it has a solid construction, making it easy to clean and capable of handling larger items such as whole chickens. The shortcut time pushbuttons and programmable numbers also make it perfect for office use and easy to operate with a large, legible keypad.

What's more?

Has Stainless Steel Construction
The commercial microwave oven is constructed of stainless steel that gives it a sleek modern appearance plus prevents corrosion. It measures only 21.75 inches wide across the ADA compliant door frame and 13.5 inches high to complement any decor.

Other useful Features

It has a 60-minute timer with up to 100 Auto Programs that includes Reheat, Defrost & Cook Functions to handle almost any product demand.

The Midea heavy-duty microwave oven, designed for commercial use, incorporates the patented heat ventilation design that removes humidity and moisture generated during cooking.

Midea Stainless Steel Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven Pros

  • Midea medium-duty commercial microwave is perfect for any restaurant, coffee shop, snack bar, or small bakery.
  • It is a reliable, easy to use, and durable commercial microwave oven, so you'll get the most out of it for years to come.
  • Popcorn and snacks cook up to 35% faster compared to a traditional microwave.
  • This best commercial microwave can be used to reheat and cook food in the comfort of your establishment. Features include a 1000W power output and an adjustable timer.
  • The easy-to-read LED display of this microwave makes it easy to operate.
  • 1000 Watts of cooking power is used to heat almost anything from baked foods to frozen entrees with this commercial-grade microwave oven

Midea Stainless Steel Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven Cons

  •  It is a bit pricy as expected of a heavy-duty microwave

The Panasonic is a compact commercial-grade microwave oven with the performance you need for a variety of commercial food applications.

It is ideal for restaurants, bars, convenience stores, and other establishments looking to save space.

This Microwave Oven is Spacious

This commercial oven microwave offers 1000 watts for maximum heating power and 0.8 cubic feet of interior capacity, which is designed to handle standard 6 inches deep food pans. With 1000 watts of power, this best commercial microwave can quickly and efficiently heat up your leftovers or cook your favorite frozen meal.

Other Useful Features

This simple microwave is perfect for home use. It heats food evenly and quickly, and has lasted longer than any other microwave we've had.

The 6-minute electronic dial timer is easy to program, and 2 sets of 10 one-second operational pulses complete cooking cycles automatically. The microwave has a small footprint and is super easy to clean. Its one-dial operation makes it effortless to use. 

Its interior light comes in handy for seeing what's cooking while the anti-theft component monitors the door to make sure it is securely locked.

This commercial microwave oven is built to the same quality standards as larger professional microwaves. It is available in several color options to fit in with your business's decor.

Overall, this microwave does its job and is a great addition to any kitchen.

Panasonic NE-1025F Compact Light-Duty Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven Pros

  • Dial controls of this commercial microwave oven allow you to quickly adjust the time for more accurate operation.
  • You need this microwave for your commercial kitchen as it offers a lot of value in a small package
  • Panasonic commercial grade microwave oven interior light allows you to monitor cooking without opening the door.
  •  Its compact, space-efficient design makes this commercial microwave oven ideal to use in smaller kitchens or stations.
  • Its built-in anti-theft component and included security key lock will help you protect your investment
  • This kitchen appliance has a see-through oven door for safe monitoring of food while in operation.

Panasonic NE-1025F Compact Light-Duty Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven Cons

  •  I did not experience any

[Best for the Panasonic's Inverter Technology]

3. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S Stainless Steel


Panasonic is one of the most renowned companies that provide high-quality commercial kitchen appliances worldwide.

Has Inverter Technology
This 1250-watt countertop/built-in microwave oven features Panasonic's Inverter Technology,

 which quietly and evenly distributes cooking power to quickly and thoroughly reheat, defrost, or cook food.

Panasonic microwave automatically adjusts power levels and cooking time according to the food weight and quantity, to make sure that your meals cook just right every time.

Additionally, it comes with a useful and programmable setting such as defrost and one-touch cook.

Has Genius Technology

With Genius Sensor technology, the microwave can automatically choose the correct power and time settings for your food based on its thickness and moisture content.

Simply select the type of food you are cooking from the sensor control panel (meat/vegetables/starch), program the time you want to cook the food, and let the microwave do the rest.

This beautiful and powerful microwave is not only big and gorgeous, but it also comes with preset cooking categories. Simply select one of its 14 preset menu categories and wait for the beep to let you know when your food is done. This is, by far, the best microwave I have ever purchased. 

We have tested various sensor cook options, timed cook, milk/coffee, popcorn, and inv. Turbo defrost, and they all seem to work really well. The microwave is easy to use, sturdy, not loud, and cooks nicely, evenly, and just right. This well-made microwave is highly recommended.

What's more?

It is Spacious
The oven's 2.2 cu ft. capacity is ample room for large plates of food while leaving plenty of space for microwaving multiple items simultaneously. An AccuPop® button allows a rapid 2-minute popcorn cycle that detects the optimum popping time to produce fluffy popcorns.

You can prepare a Variety of Dishes

The Panasonic is the perfect microwave to prepare a wide variety of dishes such as tasty snacks, dinners, or restaurant-quality meals in an astonishingly short time.

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S Stainless Steel Pros

  • Genius Sensor reheating and slow-cooking options allow you to reheat and cook your food automatically when it is set at the correct weight or time.
  • It is made of stainless steel so this commercial microwave oven can last for years to come.
  • To ensure you get the perfect meal every time, it has auto-cook menus which help select the most suitable preset temperature and time for your ingredients.
  • Panasonic microwave features a child safety lock that will prevent kids from accessing the controls when needed.
  • With its large capacity and pre-programmed menus, this heavy-duty commercial microwave is the best choice for your busy life.
  • The Inverter technology gives you uniform power throughout the entire cooking chamber, which means everything comes out evenly and consistently delicious every time.
  • This best commercial microwave oven lets you see inside through its glass window so you can monitor progress.

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S Stainless Steel Cons

  • I did not experience any when testing it

The Amana RMS10DS Light-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven can meet the requirements of most restaurants and institutional foodservice operators.

Stainless Steel Construction

It has stainless steel interior construction to resist corrosion, for durability, and easier cleaning.

Has a see Through Door

The Amana microwave oven is a perfect addition to your business. Featuring a see-through door and lighted interior, you can monitor the progress of your food without opening the door. It is also economically priced to fit any budget.

What's more?

It is Spacious
This commercial oven microwave features an interior with a 0.8 cubic feet capacity to fit large platters and single servings, and a dial timer for precise cooking. It is perfect for small restaurants and cafes, bakeries, delis, and more.

It is a Powerful Commercial Microwave Oven

Amana microwave generates powerful energy to cook meat, vegetables, seafood, chicken, or reheat your favorite restaurant entrees faster than conventional ovens.

It is Easy to Operate

The Amana RMS10DST is a light-duty commercial microwave designed to save space while offering easy-to-use functionality with its dial timer.

With a timer that can be set between 15 seconds and 6 minutes, precise heating is achievable. The microwave stirrer at the bottom of the oven does an excellent job of evenly distributing the microwaves for even cooking.

This simple-to-use appliance is perfect for single power cooking, making it a great addition to any home or workplace. It comes without any confusing information or buttons, making it an ideal option for those who prefer a straightforward and practical device.

Amana RMS10DS Light-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven Pros

  • Simple touchpad design; It is effortless to use with dial controls that make it easy to adjust power levels comfortably.
  •  With a stainless steel exterior, this microwave provides an easy-to-clean surface that's sure to complement any décor.
  • The 0.8 cu ft interior is spacious enough to accommodate large platters.
  • Amana microwave oven has a 1000 watt power rating to heat foods up quickly
  • The stainless steel microwave by Amana is compact, lightweight, and designed to fit in most kitchens.
  • This appliance is made by a company with over 80 years of history in the appliance industry

Amana RMS10DS Light-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven Cons

  • I didn’t find any when testing it.

The Sharp ZSMC2242DS Stainless Steel Countertop 1200-Watt Microwave Oven is great for meeting the demands of big businesses and large families.

Microwave oven by Sharp

It is Spacious

Its extra-large capacity of 2.2 cubic feet makes it easy to prepare large platters of food. Its interior accommodates up to a 14" x 15" food pan, or is capable of heating up to 20 half-pound hamburgers at once.

Sharps microwave oven's stainless steel construction is durable for use in all commercial settings, including restaurants, schools, daycare facilities, and grocery stores.

It has a Sensor Technology

The Sharp MC-2242 microwave oven is the perfect kitchen companion for anyone who wants to save time while cooking. Its Sensor Technology makes cooking a breeze by adjusting the cooking time automatically based on the weight of your food, ensuring consistent results every time.

With a long-standing reputation for quality, Sharp Microwaves have been a go-to for many families over the years. I just love the sensor cook, sensor reheat, and defrost functions, which worked great on a variety of foods from fish to burgers.

Additionally, the Potateo function produced surprisingly crispy frozen fries, and the military clock is a great feature for those who work nights or are in the military. Powerful enough, this microwave can cook frozen burgers in just 7 minutes.

What's more?

Integrated Melt/Soften buttons let you melt butter and cheese or soften ice cream and other frozen treats quickly and easily.

Other Useful Features

Blue LED display creates a modern look and improves visibility. The 1200 watt motor provides enough power to cook a variety of snacks and meals.

The 16-inch removable turntable rotates smoothly to distribute microwave energy 360 degrees around the interior of the oven, ensuring even cooking while eliminating hot spots.

Sharp ZSMC2242DS, Countertop 1200 Watt Microwave Oven Pros

  • It's a compact size that allows you to store it with ease and comes with an array of features designed to enhance your life.
  • Sharp microwave looks good in any home, with its stainless steel front and black sides and top.
  • This best commercial microwave oven lets you control the heat effortlessly, with its 10 power levels.
  • You can create delicious, restaurant-quality meals with this Sharp countertop microwave.
  • This microwave has Cook Sensor Technology for easy meal preparation. Its Melt/Soften setting melts butter, cheeses, chocolate, and ice cream quickly and evenly.

Sharp ZSMC2242DS, Countertop 1200 Watt Microwave Oven Cons

  •  It’s a bit pricy but worth investing

How to Buy the Best Commercial Microwave

If you’re in the market for a commercial microwave, it’s possible to feel very overwhelmed by the number of options. How do you know where to begin? How can you make sure that you are making an informed decision?

In this section, we’ll walk you through a process for finding the best commercial microwave for your kitchen or business

The best commercial microwaves will be able to do the most number of things at the highest level. Important features will include power output, convection technology, interior capacity, and cooking options.

They will balance all of these factors into one easy-to-use machine.

almost the best

Power in Wattage

When buying a commercial microwave, one of the most important features is power. All microwaves are not created equal and the higher the wattage, the faster your meal will cook.

Also, commercial microwave ovens with higher wattage are powerful and are the most convenient for commercial purposes. You don't want to use a device that takes too long to cook your food.

I wouldn't go with anything lower than 1000 watts - here are the top 1000 watt microwavesEvery business has different needs, so it’s important to consider how much power you need and whether you want a convection oven in addition to a commercial microwave.

Convection Technology

Another important factor to consider when buying the best commercial microwave is whether you want a convection oven or a microwave-only device.

It’s also important to think about how you plan to cook your food before purchasing a microwave. Do you want one with a convection option? If so, you might want to go with something with at least 1,500 watts of power.

top micorwave

What is your Budget?

The price of the commercial microwave oven is one of the most vital factors you need to consider when picking the right microwave for your commercial kitchen.

It can be a bit tricky to find the right one because there are lots of expensive brands out there but it doesn't mean that they are better than cheaper ones. Pick a commercial microwave oven that has features that you are looking for and fits your budget.

It is a kitchen appliance that will be used throughout the day hence invest in a good one that will last for years.

Size of Commercial Microwaves

Understanding your cooking habits and food needs is crucial in determining the right commercial microwave size for your business.

A good option for many commercial kitchens is a medium or large commercial microwave that offers about 1 cubic foot of interior cavity space and above. This will allow you to cook or reheat several meals at the same time without having to stop and reload.

microwave in the kitchen

Wondering how small (or large) your microwave should be? Before you purchase a microwave, you should also determine the size of the space where you intend to place it. If you have a small commercial kitchen, a compact one will easily fit into small or tight spaces and won't take up too much counter space in your kitchen either.

If you have a large commercial kitchen, you can purchase a medium-duty commercial or large microwave.

Benefits of the Best Commercial Microwaves

Once the domain of restaurants and caterers, Commercial microwaves are now used by home cooks for a wide variety of dishes. Whether you’re heating up a meal or defrosting something frozen, microwaves are handy to have in the kitchen.

Commercial Microwaves are fast

Business owners know the cost of downtime of slow microwaves and extra labor to heat their food. But with a commercial microwave, they can save time and money by quickly reheating their food and utilizing less time for cleanup.

These microwaves can cook foods up to 65% faster than conventional methods. The best commercial microwave eliminates the need to wait for your food to cook on a conventional stovetop or burn it in a commercially available oven.

check it out

Handle large Volumes of Food

Commercial microwave ovens are unbeatable when it comes to heating or cooking lots of food. They can handle a large volume of food and provide fast heat up in restaurants, childcare centers, schools, and other food service establishments.

It can be used at Home or in Business

A heavy-duty commercial microwave is ideal for both home use and any foodservice establishment. With a large capacity, commercial microwaves can cook more food at once and features an auto defrost system to thaw your frozen food. Some have a child lock to keep kids safe.

A kitchen

Commercial Microwaves comes with Great features

Most commercial microwaves have all the features you need: strong stainless steel construction, large interior cavity, digital controls, an easy-to-read LED display, multiple functions to meet your cooking needs. And they mount under a cabinet or on top of an island for convenience.

Microwave Oven

Commercial microwave ovens have 1 or 2 convection fans that circulate hot air quickly and evenly which reduces cooking time by up to 25 percent.


1. Who makes the best commercial microwave?

Here are the top 3 commercial microwave ovens that we can recommend.

1. Amana RMS10DS Light-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven -The Amana RMS10DS Light-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven can meet the requirements of most restaurants and institutional foodservice operators.

2. Sharp ZSMC2242DS, Countertop 1200 Watt Microwave Oven - The Sharp ZSMC2242DS Stainless Steel Countertop 1200-Watt Microwave Oven is great for meeting the demands of big businesses and large families.

3. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S Stainless Steel -This 1250-watt countertop/built-in microwave oven features Panasonic's Inverter Technology.

2. Are commercial microwaves better?

Yes, because commercial microwave ovens are designed to operate at a considerably higher frequency than home microwave ovens. This signifies that the components used to construct them are of a higher quality. Your commercial microwave will outlast a domestic microwave by a significant amount.

3. How many amps does a commercial microwave use?

Microwave ovens consume between 650 and 1200 watts of power, which equates to 5.4 and 10 amps at 120 volts AC.

4. How long do commercial microwaves last?

5 to 10 years
Bear in mind that a well-maintained commercial microwave oven will last 5-10 years. A household oven, on the other hand, may barely survive six months in the same circumstance. Microwave ovens for commercial use include completely programmable control panels.

5. How do I choose a commercial microwave?

When choosing a commercial microwave, you should consider the size of the unit, the power level, and the features that are important to you.

You should also decide what type of cooking you will be doing most often. If you will be cooking large items like turkeys, then you will need a larger unit with more power. If you will be mostly cooking snacks and small items, then a smaller unit with lower power may be adequate.