Best Toaster Ovens for Baking

5 Best Toaster Ovens for Baking in 2022

The best thing about a toaster oven is that you can make use of it for the basic baking. The space-saving appliance is pretty much a miniature oven and as such can do anything that a regular oven can – albeit at a smaller scale.

You can try all your baking recipes as well as much more since they are quite a capable appliance. They can broil, bake, roast, and do much more.

So if you want to have a cooking partner that would help you create some baked foods for your loved ones at a fraction of the upfront cost and operating cost of a regular oven, then toaster ovens are the way to go.

If you are looking for the best toaster ovens for baking, then keep reading. We have shortlisted some of the great options that offer excellent features, have received favorable reviews and have a fair price tag.

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Top 3 Toaster Ovens for Baking


[Best Overall]


The toaster oven comes in a space-saving form, yet its structure allows more room inside that helps to cook food in reasonable batches.

The interior can fit in a 12-inch pizza easily.

Cuisinart TOB-200N Rotisserie Convection oven


[Best for the Money]

2. Cuisinart TOB-200N

For those who are looking for a spacious toaster oven should consider this option. It comes with a spacious interior that may fit in a 12″ pizza or six slices of bread.

It allows 12 cooking functions that include bake, broil, roast, and even rotisserie.


[Best Extra Large]

3. Luby

The toaster oven has three rack positions to place food as near or far to heat elements as required by the recipe.

A unique feature of this appliance is its French door. That means less space is required around the oven while opening the door.

List of Best Toaster Ovens for Baking in 2022

Let’s look at some of the toaster ovens that work great as an oven as well.

  1. BLACK+DECKER TO3280SSD – Affordable Small Sized Digital Oven
  2. Cuisinart TOB-200N – Regular Size Oven With Rotisserie
  3. Luby – Extra Large Oven with Knob Controls
  4. Oster French – Extra Large Oven with Digital Controls
  5. Breville BOV800XL – Smart Toaster Oven

1. BLACK+DECKER TO3280SSD – Affordable Small Sized Digital Oven for Baking

A highly recommended small and compact digital toaster oven for easy baking.

Black Decker is a compact option for those who are challenged by counter space as well as by their budget.

The toaster oven comes in a space-saving form, yet its structure allows more room inside that helps to cook food in reasonable batches. The interior can fit in a 12-inch pizza easily.

Perhaps the best feature of this model is that it offers digital and a user-friendly interface despite being a budget option.

Those who are not a fan of dial buttons may like its one-touch buttons that make all option readily available.

The control panel allows seven cooking functions that include bake, broil, reheat pizza or frozen foods.

The toaster oven also includes a convection heat system that can provide you with another layer of cooking.

Useful features include auto shut-off and stay on options that are helpful in everyday cooking routine.

The interior is roomy enough to allow three rack positions that can be used for different levels of baking and broiling.

Though it has reasonable space inside but it may not fit large trays, so you have to bake or reheat in smaller batches. Another bummer is its hot exterior. Long cooking sessions may make the appliance hot to touch even to handles.

Overall, it’s a budget-friendly option with digital controls, and for that reason, you may call it one of the best toaster ovens for baking.

2. Cuisinart TOB-200N – Regular Size Oven With Rotisserie

A mid range toaster oven that is suitable for baking and roasting your food. High power rating.

Cuisinart TOB-200N Rotisserie Convection oven

For those who are looking for a spacious toaster oven should consider this option. It comes with a spacious interior that may fit in a 12″ pizza or six slices of bread.

The toaster oven comes with versatile cooking options. You can not only make use of it for reheating or defrosting, but it allows 12 cooking functions that include bake, broil, roast, and even rotisserie.

The oven comes with complete rotisserie accessories to cook a whole chicken, turkey, or anything up to 4 pounds.

We all know how important exact time and temperature are in baking, this toaster oven with its digital timer and temperature sensors can make sure the food remains consistent while baking.

Moreover, this oven looks plain beautiful. It comes with a brushed stainless steel exterior that can make it a center of attraction in your kitchen. Furthermore, its nonstick interior allows easy cleanup after cooking. Just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

However, the nonstick interior has its own disadvantages like it can get scratched easily if you are not careful enough. So better not to use any abrasive material for cleaning from inside.

The price is also higher than our previous option, but it offers better functions, size and control as well. Overall, it can be called one of the best toaster ovens for baking due to its versatile features and consistent performance.

3. Luby – Extra Large Oven for Baking

An affordable large toaster oven with manual knob controls.

Here is an extra-large toaster oven that leaves no room for a buying a separate regular oven for baking at all.

One of the biggest downside to regular toaster ovens is that they lack the capacity to handle large batches of food.

Fortunately, Luby’s extra-large toaster oven provides ample of space that can even roast a 20 lb turkey in one piece.

It will allow you to bake food in large batches that means you can serve homemade food in parties and feast large crowds conveniently.

The toaster oven has three rack positions to place food as near or far to heat elements as required by the recipe. A unique feature of this appliance is its French door. That means less space is required around the oven while opening the door.

The control interface has clear instructions. Though it has the traditional knobs setting time or temperature, they are easy to turn.

You can utilize the space inside for baking more than one dish at a time.

The toaster oven can broil, bake, and toast with ease that is quite helpful in preparing a variety of food. Even the price is very reasonable. Especially if you consider it’s an extra-large toaster oven, still its priced less than our previous option.

The drawback we can mention is a lack of digital user-interface. The time and temperature settings could have been more accurate with a digital control panel.

All in all, if you need an extra large toaster oven with the cheapest price tag possible, then this is one of the best toaster ovens for toasting.

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4. Oster French – Extra Large Oven with Digital Controls

An extra large toaster oven with digital controls and many cooking presets. Great for baking large batches of food.

Talking of extra-large toaster ovens, here is Oster’s extra-large oven that deserves a place in our list of best toaster ovens for baking as well.

You may call it a multi-functional appliance. Calling this a taster oven is an understatement since this is more like a full fledged regular oven.

This is larger than our previously mentioned Luby Toaster Oven. As such, it can fit 2 x 16″ pizza instead of 2 x 14″ pizza as was the case with the previous oven.

Furthermore, unlike our previous option, this one offers a digital control panel. This perhaps is its biggest advantage in comparison.

Whether it is time or temperature setting, or simply choosing a preset menu, all it needs is a simple press of a finger.

The toaster-oven features a Turbo-convection technology that bakes accurately in less time and thus consumes lower energy.

With two rack positions, it cooks food in large batches, or it can even accommodate different foods at a time. It saves both time and energy.

The toaster oven can be used as a dehydrator as well. It can dehydrate fruits or veggies or can even preserve seasonal vegetables. Just put the veggies on a tray and let the oven dehydrate it slowly for up to six hours.

The digital appliance is equipped with all the features that are helpful in kitchen. An auto shut-off, slow heating, accurate timers, all these options help multitaskers to  perform different chores while cooking conveniently.

Though bit bulky, but its French-styled door opening save some space around the door. Overall, it’s a pricey option that comes with a lot of bells and whistles that are cool if you are willing to pay extra amount of money on them.

The bottom line here is that if you came here looking specifically for a large oven with digital controls, then this is one of the best toaster oven for baking.

5. Breville BOV800XL – Smart Toaster Oven

A highly popular high tech and a premium toaster oven that features a very high power rating and a plethora of automated cooking controls.

The last one in our list is a Breville Bov800XL that comes with many smart options. It features a proprietary Breville Smart IQ Technology that currently is one of the most advanced technology in this category of appliances.

The accurate regulation of time and temperature are important for giving good results in baking. Breville Smart IQ technology take care of the accuracy thanks to its many sensor that deliver consistent heat across the chamber.

With 1800 watt power and five independent quartz heating element, it can control the perfect temperature and works fast as well.

It offers nine preset functions for cooking different foods on their optimal temperature. Preset menus are good for choosing optimal time and temperature for a specific food.

The toaster-oven features an LCD with easy to read menu. It also displays the temperature and cooking time as well.

The toaster also has the convection fa, which isn’t the most essential feature for baking, but can still come in quite handy when cooking certain recipes especially those that involve meat.

Overall, this is an expensive option, however, what you get here is the epitome of toaster technology. Therefore, if you need an advanced option, then this is among the best toaster ovens for baking.

The Difference Between Baking vs Broiling vs Roasting

A toaster oven offers you a range of options for cooking including baking broiling, and roasting.

Let’s see how these three work and how they are different from each other.


Best Toaster Ovens for Baking

Toaster Ovens are basically small regular ovens that are also quite suitable for baking

In baking, you cook food through indirect heat. It is usually coming from the bottom of the oven.

The best part of baking is that it keeps your food soft front the inside and crispy from the outside.

Baking option is used for foods that in dough form, or in others words foods that are not solid. This includes common foods like pastries, cakes, bread etc

Baking is quite technical as compared to broiling and roasting as it requires precise temperature control as well as perfect timing to get the right baking effect and result.


Broiling is another way of cooking where we use direct heat for cooking food. When broiling, the top heating element is turned on.

It’s more like grilling; only grilling is done in the outside environment on propane or charcoal. But broiling is done in an enclosed environment of the oven with controlled temperature.

Another basic difference between broiling and baking is that in broiling, heat comes from above. In baking, you have the heat coming from the bottom heating element or from the sides.

Also, the temperature in broiling is much higher, so the result is a charred and caramelized effect on food, and gives a distinct brown color to your food.

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Best Toaster Ovens for Baking

Roasting is generally performed on meat.

Roasting is another way of cooking food which is similar to broiling. You start off with high temperature like broiling to cook the surface and then dial the temperature down to cook from the inside.

This technique is usually used on meats.

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Final Words

The best toaster ovens for baking come in many sizes and at varying prize ranges. Depending upon how much you bake, you can choose the appropriate option.

Other than the size, one very important feature to consider is whether you need a digital toaster oven or a regular knob controlled one.

Digital toaster ovens are generally more expensive, but offer built in presets for various cooking styles that including baking, broiling, toasting and even rotisserie and a dehydrator on some.


1. Is toaster oven good for baking?

Next time you are looking for something tasty to cookies, brownies, and other delicacies, use your toaster oven instead of your full-size equipment. Cleaning up will go more quickly, and you're not going to get a bunch of enticing treats. Yes, in a toaster oven, you can bake cookies.

2. Is it cheaper to use a toaster oven or a regular oven?

A toaster oven costs approximately $0.03 per hour, a gas oven costs $0.07, and an electric oven costs $0.16, making toaster ovens more energy efficient.

3. Can you use glass in toaster oven?

Yes, if you have an oven-safe glass, you can place glass in your oven, oven, or toaster oven. Every oven-safe glass or tempered glass is heat resistant to the heat we use to cook and bake, and so it's good to go!

4. Can you use Pyrex in a toaster oven?

A toaster oven is considered safe for Pyrex. Most glassware cannot be used in toaster ovens because most toaster stoves expressly declare that glass cannot be used in their manuals.

5. Can you cook bacon in a toaster oven?

You can cook your bacon in the oven totally.  Put the bacon slices on a baking sheet or your toaster oven pot, and place them at a temperature of 400°F. Set. Bake for approximately 12-15 minutes or until your cooking has been finished with bacon.

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