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5 Best Food Processors for Chopping Vegetables in 2021

When of the primary task of any food processor is to help with the slicing, shredding or chopping vegetables.

Vegetables are an essential ingredient in almost all main course meals. Whether you want to make paste out of them or you want to chop them into smaller individual pieces, a good food processor can help you with your tasks.

The good news is that in order to chop your vegetables, you don’t need to invest in an over the top food processor. You can go with a low powered option since chopping vegetables isn’t as strenuous as grating cheese or kneading dough.

In this article, we will review some of the best food processors for chopping vegetables keep in mind the low key requirements.

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List of Best Food Processors for Chopping Vegetables in 2021

The following are, in our opinion, the best food processors currently available in the market for vegetables.

  1. Cuisinart CFP-9GMPCY – 9 Cup – Recommended Food Processor Chopping Vegetables
  2. Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY – 11 Cup – Premium Option for Midsize Family
  3. Hamilton Beach 70825 – 14 Cup – Large and Comprehensive
  4. Hamilton Beach 70730 – 10 Cup – Very Affordable
  5. Cuisinart Pro Classic DLC-10SYP1 – 7 Cup – Small and Premium

1. Cuisinart CFP-9GMPCY – 9 Cup – Recommended Food Processor Chopping Vegetables

A recommended premium food processor for home use. Comes with a fairly high powered motor for its size.

9 cupĀ  is generally considered an excellent size for most home kitchens.

While you won’t be able to process extra large batches of food here, you could easily process enough food for a small family.

Cuisinart CFP-9GMPCY is a premium food processor and you can tell that by its build quality as well as the wattage.

Despite being in the smaller range, this has a powerful 600 Watts motor. This is sufficient not just for chopping vegetables but for also performing heavier tasks like kneading dough.

Other than the chopping blade, this also comes with a shredding and a slicing disc. It also packs a recipe book that tells you exactly how to perform different tasks with this particular food processor.

Another important point to note is that this has a fairly large mouth feed as well as a smaller tube feed. You can use these to slice and shred vegetables of different sizes.

All in all, if you want to go for a regular sized premium option, then this is the best food processor for chopping vegetables in our opinion.

2. Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY – 11 Cup – Premium Option for Midsize Family

A slightly larger food processor with a premium build quality. Also features a powerful motor.

This is slightly larger than the previous option and also slightly more expensive.

11 cup is still quite well within the mid-range and recommended range for average kitchens.

This is simply for those who either love Cuisinart products, or need something that is slightly bigger than average.

Besides a slightly larger capacity, this processor also comes with slightly more powerful motor as compared to the option above.

It features a 625 Watts motor which can be considered an overkill for a food processor of this size.

As far as the attachments are concerned, this comes with your usual chopper blades, two slicing discs for different slice sizes, and a shredding disc.

It is also worth noting that this option is easily the best food processor for chopping vegetables if you read the customer reviews.

It is easy to use, has sufficient safety features and has a low noise level. All of which contribute to its overall quality.

3. Hamilton Beach 70825 – 14 Cup – Large and Comprehensive

A large food processor that comes with a decent motor but a feature set that is unparalleled. Offer all attachments that you can think of.

If you have the budget to spare and kitchen space to spare, then this is, hands down, the best food processors for chopping vegetable as far as the overall value is concerned.

This is a large model that comes with a 14 cup size. Therefore, it can accommodate a whole lot of vegetables at once.

While its wattage of 600 watts is lower than the average of this size, it is still more than sufficient for chopping vegetables. In fact, you could knead dough with it if you wanted to.

The real beauty of this option lies in its overall package. It comes with almost all attachments that you can think off.

It comes with an ADJUSTABLE slicing disc which, as the name suggest, can be adjusted to the required thickness.

It also comes with a shredding disc, a chopper blade, a special kneading blade and the most coveted, dicing kit. A dicing kit is a rare attachment.

Besides that it comes with a large 3-in-1 feeding tube. The three different sizes allows you to feed different sized vegetable in.

To top this all, it even comes with a storage box that you can use to store all the attachments neatly.

4. Hamilton Beach 70730 – 10 Cup – Very Affordable

A very affordable food processor with a weaker motor but an excellent price tag and a decent size.

Next up we take a detour from the rest of the products listed above.

This is a minimal food processor in all sense and hence it has one of the cheapest price tags in this list.

If you are on a budget and you want to make a bee line for a famous product particular designed for chopping and pureeing vegetables, than we highly recommend this.

You can guage the overall value of this model by just looking at the sheer number of satisfied customers on

No other option in this list comes anywhere near this as far as popularity is concerned. And rightly so.

This is a decent 10 cup food processor with a somewhat weaker 450 watts motor. While it is weaker than the rest of processors here, it is still a workhorse for easy tasks like chopping vegetables.

While it does not have a large feed tube, the beauty here is that it is compact, neat and clean and can be tucked away in a tight spot.

It offers two simple attachments, one s-blade for chopping and one reversible disc. The reversible disc has two sides one can be used for shredding and the other for slicing.

In short, if you are on a budget, then this is the best food processor for chopping vegetables in our opinion.

5. Cuisinart Pro Classic DLC-10SYP1 – 7 Cup – Small and Premium

A premium compact food processor for easy stowage, easy cleaning and smaller chopping tasks.

Finally we have the smallest food processor in this list. This is a 7 cup premium food processor by the famous brand Cuisinart – which you all should be familiar by now.

This is a food processor that is designed to appeal to those who love simplicity and durability.

Despite its size, this food processor has a whopping 600 watts motor. In other word it has the same power as the Hamilton Beach 70825 above which is twice as large.

Now of course, chopping vegetables would be a piece of cake for this. Instead, this is something that you can use for so much more.

If you prepare all sorts of meals for a small family or a couple, then this can come in handy. Meals that require meat, cheese or dough, can be processed with this.

It has a large feed tube, has all the essential attachments like chopper, slicing and shredding disk and a compact size that can fit into any cabinet and storage space.

You may also love the single paddle control it offers. There are no separate three buttons for on, off and pulse. Instead they are all intelligently combined into one paddle.

In short, if you want a compact and a powerful option, then this is the best food processor for chopping vegetables.

What To Look for in a Food Processor for Vegetable Chopping?

The following brief guide should give you a birds eye view of the food processors and what makes one suitable for vegetables.


s blade

A typical S-Blade or chopping blade

It is worth noting here that depending on the model, a food processor can perform myriad of tasks.

This is important to note because chopping is not the same as shredding, slicing or dicing.

A food processing designed for just chopping generally features only a singular S-blade.

However, in order for it to shred, slice and dice your vegetables as well, you will need a food processor that comes with the appropriate attachments.

Shredding Disc

For shredding, you need shredding disc. Most food processors do come with a shredding disc.

Fortunately, most food processors do come with shredding and slicing discs. Dicing kit, unfortunately, is a rare feature found in a very select food processors models.

Again, while all food processors can chop, not all can slice, shred and dice – unless you get the appropriate attachments.


Best food processors for chopping vegetables

A 9 Cup is generally quite a decent size for home use, but you can go smaller or bigger depending on your needs. Source: Hamilton Beach 70825

Food processors come in sizes ranging from 3 cups all the way to 16 cups.

For a typical home kitchen, a 9 cup food processor generally suffices. You can choose to go with smaller and larger sizes depending upon your needs.

It is important to note that large food processors generally come with larger feed tubes. These come in handy when you need to shred or slice a large bulk of vegetables at a time.

Other than that, it goes without saying that the large the food processor, the more powerful the motor is generally, and the more vegetables it can occupy at a time.


The power is determined by the wattage rating of the motor. Home based Food Processors range in power from 250 Watts all the way to heavy duty 1200 watts.

Now of course when it comes to vegetables, you don’t need a very high powered food processor – unless you plan to use it for heavier tasks like processing large batches of meat.

Even a 400-600 watts food processor would suffice for chopping vegetables.

It is worth stating here that the more powerful the motor, the heavier is the base. The heavier the base, the more stable the food processor is when it operates.


As stated earlier, chopping itself is a task that all food processors are designed to perform.

If you want to perform tasks other than chopping i.e shredding, slicing, thin slicing, grating, kneading dough or dicing, you will need to look for food processors that have the appropriate attachments.

The other important feature, of course, is the Pulse button. This is something that is fortunately found in all food processors.

How to Chop Vegetables in a Food Processors?

Chopping vegetables in a food processors is perhaps the easier task that you can perform with this appliance.

There are just a handful of steps involved and a few safety precautions to abide by.


  1. Cut vegetables into large chunks. This helps in maintaining consistency. Alternatively, you can put the entire piece of vegetable in but make sure it is of appropriate size – BUT, you may notice that this approach may not give you consistent results.
  2. Use the pulse button for very short intervals until you achieve the required chopped size.

If you want to make an all out paste out of them, simply press the on button for a while.

Safety Measure

  1. Make certain that the chopping blade is properly affixed and the lid is locked.
  2. When taking the chopped vegetables out, remove the blade first before inserting your hand into the bowl.
  3. Never overload the bowl.

Final Words

Here we looked at some of the best food processors for chopping vegetables. We looked at food processors ranging in size, power and price tag.

The important point here is that chopping vegetables is a task that almost all food processors can handle. However, the real test of quality is when you have to process heavier ingredients like meat, dough or cheese.

The choice boils down to size, attachments you need, and what will you end up using the food processor for.

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