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Cuisinart Food Processor Won’t Turn On | Reasons Why Your Appliance Isn’t Working


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A food processor is a kitchen appliance that comes in handy in so many ways. However, waking up to find your Cuisinart food processor won't turn on can be frustrating.  

The good news is that you shouldn't worry. Your appliance might not be working because of a simple issue like improper assembly.

Cuisinart food processors are reputable. So, when your machine doesn't work, in most cases, it's because of a minor issue that you can fix by following simple guidelines.

However, it doesn't mean that food processors do not have complex problems that require a technician to fix.

Are you wondering why your machine won't turn?  Continue reading to understand what could be the problem.

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Cuisinart Food Processor Won't Turn On-What Could Be Wrong?

Not Plugged in

Your food processor may not be working because you have not plugged it in. You might have forgotten to plug in the power cord or even assumed you did.

If it is plugged in and the appliance is still not working, the power outlet could be faulty. Try plugging the appliance into different sockets to see whether it will work.

A Damaged Motor

Your Cuisinart food processor may fail to turn on if the motor is damaged. When you power the appliance and hear a whirring sound without the blade is not spinning, you need to check the motor.

To identify whether the motor is in order, use the motor replacement guide. It will help you determine whether the motor needs a replacement.

Using the motor replacement guide is essential to ensure the repair, if any, is within the machine's warranty.

Food porcessor with orange food

It could be that the motor is in working condition, but its accessories like the motor coils or switches are problematic. When the motor coils burn, the motor will not rotate.

Also, if the switch is spoiled, the motor will not be powered.

If these two motor components are damaged, you have no choice but to get the whole motor replaced.

Always check whether the Cuisinart food processor is under warranty if it won't turn on.

Food Processor Improperly Assembled

The improper assemblage of your food processor could also affect it when powering on. The same is the case for Cuisinart food processors, which do not turn if they are inappropriately assembled. They have a safety feature that prevents them from turning on when wrongly assembled.

If your appliance is not turning on, ensure that the plunger, the lid, and the bowl are in line. The safety mechanism may feel like a nuisance but is a simple fix when your gadget is not turning on.

Breville bfp800xl Sous Chef Food Processor parts

Food Processor Overheating

A Cuisinart food processor may fail to turn on because of overheating. If a food processor working stops abruptly, give it some time before you try restarting it. 

When it overheats during the food process, a Cuisinart food processor does not turn on momentarily as it will need some time to recover, from five minutes to an hour.

To fix the overheating problem, allow the food processor to cool down, then try turning it on after at least an hour.

However, if it does not turn on afterward and is appropriately assembled, you might need to have a technician fix it for you.

Rusting Food Processor

When rust builds up on the motor/base, it prevents the blade from functioning and could be the reason your food processor is not functioning.

Rusting happens due to poor maintenance, like failure to clean the appliance after use.

To prevent rusting, disassemble the machine, take every component apart, then wash thoroughly. Food bits can be lodged under the bowl, blade, pusher, or the top of the bowl, especially if there is a leak.

Damaged or Jammed Blade

The blade of your food processor may jam when the appliance is running. If this happens, the food processor stops working. One reason the blade may jam is when a large piece of food becomes lodged inside.

For the Cuisinart food processor to continue working, you will need to dislodge the food particle from inside.

The appliance's blade can also become damaged in the following ways:

  • The blade may loosen up and detach from the casing. Detaching may make the appliance stop.

  • The blade breaks. The shattered pieces may mix with food, which is harmful to your health.

  • Dull blades may not make the appliance not turn; however, blunt blades are not effective. It would help if you replaced them. Browse food processor parts online and make an order.

food processor blade

A Broken Bowl

When the food processor is spoiled, it can lead to fluid leakage from the bottom of the bowl. If the fluid flows into the food processor motor, it could lead to damages.

The food processor may fail to turn on. Failure to replace the cracked bowl immediately may be more costly.

To fix a broken bowl, you need to replace the original bowl by buying a new food processor from Cuisinart. If your bowl is cracked or damaged, you must replace it immediately. On a separate note, when it comes to bowls, see 7 cup food processors for greater capacity. 

The Motor Is Old

The food processor may not work if the motor is old. Aging may make parts of the appliance rust due to moisture damage.

If aging is the case, you have no option but to replace the appliance with a new food processor.

Food processor with food around

Cuisinart Food Processor Stopped Working

Sometimes your kitchen aid food processor may suddenly stop working. What could be the issue, and can you resolve the issue by yourself?

To fix a Cuisinart Food Processor that had been working but stopped suddenly, do a quick reexamination of what happened before the machine stopped:

  • Did the power go off?

  • Did you overwork the appliance?

  • Was there excess food build-up?

  • What was the size of the food items sizes? 

The responses to these questions will assist you in fixing your machine's issues. If the information does not help you, you will need to troubleshoot your food processor.

Follow these steps to guide you.

Putting food in a food processor

Step 1: Confirm That Power Is Plugged in

It is risky to troubleshoot your food processor while plugged in. Ensure it is unplugged before you start the process. 

Unplugging then plugging the power cord back could also resolve the machine's issue.

Step 2: Confirm That the Lid and the Bowl Are Locked in Place

The lid and the bowl must be in line. Suppose the two components are not correctly aligned; the appliance will not work because most Cuisinart food processors have a safety locking mechanism.

The safety feature prevents the machine from operating when the two components are not locked in place.

When you align the two parts, the safety switch locks them in place. If they are not aligned, put them back in place, then try starting the machine.

Step 3: Inspect the Power Socket

Sometimes, the power supply could be the problem. Check whether the power socket is functional. You can try moving your appliance to a different power outlet.

If the food processor still fails, check the circuit breaker to confirm it is in the proper position.

Step 4: Check if the Food Processor Is Overheating

Check whether the appliance is overheating. You can tell the food processor has overheated if the light speed turns off and a ray flight flashes.

Let the processor cool down for some time, usually up to an hour before you can try rerunning it.

Step 5: Resetting the Machine

If the above processes fail, then reset your food processor. Cuisinart food processors have a reset button that you can press to reset.

Food processor with peas and nuts

How Do I Reset My Cuisinart Food Processor?

If your Cuisinart food processor is not spoilt, resetting it will fix any issue.

Anytime you experience a problem with the machine, press the reset button to restore it to its normal working condition.

If the reset button does not resolve any issue you might be having; you can use the machine's user manual to troubleshoot problems.

The troubleshooting instructions are also available on the manufacturer's website.

If the troubleshooting process fails, Cuisinart will check if your food processor is still under warranty. If it is still under warranty, they may provide you with a new appliance.

If the appliance is not under warranty, Cuisinart will have a technician fix your machine at a fair price.

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Tips on How to Prevent Your Cuisinart Food Processor From Breaking Down

  • Always cut food items before you drop them into the processor.
  • When you chop chicken or seafood,  it will help if the food items are at freezing point. Cut the stems into chunks of one inch and process them in short pulses, a pound at a time. The ingredients are usually processed continuously in the food processor, but when making dough for pie crust you have to always pulse them.
  • When making a puree, measure the appropriate amount of liquid and use short pulses when you process. The same goes for making a nut butter.
  • Always disassemble your appliance after use and do a thorough cleaning of the machine's components.
  • When dicing or chopping vegetables, ensure you remove seeds before you embed them into the machine. 
  • Always process sizeable chunks of food at a time to avoid the appliance overheating.

The Bottom Line

Cuisinart food processors can help you in many activities in the kitchen, from blending smoothies to chopping vegetables and grating cheese. When the machine fails, it may cause a lot of inconveniences. However, if you use the above guidelines, they will help you resolve issues with the machine efficiently in the comfort of your home.

To ensure you do not lose your appliance's warranty, adhere to the user manual instructions. It will help if you contact the manufacturer any time your device has a deficiency for them to provide support.

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