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5 Best Food Processors for Dicing in 2021

Dicing food by hand can be an extremely boring and protracted process for everyone. Fortunately, food processors make it possible to easily cut food into small cubes and blocks by its cutting mechanism.

If you are searching for a food processor especially for dicing then you have to look for different types of blades and select the one that is capable of effectively dicing the food.

We have to note that the blades made of stainless steel are the most powerful when it comes to cutting the food into dices.

Food processor not only helps you to save enormous time and energy for cooking, but it also contributes to preparing delicious meals. It can dice the food into similar size pieces in order to promote even cooking.

In this article, we will be reviewing the best food processors for dicing and describe the advantages they carry.

List of Best Food Processors for Dicing

Below is the list of some of the best food processors for dicing.

  1. Hamilton Beach 70725A – 12 Cup – Mid-Size Budget Food Processor
  2. KitchenAid KFP0718CU – 7 Cup – Small and Compact
  3. Hamilton Beach 70825 – 14 Cup – Staple Mid-Range Mid-Power
  4. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY – Premium 14 Cup Food Processor
  5. Breville BFP800XL  – Heavy Duty 16 Cup 1200 Watts

1. Hamilton Beach 70725A – 12 Cup – Mid-Size Budget Food Processor

This food processor is extremely effective and very easy to use. Its affordable price gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy this mid-size processor and all the benefits it carries.

The 12 Cup food processors are generally considered quite large. Large enough to fit food for a feast. To get that at this price range is quite a delight.

The first thing we want to mention is that it contains a 450 watts motor which is powerful enough to perform simple tasks like dicing, chopping, slicing, and shredding. This amount of wattage can do work effortlessly when it comes to vegetables and fruits.

It’s remarkably easy to use, as the bowl does not require twisting and it can precisely fit on the base. As far as the controls are concerned, it comes with the basic On/Off as well as three dedicated buttons for puree, chop and shred.

Another advantageous feature is the large feed chute, which can easily contain and process large ingredients. This way a lot of time and energy can be saved, as you don’t have to cut the food in advance.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an affordable mid-sized processor with a powerful enough motor and stainless steel blades then this is the best food processor for dicing.

2. KitchenAid KFP0718CU – 7 Cup – Small and Compact

This KitchenAid food processor is highly compact and very easy to use, clean and store. It provides a lot of opportunities with its attractive features.

The design of this food processor is extremely compact. Due to the small size and convenient cord wrap, it can be easily stored and carried everywhere.

This is a 7 cup food processor and thus can easily server personal as well as family needs. Whether you are preparing dinner for one or a whole family, this size is just decent enough.

We have to note that because of the unique design there should be no difficulty in using it. The bowl can be fitted with one click and it does not require twisting. Also, the lid is perfectly fastened in order to avert the leak of liquid.

The food processor contains 3 speed options – high, low, and pulse, and with the help of the easy-press paddles, it can take care of different food precisely. This way all the processes can be easily controlled.

Another feature that makes this one remarkable is that it can be cleaned effortlessly. The bowl is sealed and does not leak anything, which means a very small amount of food is left on it. It should be mentioned, that all the accessories are dishwasher-safe.

If you need a convenient sized option with beautiful design then this is definitely the best food processor for dicing in our opinion.

3. Hamilton Beach 70825 – 14 Cup – Staple Mid-Range Mid-Power

Hamilton Beach 70825 food processor includes every basic component and is a perfect example of a staple mid-sized food processor. It can effortlessly utilize all the duties regarding the food.

First of all, we want to mention, that a powerful 600 watts motor is more than enough to carry out all the processes such as slice, dice, chop, and many others.

The unique 3-in-1 feeding tube gives you the opportunity to fit all kinds of food, including large fruits. It’s one of the largest feeding tubes on the market that does not need precutting. It also contains pushers in order to easily move the food down the tube.

The most attractive feature of the Hamilton Beach is the touchpad control. It contains several speeding buttons and LED indicator, that helps to control the processing better.

It should be noted that this food processor comes with 5 different attachments for slicing, shredding, chopping, dicing, kneading. The innovative dicing blade gives you a possibility to cut the food into cubes easily and get similar pieces.

This is a very effective staple food processor that provides a high-quality performance by its powerful motor and various unique attributes. As far as performance / dollar value goes, this is the best food processor for dicing in our opinion.

4. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY – Premium 14 Cup Food Processor

Cuisinart 14-cup food processor is especially convenient for someone looking for a premium kitchen appliance. Due to its powerful motor and high capacity, it can provide various jobs quickly and thoroughly.

The first thing to take into consideration is the 720 watts motor. This number is so powerful that it can easily prepare large quantity food, chop the whole vegetables and fruits, knead a dough and many other things.

With the help of a 14-cup sized bowl, a huge amount of food can be processed and considering the powerful motor, it is more than enough to serve the whole family with a delicious meal.

You may have noticed that this is much more expensive than the Hamilton Beach 70825 above despite having the same size in term Cup.

That is because, firstly it has a larger motor, and secondly this is a premium appliance with stainless steel exterior to match the interior decor of your kitchen.

It should be noted, that this food processor contains dishwasher-safe parts meaning you can wash them without any damage.

This premium food processor is extremely effective and helps you to prepare the food easily for many people due to its 720 watts motor and 14-cup sized bowl.

If you need an option that looks gorgeous and has the power to match, then this is the best food processor for dicing.

5. Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef – Heavy Duty 16 Cup 1200 Watts

This food processor is the largest and the most powerful in the list. It’s a highly productive machine with its special features.

The Sous Chef food processor contains the 1200 watts motor which is the most powerful one so far. Needless to say, it is capable of processing any type of food for a large number of people.

The 16 cup container is toward the larger size spectrum in the food processor category and this is something, as its name suggests, that chefs would find suitable for their needs.

Another unique feature is the multi-directional timer. It can count up and down and automatically stops the processor once the time is up. You have the possibility to set the time you need for processing.

Considering the extremely wide feeding tube you don’t have to cut the fruits and vegetables in advance and save enormous time.

We have to mention that this food processor comes with various multi-function discs and blades. It also includes a variable slicing disk which gives you an opportunity to modify the thickness of your pieces.

The only downside to this, obviously, is its very high price tag. As such, this is not something that an average household will find affordable.

As you can see, the Sous Chef food processor contains a lot of unique attributes such as the strongest motor, 16-cup sized bowl, timer, and a variable disk.

What to Look for in Food Processor for Dicing

Several features should be considered when choosing the best food processor for dicing. Below, we are going to show the main components of them and explain why they are important.


There is not much power required when it comes to dicing the food. Even the standard food processor with a power below 500 watts can do the work.

Dicing and chopping are basic tasks of food processors and if you are going to use the machine solely for this purpose then the minimum amount of wattage should be sufficient.

Higher wattage only makes sense when you need to perform heavier tasks like kneading dough.

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Cup Capacity

Food processors come in with different sized cups ranging from 2-cup to 20-cup choppers. You are going to need around 2-3 cup food processor at least, in order to perform simple dicing and chopping.

It should be noted that sealed bowls are much preferable with the intention of preventing leak of liquid from the mixture.

Feeding Tube

The more food you need to dice the wider the feeding tube should be, as it regulates the amount of food the processor can contain. 3-in-1 feeding tube is a very effective option for dicing which can fit different sized food pieces.

This way you don’t have to cut the food beforehand in order to properly insert it into the tube.


As for the blades, the standard blade called “Sabatier Blade” can easily carry out ordinary tasks such as slicing, chopping, and dicing the food.

However, if you need an improvement, there is always a possibility to add some extra blades if your food processor allows.

The best suggestion would be the blade made of stainless steel, as it is extremely durable and powerful.


In this article, we discussed the best food processors for dicing. Dicing is one of the important parts of food preparation and food processors make this task extremely easy and convenient.

Above mentioned products contain various beneficial features that should be taken into consideration before buying them. We want to note again that the motor, cup size, feeding tube, and blades are the most significant components which you should look for when it comes to dicing.

Food processors for dicing do not need to have large containers or very powerful especially for vegetables. You can consider more powerful models if you want to explore your culinary horizon with the convenience of a food processor.

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