5 Best Large Toaster Ovens in 2023 Reviews | Convection Toasters Included

If you love preparing large toasted meals, then you need a large enough toaster oven to cater to your needs.

Large toaster ovens are generally more expensive and cumbersome. They are generally not well suited for those who are short on kitchen space. However, for those often bake and broil, these are an excellent kitchen companion.

You must note, however, that toaster ovens cannot be compared to a regular oven in terms of size no matter how large the are. The largest toaster ovens are still but quite limited as compared to a regular range oven.

Nevertheless, if you want to prepare meals for your family that are not just limited to toasting bread but involve complex recipes, then you can look into the best large toaster ovens we have reviewed here.

Top 3 Large Toaster Ovens


[Best Overall]

1. Hamilton Beach 31107D

This is a full fledged cooking appliance suitable enough to bake and broil meals for you. Along with the common bake, broil and toast options, it also offers a rotisserie.

It offers a relatively large size – large enough to have dual rack and the capacity to fit two 12″ pizza or a full 5 lb chicken.


[Best for the Money]


This is a large digital toaster oven with dual racks and capacity to fit 2 x 16 inch pizzas.

Digital controls are easy and intuitive and would almost mimic the controls of a microwave oven. You can set the temperature and timer using the digital buttons with the LCD showing you all the important information.


[Best Multi-function]


This is literally a multi function cooker instead of a mere toaster oven.

The main attraction of this toaster oven is the 12-in-1 cooking functions it offers. Not only does it offer the regular toast, broil and bake functions, it also offers air fryer, rotisserie, dehydrator and fermenter.

List of Best Large Toaster Ovens in 2023

The following are the largest toaster ovens in their price category.

  1. Hamilton Beach 31107D – Affordable Large Convection Toaster Oven
  2. Oster TSSTTVDGXL-SHP – Large Digital Toaster Oven
  3. COSORI CO130-AO – Multi-function
  4. Luby Extra Large Oven – Knob Controlled
  5. Oster Extra Large Oven – Digital Controls

1. Hamilton Beach 31107D – Affordable Large Convection Toaster Oven

An affordable large toaster oven with dual racks.

Dimensions: 13.1 x 20.6 x 16.5 inches (H x L x W)

If you are looking for an affordable toaster oven and you don’t mind the old school knob controlled settings, then this is a great option.

This one of the cheapest toaster ovens out there that offers a relatively large size – large enough to have dual rack and the capacity to fit two 12″ pizza or a full 5 lb chicken.

One of the best features of this oven is its size; it can easily fit two 14" pizzas at the same time. 

While this oven may be limited in terms of functions as compared to the more expensive digital toaster ovens, it delivers well and for those who love the old schooled styled baking would still find this convenient.

Of course, it goes without saying that despite being called a toaster oven, this is so much more and, therefore, it is recommended to get this for more than just toasting mere bread.

This is a full fledged cooking appliance suitable enough to bake and broil meals for you. Along with the common bake, broil and toast options, it also offers a rotisserie.

It should be noted that despite being affordable and offering an amazing set of features, this is a large convection toaster oven.

When it comes to affordability and simplicity, this large toaster oven is one of the best options available. However, in terms of functionality, it falls short compared to other models.

That being said, the oven exceeded my expectations when it came to cooking non-meat dishes such as cookies, cobblers, slow-bake cream pies, bread, and cornbread.

It is a basic oven without additional features such as an air fryer or toaster, which is exactly what I wanted given my limited counter space. I appreciate not having to worry about carelessly setting things too close, and I expect this reliable friend to last me many years.

2. Oster TSSTTVDGXL-SHP – Large Digital Toaster Oven

A large digital toaster oven with dual racks and capacity to fit 2 x 16 inch pizzas.

Dimensions: 12.9 x 21.6 x 19.3 inches (H x L x W)

Next up we have another large toaster oven which is larger than our previously mentioned option especially in terms of width.

However, the reason for choosing this is not just its larger size, but its value. For a bit more than the previous Hamilton Beach 31107D, this offers digital controls.

The Oster Toaster Oven, a 7-in-1 Countertop Toaster Oven, is of good quality, spacious enough to accommodate full casserole dishes, and provides extra oven space during holidays. 

Digital controls are easy and intuitive and would almost mimic the controls of a microwave oven. You can set the temperature and timer using the digital buttons with the LCD showing you all the important information.

One of the best things here, as is the case with all digital toaster ovens, is that it offers presets for common tasks such as baking pizza, baking in general, broiling, toasting and defrosting.

However, if you're looking for an advanced and modern toaster oven that comes with a relatively low price tag, then this is one of the best options for a large toaster oven. 

The oven is versatile and can be used for baking cakes, cooking macaroni and cheese, slow-roasting pecans, and even warming plates. It's a great alternative to using a big oven when you don't want to heat up the whole house.

Overall, it's an excellent product that offers great value for money.

3. COSORI CO130-AO – Multi-function

A 1.0 CU FT digital toaster oven with multiple functions.

Dimensions: 12.1 x 20.1 x 16.5 inches (H x L x W)

This oven is the smallest option in this list yet still in the expensive side of the price spectrum. The reason we have chosen this here is because this is literally a multi function cooker instead of a mere toaster oven.

As far as the size is concerned sure it is smaller than the rest here, but still quite large as compared to the average toaster oven in the market with about 1 CU Feet of interior capacity.

The main attraction of this toaster oven is the 12-in-1 cooking functions it offers. Not only does it offer the regular toast, broil and bake functions, it also offers air fryer, rotisserie, dehydrator and fermenter.

Along with that it also includes options to keep food warm as well as to cook common items like pizza and cookies automatically.

You will notice that instead of buttons, this oven has knob selectors with a large and a comprehensive LCD screen. The knob selectors are the primary method of navigating via the LCD screen to different cooking methods.

As mentioned earlier, this is an expensive option considering its size. However, if you need to automate your cooking, we believe this is one of the best large toaster ovens available. The air function is excellent and it produces great toast.

It also performs perfectly when cooking small hams, roasts, and countless chickens. Plus, it's easy to clean without using any harsh abrasives.

The skin on the food comes out crispy and the meat falls off the bone, which is amazing! Not to mention, it looks great and cooks everything really well.

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4. Luby Extra Large Oven – Knob Controlled

An extra large affordable toaster oven with manual knob controls.

Dimensions: 14.4 x 22.04 x 16.14 inches (H x L x W)

With this oven we enter the realm of extra large convection toaster oven. These are among the largest class of toaster ovens and they are differentiated from the rest with their French Doors.

This model by Luby is actually quite affordable. In fact, it is almost as affordable as the cheapest option reviewed on top yet still offers a huge oven chamber.

The oven has enough capacity not just to fit 2 x 14″ pizzas but a whole 20lb turkey for thanksgiving. It's very convenient, especially if your oven is out of order, and it can fit big dishes such as large cookie sheets and 13x9 baking dishes

Since this is an affordable option, other than the size, it doesn’t offer much. It has simple knob controls for setting the temperature, mode, and the timer. It offers no cooking presets.

If you're looking for a toaster oven with minimal features but huge interior dimensions, then the one we're recommending is as simple as it gets.

The oven works great and is large enough to cook anything in it. You can even cook multiple pizzas at once.

Overall, it's a good little buy and we highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable large toaster oven.

5. Oster Extra Large Oven – Digital Controls

Extra large digital toaster oven with enough capacity to fit a turkey.

Dimensions: 13 x 22 x 19.5 inches (H x L x W)

Finally we have the holy grail of extra large toaster ovens. This toaster oven is almost twice as expensive as the Luby Extra Large Oven above. However, not only does it offer a larger still dimension, but also offers fully digital controls.

While the previous oven could fit 2 x 14″ pizzas. This can fit 2 x 16″ pizza. This is because the oven has a much larger width as compared to the previous option.

This, of course, means that you will also need to set aside a reasonable amount of kitchen counterspace to use it – this for some could be a drawback especially for those who have limited kitchen counterspace.

As far as the cooking presets goes, this oven provides simple digital buttons instead of digital knob selectors as we saw it the COSORI CO130-AO above. The presets include toast, bake, broil, defrost, warm, pizza and dehydrate function.

The dehydrator is particular a unique and a valuable function to have especially if you want to create snacks out for fruits or long lasting ingredients.

If you're in need of a large toaster oven, then this one is as big as they come. It's perfect for baking cakes, mac and cheese, or any other dish you want to cook without firing up the big oven. It's also a great addition during the holidays when you need extra oven space.

This oven has a variety of functions that you'll love, making it exactly what you've been looking for. Overall, we highly recommend this digital toaster oven for anyone who needs a large and versatile appliance in their kitchen.

What to Look for in a Large Toaster Oven?

There are few things that you may look and also take in to consideration when getting a large toaster oven.

Not a Replacement for Regular Oven

Even the largest home use toaster ovens are much much smaller than the regular sized range-oven counter parts

Therefore, you should not expect a toaster oven to handle the same amount of food, or the size of the food, that a regular oven does.

You must also note that compared to a regular oven, even the large toaster ovens consume far less energy and therefore, in the end are excellent for families in the long run.

That said, in areas where you do not have a dedicated range oven, say in a dorm room, an office or a small apartment, these can come in quite handy.

The largest of the toaster oven can even support an entire turkey.

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Digital Controls

Whenever possible, it may be worthwhile to look for a large toaster oven that offers digital controls

Digital controls are not only intuitive, they are offer much better control on the temperature and the time.

Most of the digital toaster ovens come with presets for common meals as well such as toasting bread, baking pizza etc. The presets allows the oven to automatically set the oven temperature and the cooking timer for you.

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Multi Function

Best Large Toaster Ovens

Multifunction Toaster Ovens are Jack of All Trades, but they are expensive

Since the whole point of a large toaster oven is to prepare large meals and complex recipes, it may be worth it to check out options with multiple functions.

This can include functions like rotisserie, air fryer, dehydrator etc. All these automated functions can add extra layers to your cooking style.

Benefits of a Large Toaster Oven

Other than the fact that they can handle large sized meals, there are few more benefits to large toaster ovens.

Consume the Same Amount of Energy

For starters, large toaster ovens use almost the same energy as smaller ovens i.e 1800W. Thus, as far as the energy bills are concerned, small and large ovens do not have huge difference.

Excellent for Crowds

Best Toaster Ovens for Broiling

Source: Luby

If you have to regularly feed crowds, then a large toaster oven makes a lot more sense. If you often expect guests, then we would recommend large digital toaster ovens as they automate the cooking process for you.

Therefore, you can tend to your guests while the oven takes care of your cooking.

Nevertheless, constant monitoring should not be overlooked.

Great for Home Chefs

A large toaster oven encourages and tempts you to try out new baking and broiling recipes. Since you are not challenged by space, you can try out complex chicken and general meat recipes, and bake large sized pastries and cakes as well.

If you love to cook, a large toaster oven would merely add another dimension to it.

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Convection Feature

You will notice that most of the large toaster ovens have ea the convection feature.

This is because the convection feature basically offers a fan that circulates hot air inside the oven chamber. This allows for even heating across the food.

The convection feature is seen as an essential feature for large interior capacity because a large toaster oven can have uneven temperature pockets inside.

The fan allows the heat to dissipate evenly so there are not uneven air pockets inside the chamber.

Power Rating

Large Toaster Ovens generally have a much higher power rating than their smaller counter parts.

Large toaster Ovens can have a rated power anywhere around 1500 watts – 1900 watts. This also means that they draw a high current from the wall.

Smaller toaster ovens can be found in range from 1100-1300 watts.

The higher power rating is a concern when you are plugging it into a wall socket or on an extension that does not have the required amperage to support it.

When connecting a large toaster oven to a common kitchen receptacle, make sure nothing else is operating on the circuit.

Final Words

Here we reviewed some of the best large toaster ovens available for home use. It should be obvious that when it comes to sheer size, toaster ovens are not a replacement for regular ovens.

However, if you need alternative to regular ovens that are much cheaper and consume less energy yet still promise the same cooking function, then toaster ovens are the way to go.


1. What is the best large toaster oven?

Here are our top picks for the best toaster ovens:

1. Hamilton Beach 31107D – Affordable Large Convection Toaster Oven
2. Oster TSSTTVDGXL-SHP – Large Digital Toaster Oven
3. COSORI CO130-AO – Multi-function
4. Luby Extra Large Oven – Knob Controlled
5. Oster Extra Large Oven – Digital Controls

2. Are toaster ovens worth it?

Yes, toaster ovens are worth the Investment. For those who cook frequently, a high-quality toaster oven can significantly simplify life. Small toaster ovens are ideal for browning your morning toast and cooking single servings of food, while mid-size toaster ovens excel at reheating leftovers and cooking frozen meals.

3. Does a toaster use conduction convection or radiation?

Toaster ovens use infrared and conduction heating. Toasting bread in a toaster is commonly referred to as cooking with (infrared) radiation. However, because the hot coils make contact with the toast, conduction heating occurs as well. 

4. Should I buy a convection toaster oven?

If cooking is your hobby, you should buy a convection toaster oven. Convection toaster ovens are superior in almost every way and are ideal for use in any cooking situation. They do, however, require some adjustment. When using older family recipes, it's possible that you'll need to adjust the ingredient quantities or the temperature and timer settings.

5. Toaster ovens vs convection ovens what's the difference?

Convection ovens cook food more quickly and thoroughly than a toaster oven. Convection ovens heat food more evenly due to the assistance of the fan. On the other hand, toaster ovens are more likely to heat food unevenly, as the heating elements are only a few inches from the food, depending on the model.