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Breville bfp800xl Sous Chef Food Processor Review | A Notable High-End Product


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The Breville bfp800xl Sous Chef Food Processor is ranked as one of the top food processors by experts due to its excellent capacity and various features like the included disc set, making it possible for users to vary the thickness of slices and julienne cuts. This premium food processor is built with a powerful, commercial-grade motor that will stand the test of time.

It is one of the few products still manufactured in Australia. The large-capacity bowl comes with a handle for portability, perfect for parties, holidays, and family gatherings.

Is the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Worth It?

The Breville Chef Food Processor is an ideal buy for anyone looking to purchase a high-end food processor. It's a well-known and established product that will be the centerpiece of any kitchen for years to come. It performs all basic and advanced functions, which set it apart from other food processors in its range. 

For the price, durability, and features offered by this food processor, it can easily be said that it is worth every dollar. Nonetheless, see how it compares to much cheaper food processors under 100 bucks.

Since its release, it has been a top choice for many healthy eating enthusiasts and cooking professionals. Since the first model was released, the company has sold over 300,000 units worldwide, making it one of their most successful products to date.

The adjustable slicing disc and reversible shredding disc, which slices from coarse to fine, are an excellent addition. Most food processors in the same range don't have them, which makes it even more appealing.

Breville bfp800xl Sous Chef Food Processor

Breville Sous Chef bfp800xl Review

Among the food processors, Breville BFP800XL is one of the best. It's a high-performance multifunctional machine made by the Breville company. You will make different foods using this food processor, from the softest foods to the hardest ones. The features of this food processor are:

Stainless Steel Material

This food processor is made of stainless steel. This material is highly durable and robust, ensuring that it will serve you for a long time. The stainless steel makes it look attractive in your kitchen. Additionally, the stainless steel material makes it the best option since it is durable. It can also prevent corrosion caused by rust.

5 Multi-Function Discs and 3 Blades Out of the Box

The Breville food processor comes equipped with five discs and three blades, which includes a versatile pizza dough blade that can also be used for pureeing.

These are the discs that are used to make different types of foods. You can use them according to your requirements. The discs allow you to slice vegetables, grate cheese, shred cabbage, extrude pasta, etc., other than chopping vegetables into tiny pieces. Also, these discs ensure safety as they prevent any accidents like slipping of hands and fingers and ensure accuracy.

Personally, I am particularly enamored with the slicing disc as it delivers impeccable results in terms of slice thickness. It's truly remarkable! With this disc, I can effortlessly achieve paper-thin or generously thick slices, which adds tremendous value to my cooking endeavors, especially when it comes to creating various dishes and dehydrating foods.

The assortment of discs available is also commendable. The fry blade, for instance, expertly produces thin strips of fries. I have had the pleasure of using both of the S blades, and they have performed exceptionally well. While I have yet to explore the full potential of the remaining blades and discs, I am confident that they will deliver equally impressive results.

Other discs include:

  • Julienne disc
  • French fry disc
  • Whisking disc
  • Emulsifying disc

Breville bfp800xl Sous Chef Food Processor blades

5.5-Inch Super-Wide Feed Chute

The feed chute of this food processor is extensive, allowing you to conveniently process a significant amount of food without the need for batches or pre-slicing. With this feature, you can add whole vegetables and fruits, saving you time and effort.

Personally, the large chute is one of my favorite aspects of this appliance, as it accommodates a substantial amount of food at once, reducing the need for frequent refilling.

Additionally, I appreciate how the parts of the chute effortlessly stay in place without any complicated twisting or locking mechanisms.

Unlike my previous food processor, which was difficult to assemble, this one offers a secure and hassle-free experience. Furthermore, the small chute serves an additional purpose as a handy measuring cup.

Powerful Centrifugal Motor of 1200 Watts

The motor of this food processor is impressively powerful, allowing you to effortlessly create a variety of dishes. From chopping nuts to making nut butter, crushing ice cubes into snow, and blending sauces, it handles everything with ease.

Its robust power ensures that you can tackle different types of foods without encountering any difficulties. I appreciate the thoughtful design of placing frequently used items at the front of the box.

As I store my box in the cabinet below the food processor, it's convenient to reach in and quickly grab what I need without much searching. Additionally, this food processor excels at grating cheese, surpassing any other I've used.

Unlike my previous processors that often left bits of cheese stuck between the lid and grating disk, the Breville effortlessly grates cheese with minimal waste. It also does a commendable job grating vegetables, although there may be a slightly higher amount of waste.

However, it's worth noting that the blades and spindle can accumulate food particles, requiring a narrow brush, such as a toothbrush, for thorough cleaning.

2 BPA Free Processing Bowls

The food processor comes with two bowls, one with a capacity of 16 cups and another with a capacity of 2.5 cups, offering versatility to meet different requirements. Whether you need to make large batches or fewer servings, you can choose the appropriate bowl accordingly.

The BPA-free construction ensures that the bowls won't contaminate your food. One of the standout features is the seal on the lid, which prevented any spills when I accidentally overfilled the bowl while making ketchup.

However, I've noticed minor leaks with more liquid ingredients. Therefore, it's advisable not to overfill the bowl. Despite this, the lid seal is certainly helpful when overfilling does occur. Cleaning this food processor is a breeze compared to others I've owned, although I do have one complaint about the handle.

Similar to other food processors, the handle on the bowl tends to collect moisture and small food particles, making it difficult to clean thoroughly.

Nevertheless, the overall construction of the processor is impressive, with its sturdy and heavy design, even the plastic bowl surpassing the quality of my previous purchases.


Breville offers you a one-year warranty, protecting your investment. You can be sure that in case of any problems with your food processor, you will be able to get it fixed free of charge.

Breville bfp800xl Sous Chef Food Processor parts

LCD Display With Count up and Count Down Auto Timer

This advanced model food processor has an LCD that shows you the number of minutes remaining when using the machine. Moreover, it can start this countdown when food is being processed. As such, it's easy for you to know when your food will be prepared.

Furthermore, you can set the desired processing time for your food, and once it reaches the designated time, the food processor will automatically stop operating, ensuring the safety of your hands.

I particularly appreciate the inclusion of a timer feature, as it allows me to precisely blend, whisk, or knead ingredients for a specific duration.

Additionally, the food processor conveniently displays the duration of blending, providing me with real-time information. Another advantage is the consistent slicing results, where every slice is of the same size.

Unlike my previous food processors that would often leave chunks of food unprocessed, this one ensures that there are no leftover pieces thumping around after it has sliced the majority of the vegetable or fruit.

Ergonomic Handle and Bowl Rest

The handle is ergonomically designed using stainless steel material to ensure safety while maintaining comfort for you to grip. You will not experience any fatigue when using it as it is ergonomically designed. You do not need to worry about slipping off your hands and fingers, for this will prevent accidents and injuries. The bowl rest can ensure that your food processor remains upright, guaranteeing safety.

Accessory Storage Box

The storage box provided with this food processor is a game-changer. It efficiently stores all the accessories that accompany the appliance, ensuring you stay organized and prevent any spoilage or loss.

Not only that, but the blades are given a designated space, which I particularly appreciate.

Unlike my previous food processor, which lacked this feature, I no longer have to worry about finding a safe spot to store the blades without risking accidental cuts.

This convenient storage solution keeps everything in its place while prioritizing safety and maintaining hygiene standards.

Breville bfp800xl Sous Chef Food Processor accessory box

The Pros and Cons of Breville bfp800xl Food Processor


  • The base is made of die-cast metal, making the machine heavy.
  • The capacity of this food processor's bowl can accommodate up to 4 pounds of dough or 6 cups of sliced vegetables at one time.
  • You can set the food processor to work for some time without having to watch it. It will stop when its work is complete.
  • This model has different speeds, allowing you to make dough easily.
  • It's possible to prepare French fries with the slicer that comes with this machine.
  • The LCD counts up or down for your convenience when using it.
  • Power cord retracts for easy storage
  • Large and small work bowl


  • The machine is quite heavy, 20lbs, and bulky to handle for some people
  • It doesn't grind meat

Which Food Processor Do Chefs Recommend?

The best food processor for the money is Breville bfp800xl. It has quality parts that allow you to prepare all types of foods. The accessories are well-constructed and safe to use. The chopping blade is very sharp, and the large food pusher allows you to work with it quickly.

You can make several things with this food processor, including baby food, bread dough, pie crust, mincing garlic, slicing potatoes, shredding carrots, and grating cheese, among others.

Moreover, it has a powerful motor that works quickly and quietly, making it ideal for home use. The processor has several advantages over others.

The base unit has a cord storage device integrated into the design to decrease the length. The model that includes a die-cast base is more expensive than the standard model with a plastic base. The die-cast base comes with an extra dough blade, mini bowl and is slightly more extensive when compared to the plastic-based unit.

The micro-serrated universal spoon is suitable for chopping, dicing and pasting ingredients. If you love preparing French fries, the French fry-cutting disc makes it possible without difficulty.

Chef with a thumbs up


Q. Are Breville food processors any good?

A. This food processor is not only the choice of chefs but also other people. It offers versatility and quality at a very affordable price. In addition, this brand ensures that your family is safe from any toxic substances that may be harmful to them, making it the best option for you.

Q. What is the difference between Breville Sous Chef 12 and 12 plus?

A. The two food processors might look similar, and in fact, they are the same on the exterior, except one has an oval-shaped bowl instead of a circular one.  Also, the Sous Chef 12 plus has a 1-liter giant bowl, offering you more than double of a 7 cup food processor capacity.

Q. Why should I invest in an expensive food processor? Conversely, why should I buy a cheap one?

A. When it comes to buying an expensive food processor, you will be assured you are investing in quality. It means that the product will last longer, meaning that you do not have to keep replacing it after every few months. On the other hand, if you buy a cheap product, expect to spend more money on it as you will keep replacing it.

Q. What makes the Breville bfp800xl sous chef food processor different?

The product offers excellent versatility allowing your kitchen to be well organized. It comes in two bowl sizes, letting you finish your work in a shorter time. The brand also provides a larger bowl so you can prepare large amounts of food without any issues. Other than that, it allows you to adjust and control the consistency and quality of food.


Breville bfp800xl is a reliable and versatile food processor that offers quality at a very affordable price. The brand ensures consumers' safety and hygiene, meaning that your family members will not fall sick easily. If you want an easy-to-use, efficient, and durable food processor, Breville bfp800xl is the best choice.

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