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5 Best Food Processors for Grating Cheese in 2020

Food processors can be used for different types of food, however, the more rigid the food is, the more powerful a food processor you will need.

Cheese is a tough food to processor. Grating cheese is not as simple for food processor as it is to shred cabbage. Therefore, you need to pay attention to a few important factors when looking for a suitable model.

Furthermore, if you wan to grate a block of cheese, then you should take into consideration several tips. First of all, we recommend shredding cold cheese in order to make the process cleaner, as the soft ones often smear and they are hard to shred.

Another thing we want to highlight is that before starting the process you should cut cheese in to smaller blocks. If you food processing is a having a hard time processing a certain block, cut it into smaller still bits until you understand the suitable size your food processor is capable of grating.

In this article, we are going to review the best food processors for grating cheese from various power and price levels.

List of Best Food Processors for Grating Cheese

Here we selected some of the best food processor that are quite suitable for processing and grating blocks of hard cheese.

  1. Hamilton Beach 70825 – Recommended 600 Watts Food Processor
  2. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY – Premium Large and Relatively High Powered
  3. Breville BFP800XL – High Powered 1200 Watts Food Processor
  4. Oster FPSTFP1355 – Mid-sized 10 Cups Food Processor
  5. Cuisinart Pro Classic DLC-10SYP1 – Popular and Small 600 Watts Food Processor

1. Hamilton Beach 70825 – Recommended 600 Watts Food Processor

A highly recommended 14 cup food processor that comes with several accessories including shredding disc and a decent 600 Watt power.

This food processor is often recommended on the market due to its high-quality performance and several different features which we will explain below.

We would like to start with a 600 watts motor. Although this is not the best one on the list it’s still considered as a powerful motor and it is absolutely sufficient to grate cheese and perform many different procedures. It may not be effective for very large-sized cheese.

When it comes to capacity, this food processor provides 14 cups BPA-free work bowl. The bowl is sealed, which means no liquid can be leaked through the bottom and with the help of the stack and snap design you don’t need to twist it.

We want to highlight, that a 3-in-1 feeding tube is extra-large and it helps you to insert all kinds of ingredients without cutting them in advance.

This food processor comes with 5 different attachment that allows you to perform every basic procedure regarding the food. The shredding disc is able to grate the cheese effortlessly.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a large food processor containing many different features, then this is the best food processor for grating cheese.

2. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY – Premium Large and Relatively High Powered

Another 14 Cup food processor with premium build quality and a relatively high 720 Watts power.

This is a premium Cuisinart food processor that features a decent power and capacity.

As you can see, due to 720 watts motor it’s more powerful than the Hamilton Beach. This heavy-duty motor is capable of processing large-sized ingredients thoroughly and you can grate the large chunks of cheese precisely. It is considered to be an above-average motor.

The capacity is the same for this one too, as it contains a 14 cups work bowl. Therefore, you are able to process family-sized meals quickly and grate the whole block of cheese. Another feature in common with the Hamilton Beach is the extra-large feeding tube.

We want to emphasize, that this food processor comes with durable stainless steel blades that allow you to process the different ingredients smoothly. This refers to all the basic procedures regarding the food.

However, what we don’t like about the Cuisinart food processor is that the slicing and shredding blades are not adjustable. This is a downside we want to mention.

Finally, if you are searching for a powerful and large food processor with high-quality cutters, then this is the best food processor for grating cheese.

3. Breville BFP800XL – High Powered 1200 Watts Food Processor

An extra large 16 cup very high powered food processor fit enough for restaurants and home chefs.

The Breville food processor is the most powerful and the largest one on our list with a lot of useful attributes. However, it’s a bit expensive which is a major drawback.

As we have said this is the most powerful food processor on the list. The reason is a heavy-duty 1200 watts motor. Such a high power contributes to thorough and precise procedures. You are able to grate extra-large chunks of cheese quickly without any difficulties.

The capacity of 16 cups also makes this food processor the largest one. It features two work bowls – one large 16 cup work bowl and a small 2.5 processing bowl. As you can see, it helps you to easily operate with both large and small ingredients.

We want to highlight one innovative component that is a multidirectional timer. It gives you the opportunity to set the desired time needed for processing and it automatically stops when it reaches the countdown mode.

However, the significant downside of this food processor is a high price. Due to this, not everyone can afford it.

In conclusion, if you need the most powerful and the largest food processor and you are willing to pay a lot, then this is the best food processor for grating cheese.

4. Oster FPSTFP1355 – Mid-sized 10 Cups Food Processor

A mid-sized affordable food processor with a decent 500 Watt motor for grating moderate sized blocks of cheese.

This food processor is the weakest one in terms of power and also features small capacity compared to the above-mentioned products. However, it contains several unique attachments.

The reason behind being the weakest one on the list is a 500 watts motor. This means you should not expect the same level of performance unlike the other food processors. Therefore, try not to grate very large-sized cheese with it.

The capacity is also small, as it includes a 10 cups work bowl with a locking lid. However, we want to highlight, that it comes with a very large 5-inch-wide feeding tube that helps you to contain the large ingredients effortlessly without any need of pre-cutting them.

It has to be noted, that this food processor features a dough blade for kneading in order to prepare bread, pizza, cookie, and many other meals. As for the blades, the stainless steel sshaped blade contributes to smooth and thorough procedures.

The small size and the compact design give you the opportunity to store the food processor easily and comfortably because every accessory can be stacked in the bowl.

Finally, if you are looking for a small and compact food processor with high-quality blades, then this is the best food processor for grating cheese.

5. Cuisinart Pro Classic DLC-10SYP1 – Popular and Small 600 Watts Food Processor

A small and a compact 7 cup food processor but with a power to match much larger models.

This Cuisinart product is the smallest one on our list, but it’s the most popular food processor on the market in its category. You will see below what components it provides.

As we have said, this is the smallest food processor compared to the other 4 ones. It contains 7 cups of capacity which means you are not able to grate very large-sized cheese with it. However, despite the small size, it comes with an extra-large feeding tube for different fruits and vegetables and one small feed chute helps you to operate with small ingredients.

When it comes to power it features a 600 watts motor that is a little higher than the above-mentioned Oster product. Although it might also seem the weak one you need to take into mind that considering the small size of the food processor it’s absolutely sufficient. You can perform every basic task regarding the food.

Another component we want to highlight is a multifunctional blade and stainless steel discs that allow you to handle the ingredients smoothly. This food processor also contains several different attachments such as spatula, disc stem, recipe book, and compact flat cover.

If you decide to purchase the product, the company offers a five-year full motor warranty.

Finally, if you are searching for a small but powerful food processor with a lot of attachments, then this is the best food processor for grating cheese.

What Kind of Food Processor You Need to Grate Cheese?

Shredding Disc

Shredding Disc is the main attachment when the task is to “Shred” or grate.

When you are going for a food processor capable of grating cheese, then you have to take into mind a few important factors such as power, size, blades, shredding disc, and so on. These features work together to achieve a successful outcome.

First of all, the food processor you should have is a shredding disc that sits on top of the bowl instead of inside. You can insert the block of cheese through the feeding tube on the lid which ends up on the disc first. Then it will start shredding and finally fall into the bottom of the bowl on the food processor.

You have to pay attention to the power and size of the food processor regardless of your intentions.

When it comes to grating cheese, especially large-sized blocks, you are going to need high power and large capacity.

Our suggestion would be to use at a minimum, a 500 watt food processor. This processor would be able to handle limited sized blocks. If you want to grate larger blocks, then we recommend 600 Watt, 100o Watt or even 1200 watt food processors.

How to Grate Cheese with the Food Processor?

best food processors for grating cheese

Grating cheese can be done easily with a shredding disc and sufficient power.

As we have already mentioned, if you haven’t yet tested the limits of your food processor, then as a first step, we recommend cutting the cheese block in to smaller pieces.

Do not overload the shredding discs as that may damage them.

Hence the first step is to test the power of your food processor by cutting the blocks of cheese into smaller still pieces until you notice that the food processor is comfortable at shredding at a certain size.

If you notice that the motor or the disc is having a hard time moving, you should not go any further.

The next thing you need to do is insert the pieces into the feeding chute and you pay attention not to overfill it. Once the feeding tube looks full it is ready to be processed.

This is a very important factor to take into mind, otherwise, the shredded cheese gets compacted and it won’t be fluffy and light.

When you fill the chute properly then you can turn on the food processor and wait until the cheese is grated. It might take several minutes depending on the hardness of the cheese.

You need to check it from time to time as the edges of the cheese are hard and they require more time to be processed precisely.


Here we looked at the best food processors for grating cheese with different power levels, capacity, size and price tag.

Also, don’t forget to cut the blocks of cheese into smaller pieces before trying out the limit of your food processor.

In order to effectively grate cheese, you are going to need a shredding disc, high-quality blades, high power, and capacity. If you properly utilize the above-mentioned methods you will achieve a successful outcome.

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