5 Best Toaster Ovens for Broiling in 2023

Toaster ovens are an integral part of most people’s kitchen. They are basically miniature ovens.

As such, they come with multiple functions that you find in a regular oven like broiling, toasting, baking e.t.c. Hence, they are a common sight in most kitchens.

We all have a cooking style, and if that style requires you to have the broiling function in particular, then fortunately toaster ovens can offer that.

Whether you need to make toast or whether you want to give your piece of chicken a good crispy crust, broiling is important functions.

In this article we will be discussing the broiling functions of toaster ovens. We will also briefly compare this cooking function with baking.

This article will also examine a list of best toaster ovens for broiling in 2023. We have selected based on their price, value that they offer, reviews and functions.

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Top Toaster Ovens for Broiling

Black+Decker toaster oven


[Best Overall]


One of the significant features of this appliance is that it will fit comfortably into your kitchen even if you have a small space.

Convection feature allows a built-in fan to circulate the hot air inside the chamber so that the food cooks from all corners evenly.


[Best for the Money]


It offers a plethora of features including toasting, baking broiling, reheat and separate functions for cooking pizza, bagel and frozen snacks.

Therefore as far as ease of use goes, this is one of the best budget toaster ovens out there.


[Best Large Size with 12 Preset Functions]


In total it offers 12 preset functions. The rotisserie on this can handle a 5 pound chicken.

This Cosori oven can bake a 13 inch pizza and toast about 6 slices of bread. Considering all the above mentioned features, this Cosori Oven is a jack of all trades.

List of Best Toaster Ovens for Broiling in 2023

  1. BLACK+DECKER TO3240XSBD – Affordable Convection Toaster
  2. BLACK+DECKER TO3280SSD – Affordable Digital Convection Toaster
  3. COSORI 30L – Large Size with 12 Preset Functions
  4. Luby Toaster Oven  – Extra Large Oven
  5. Oster Extra Large Oven – Digital Controls

1. BLACK+DECKER TO3240XSBD – Affordable Convection Toaster

Black+Decker toaster oven

Black and Decker is one of the leading makers of kitchen appliances, they have a long list of products and this toaster oven is one of them.

This 8 slice model is a convection toaster oven despite being so inexpensive. Convection is a feature that allows a built-in fan to circulate the hot air inside the chamber so that the food cooks from all corners evenly.

It is not the best out there but it costs a fraction of the rest so you shouldn’t expect too much. Nevertheless, it offers common features including baking, broiling, toasting and keep warm.

One of the significant features of this appliance is that it will fit comfortably into your kitchen even if you have a small space.

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When using this oven, some of the things you might find not so pleasant is its average size. It will be a hassle to cook or heat for a large crowd due to its limited size.

Some common complains regarding this oven are that it does not have the most stable or even temperature as your food tends to get burned on one part and not fully cooked in another.

Its lack of an oven light might also be another source of concern if you are looking to peek through the doors of the oven while you cook, but it's a minor problem if the oven suits your other specifications.

But, it's perfect for my small-sized family and kitchen, eliminating the need to heat up the big oven. The air fryer functionality is fantastic, with an enormous interior size that can accommodate whole frozen pizzas.

This toaster oven is the best one I've purchased so far. I use it daily, and it is well made, durable, handsome, and sturdy. I particularly love the size of this toaster oven, as it is my third one.

Overall, this is not a bad oven but if you are looking for something exceptional and if you are a tight budget, then we find this to be the best toaster oven for broiling.

2. BLACK+DECKER TO3280SSD – Affordable Digital Convection Toaster

This is yet another Black and Decker oven. It is also affordable, but what separates this from the one above is that it features a relatively smaller size, but it excels at offering digital controls with preset cooking options.

The versatile oven offers a wide range of features, such as toasting, baking, broiling, reheating, and separate functions dedicated to cooking pizza, bagels, and frozen snacks.

Additionally, the convection fan operates silently and is exclusively activated for specific settings like Bake, Pizza, and Reheat. With its digital display and pre-heat features, it ensures convenience and instills confidence by accurately reaching the desired temperature.

Therefore as far as ease of use goes, this is one of the best budget toaster ovens out there.

Compared to the first oven on the list, this is smaller, so if you are looking at a bigger size, you can leave this out as it can only contain 6 slices of bread at once.

Unfortunately, this oven also has no oven light. Multiple users have also complained that the oven trays are imbalanced.

Therefore, the only major upgrade in this oven compared to the 8-slice model is its digital interface. Another distinguishing feature is its extended 120-minute cook cycle, which surpasses the previous 60-minute cycle.

Additionally, this oven is highly portable due to its small size and lightweight construction. Its compact design allows for easy storage when not in use.

When it comes to heating, the toaster oven quickly reaches optimal temperatures, making it ideal for heating up sandwiches and other snacks.

Overall, this well-made toaster oven features intuitive controls, ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience for small meals.

In the end, if you are looking for an easy to use model at a budget, then this is the best toaster oven for broiling.

3. COSORI 30L – Large Size with 12 Preset Functions

Cosori is another popular producers of kitchen appliances with a good number of products.

This particular models offers a large 30L chamber with a number of features including Air Fryer, Convection Toaster, Dehydrator, Rotisserie along with baking and broiling.

In total it offers 12 preset functions. The rotisserie on this can handle a 5 pound chicken.

This Cosori oven can bake a 13 inch pizza and toast about 6 slices of bread. Considering all the above mentioned features, this Cosori Oven is a jack of all trades.

The size and the multiple functions are great, to truly hit the home-run, it has received some of the best reviews from its customers.

While it falls on the more expensive side of the price range, if you're searching for a high-quality appliance that allows you to experiment with various cooking styles, including broiling, then this is an excellent addition to your kitchen.

I've been using it for several months now and couldn't be happier with the product. The temperature remains steady, ensuring that the oven cooks at the desired temperature, and it does a fantastic job with air frying.

The dial control for adjusting temperature and time is user-friendly, and the oven light is a nice feature.

It heats up quickly, although it would be even better if it had a bell or beep to indicate when preheating is complete. Personally, I particularly enjoy making pizza in this appliance, and the rotisserie chicken turns out perfectly cooked every time.

Fortunately, it also has an oven light which is an improvement from the first two toaster ovens mentioned above.

While some might consider this oven a little too expensive, alot of ovens out there cant really beat its multiple features. As such, features-wise, this is the best toaster oven for broiling in this price bracket.

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4. Luby Toaster Oven  – Extra Large Oven

This toaster oven might be a little over the top because of its size. It is just as large as its name makes it sound, “”LUBY Extra large toaster oven“”.

It can toast up to 18 slices of bread at once and is effective for baking and broiling. It features dual racks, an interior space of about 55 litres, and the capacity to bake two 14″ pizza at once.

This is an oven for expert chefs. Not only is it large and can handle feast sized recipes, it has separate controls for top and bottom heating elements.

As such, you can separately set the temperature of each. Since it does not come with many preset cooking options, it would require expert control.

But unless you have a very large space to accommodate this oven, you might want to consider opting for a smaller one. It lacks interior lighting and a crumb tray, which is quite disappointing. Additionally, the crumb tray needs to be purchased separately.

However, the good news is that it comes at a highly affordable price point. In fact, it costs nearly the same as some single rack toaster ovens that are only half its size.

However, this oven performs admirably on my countertop. I find myself using it much more frequently than our regular oven. The double doors and large capacity are particularly appealing.

As the primary cook in our household, my daughter seems to enjoy using it, and it appears to be easy to clean. I appreciate its versatility as it allows me to cook a wide range of dishes, from pizzas to large turkeys. Additionally, the timer is user-friendly and easy to understand.

Overall, this oven is not exactly a budget oven but its features and size might make up for its price. If you plan to prepare feasts and a range of broiled and baked products, then this is best toaster oven for broiling for its price and size.

5. Oster Extra Large Oven – Digital Controls – Preset Functions

This Oster Toaster oven is also quite big. Bigger than the previous oven as it can fit not 14″ but 2 x 16″ pizza in its chamber.

For starters, this is an expensive appliance. In fact, it is the most expensive model on this list.

What really separate this from the LUBY Extra Large Oven above is that it offers fully digital controls.

As such, it offers a variety of preset cooking options including bake, warm, broil, toast, dehydrate, turbo convection and defrost.

It can also accommodate a family-sized chicken, making it a convenient choice for those planning to broil a feast for a crowd. In contrast to traditional ovens that require precise temperature knowledge and constant monitoring, this automated appliance takes care of the process.

However, its expensive price tag might deter some potential buyers. Nevertheless, I am delighted with the way it cooks food to perfection, which makes me incredibly satisfied with my purchase!

The oven boasts a large interior that is easy to clean and includes a double rack and a tray. It offers quick preheating, bakes exceptionally well with the turbo convection oven option, and maintains a steady temperature.

Moreover, the convection option operates quietly compared to other models I have encountered. Its performance is so impressive that I even brought it to my middle school classroom, where we used it to bake cookies.

Overall, if you are looking for an extra large toaster oven with digital controls, then this is the best toaster oven for broiling.


Power Rating and Temperature

Before you go looking for toaster ovens for broiling, it should be noted that there is a high correlation between high power rating and a high temperature cap.

Toaster ovens range in power rating from anywhere between 1100 – 1800 watts.

A toaster oven with up to about 1500 watts power rating has a max temperature setting of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

A high powered toaster oven that is rated at about 1800 watts or more, will have the capacity to reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

500 degrees Fahrenheit is generally considered the true broiling temperature.

Power Rating and Cost

It should also be noted that the higher the power rating, the more expensive a toaster oven generally is.

This is because a high power rating means it has more durable and expensive components to reach the higher temperatures.

Of course, a higher power rating would also mean that the toaster oven would consume more energy and can reflect higher on your energy bills.

Fortunately, the premium toaster ovens that do feature high 500 degree temperature are smart enough to use lower wattage when on normal cooking modes.

They only use the max power capacity for quick heating and for short broiling modes.

What is Broiling

If you have heard the word very recently, you have probably wondered what it means. Broiling can be defined as putting your food under heat or exposing your food to direct heat.

Toaster ovens generally have two heating elements. One located on the bottom and the on top. When you select the broiling function, the top heating element turn on. As such, any food kept underneath is said to be broiling.

The key point of broiling is that you’re exposing the food to dry heat.

The major types of food that are broiled are chicken or turkey, fish and occasionally, red meat.

The temperature for industrial broiling is about 700°F and 1000°F and for household broiling, it is estimated to be between 550°F and 600°F

Differences Between Bake vs Broil vs Roast

Understanding the three technique will not only make you a better chef, but also allow you to master recipes.


Best Toaster Ovens for Broiling

With broiling, top heating element turns on source: All Recipes

Broiling is more popular for preparing animal meat, like chicken and fish. This technique uses dry heat and as such, the results you get with broiling are similar to grilling.

Broiling temperature are the hottest and they are kept steady at about 550ºF.

Since the temperature is very high, the food is cooked quickly especially on the surface. This requires you to constantly monitor the food so that it does does not burn.

Since broiling cooks the surface rather quickly, it works best for thin slices of meat like fillets and steak.


Toaster Oven CHicken

Roasting uses both heating elements and the temperature is varied over time. Source: William Sonoma

With roasting you are start off with very high temperatures like broiling at about 550ºF, then when the meat starts to grow a brownish crisp on the outside, you dial down the heat so that the meat cooks from the inside as well.

Instead of using only type top heating element as in with broiling, this technique uses both bottom and top heating elements.


What is a Toaster Oven

Baking uses medium heat and both heating elements. It is used to solidify foods that are in dough form. By: Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

Baking uses dry heat via both bottom and top heating elements.

Baking is used for food that are in dough form. In other words, for food that are not in solid form i.e. meat and vegatables.

As such, it is used for foods like rolls, bread, cookies, pies, pastry, cake, muffins e.t.c. This is because baking is used to solidify food rather than soften them. Its a gradual process that majorly binds flour products.

Baking is a lot more technical and require precise temperature control as compared to roasting and broiling.

This technique uses lower heat as compared to broiling and roasting and it also takes relatively longer cooking cycle.

However, in doing so it makes sure that the food is cooked both from the inside and has crusty surface.

Final Words

In this article we had a look at the best toaster ovens for broiling. We also learned about what broiling is and how it compares with other cooking techniques like baking and roasting.

It should be sufficiently clear by now that toaster ovens are an excellent alternative to regular ovens. They are small, but offer the same set of features that a normal oven would.

In the end, if broiling is part of your cooking style, then toaster oven are indispensable. From cheaper models to those that offer extensive features and large capacity, the choices are many.