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Hamilton Beach 70725A Review | An Affordable, Compact but Powerful Food Processor


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The Hamilton Beach Stack  70725A Stack and Snap 12 Cup Food Processor has been designed to outperform comparable food processors by focusing on two things:

  • Taking all guesswork out of the process of chopping vegetables, making perfect puree and so on
  • Taking ease of use to an entirely new level with a machine that gets the job done consistently at the touch of a button

Truth is, shopping for a food processor can be a surprisingly challenging affair.  The power of the motor, the quality of the plastic exterior, the slicing capacity of the blades, simplicity of the controls and so on - it’s not quite as easy as buying the first cheap blender you see.


With the Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap food processor, you’re looking at a device that has chalked up consistently impressive reviews from verified customers - a sign of quality and value for money. Packed with features and compact enough for even the smallest kitchens, the Hamilton Beach Stack Snap features an array of dishwasher safe parts and is currently up for grabs at its lowest price to date.

But is this really the defining food processor from Hamilton Beach at the ultimate price?  Is it worthy of its impressive star rating, or are there better food processors on the market right now for the same kind of money?

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Stack & Snap 70725a: Features At a Glance

  • Easy stack & snap assembly
  • Unique, patent-pending design requires no difficult twisting & locking
  • A simple function guide shows you which blade to use & which button to press
  • Big Mouth® feed tube reduces pre-cutting
  • Sealed bowl with pour spout prevents leaks
  • Powerful 450-watt motor
  • Reversible slice/shred disk
  • Chopping S-blade
  • Dishwasher safe blades, bowl, and lid
  • BPA-free in all food zones
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Dimensions (inches): 16.25 H x 9.55 W x 8.76 D
green processor

Hamilton Beach Stack Snap 70725a: The manufacturer's word

As a company, Hamilton Beach is known for producing solid kitchen appliances at affordable prices.  At first glance and when consulting verified customer reviews online, it would seem that the same definitely applies with the Hamilton Beach Stack Snap 70725a food processor.

This food processor can shred, pulse, chop and puree to perfection at the touch of a button, while simplifying the process of making dough, grating veggies and cheese - see more top food processors for grating cheese here - with pinpoint precision.

Here’s what the manufacturer itself has to say about the Hamilton Beach Stack Snap, in terms of primary features and selling points:


With 450 watts of power, this appliance is more than capable of tackling even the most challenging tasks. It offers two-speed settings and pulse control for precise chopping. I particularly appreciate the 4-level push button feature, where the high level is perfect for pulse processing. The advertised rating of 450 watts is accurate, as there is plenty of power to spare. It operates smoothly at high speeds and maintains a well-balanced performance. I have successfully transformed berries and fruits into a strainable mush, removing seeds and creating the most delicious jam. Just a word of caution: when washing the bowl, lid, and parts, be careful not to drop any of them.


True to its name, the Hamilton Beach Stack Snap is an absolute breeze to stack and snap together, enabling its various components to be attached and removed in seconds.

easy to use


Compact in size yet big enough to feed the whole family, this 12 cup stack food processor is approximately 16.25 H x 9.55 W x 8.76 D. It features an easy lock on top for added convenience. The 12-cup capacity bowl has inside dimensions of 6.5" W x 4", while the largest loading chute has inside dimensions of 4.5" x2.0". Although it narrows down, it can accommodate items as large as 2" x 2" square and also includes a round chute that accepts approximately 1.75 in diameter items. I purchased this food processor primarily for creating special dishes, but it has proven to be versatile for numerous other tasks such as making smoothies and homemade hummus. The generous bowl size, powerful motor, and exceptionally sharp blades are highly impressive. Additionally, I appreciate that the bowl fits perfectly on the top shelf of my compact dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze.


The lender is fitted with a high-quality S blade as standard and a reversible slice/shred disc, allowing you to effortlessly chop, slice, shred, mix, and puree a wide variety of ingredients. Personally, I have found this chopper to be highly satisfactory. It efficiently shreds potatoes and cheese, although the slicer may not produce perfectly even slices. The size of the chopper is larger than anticipated, which makes cleaning a bit more challenging. I have noticed that potatoes tend to get stuck in a peculiar spot on the lid, but I easily resolve this by using a toothpick to remove the residue. 


Great for convenience, making it quick and easy to toss all types of fruits and vegetables into the mixer without having to chop them too small first.


The Hamilton Beach Stack Snap has been designed to be significantly less loud and intrusive than most comparable blenders with this kind of power rating.

uncut tomato

Having been reduced in price a bunch of times since its launch, the Hamilton Beach Stack Snap 70725a stacks up (pun intended) as one serious deal. But how does it perform when reviewed in a real-life setting, and does it really have what it takes to make life in the kitchen that bit easier?

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Stack Snap 70725a: Put to the Test

First things first, it’s hard to deny the fact that the Hamilton Beach Stack Snap is not what you would call the most gorgeous-looking food processor on the market right now. There are far more attractive and sophisticated looking food processors available, but that’s purely a case of personal opinion. Also, there is a more robust version of the same make described here in another Hamilton Beach food processor review.

Plus, it’s not as if these things are designed primarily to look good - they’re there to get work done.  More importantly, appliances like the Hamilton Beach Stack Snap model 70725a are designed to focus more on compactness and convenience than aesthetic prowess. This is a food processor that shines in both of these areas - its dimensions are just about perfect, and its capacity is more than enough to get the job done for the whole family.

There’s also a real feel of durability to the whole thing - just the right amount of weight and steadiness to know it’s not going to fall apart in use. This is particularly evident when using it to pulse dough, which with many blenders results in the whole thing wobbling, vibrating and looking like it’s about to disintegrate.

Ease of use is immediately apparent with the Stack Snap device, as assembling it is a breeze. The instruction manual is clear and concise, although unnecessary for getting started.

Powering it up is straightforward, and the controls are equally simple, offering three basic settings: low power, high power, and pulse. These settings may seem minimal, but they are more than sufficient for handling a wide range of ingredients.

The slicing/shredding disc features a 2-finger hold to ensure safe handling of the blade, showcasing thoughtful safety engineering and well-constructed design.

As someone who desired a food processor to streamline cutting and grating tasks, this device has exceeded expectations. It proves particularly useful for large family gatherings and holiday meals, saving valuable time and minimizing hand fatigue.

However, it's important to note that dropping the bowl or lid on the floor can result in damage, rendering the appliance unusable until the broken part is replaced. Nonetheless, this minor precaution does not overshadow the overall excellent performance of this product.

it can do anything

Hamilton Beach Stack Snap 70725a: Blending and Processing Power

As mentioned, the capacity of the Hamilton Beach Stack Snap 70725 a is also more than enough to deal with a good 12 cups of food (or drinks) at the same time. Put to the test with even the hardest vegetables, this thing has the kind of chopping power that makes light work of all kinds of everyday tasks. 

The motor tears through everything you toss into the tube with ease and does so without getting too loud. There’s also a high-quality seal around the lid at the top of the tube, so you know there are zero risks of spills and leaks.

Though this only applies if you stick within the manufacturer’s maximum capacity guidelines - there are also limitations when it comes to chopping, dicing (look at this review for more top food processors for dicing) and blending ingredients at high temperatures.

Also fantastic is just how easy to clean the HB Stack Snap 70725a is, when you’ve finished pureeing your potatoes, carrots and other ingredients. You could give it all a quick wipe in the kitchen sink if preferred, but most of its components are also dishwasher safe for even easier cleanup.

450 watts

The whole package comes complete with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, which is just about the norm with machines like these. In any case, the Hamilton Beach Stack Snap 70725a has the kind of robust build quality and advanced motor technology that guarantees years of consistent performance.

Hamilton Beach 70725 Conclusion - A Cut Above Basic Food Processors

As with most Hamilton Beach Stack Snap 70725a reviews, you’ll come across, the conclusion to the whole thing is relatively simple. This thing makes a fantastic purchase at its current price and comfortably outperforms comparable food processors within the same bracket.

It’s genuinely hard to pick fault with the Hamilton Beach Stack Snap 70725a in any aspect of its performance that really matters. In terms of its dimensions, its capacity and its performance when slicing, shredding (for more top food processors ideal for shredding go to this post), chopping and pureeing all kinds of ingredients, it gets things done with absolutely no force whatsoever.


It couldn’t be easier to use, it’s easy to clean and it isn’t too loud as to become obtrusive. If you’re on the same page as us and are simply looking for something that makes life easier in the kitchen, the HB Stack Snap 70725a is a low-cost blender that’s definitely worth considering:

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Model 70725 Pros

  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast chopping and slicing
  • Generous storage capacity
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Easy to operate
  • Outstanding overall value for money

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Model 70725 Cons

  • Not the most stylish food processor on the market

HB Stack Snap 70725a: Full Specifications From the Manufacturer:

Dimensions (Overall)

 15.94 Inches (H) x 11.81 Inches (W) x 10.63 Inches (D)


8.5 Pounds



Capacity (Volume)

12 Cup


Lid, Dough Blade, Instruction Manual, Chopping Blade, Reversible Slicing/Shredding Disc, Adjustable Slicing Disc


Stainless Steel Blades, Hideaway Cord Wrap, Reversible Slicing and Shredding Disc, Adjustable Speed Control, Large Feed Tube, Locking Lid, Push Button Controls, Removable Bowl, On/Off Switch, Adjustable Slicing Disc

Metal Finish

Stainless Steel

Safety and Security Features

Nonslip Base, Safety Lock

Appliance Capabilities

Chops, Slices, Shredder, Mixes, Purees, Grates

Number of Speeds


Wattage Output

500 watts


Stainless Steel, Plastic

Care & Cleaning

Spot or wipe clean, dishwasher-safe parts are essential for effortless cleaning. In my experience, I've discovered that the key to maintaining the lid and bowl in pristine condition is to prevent any food residue from drying on them. If required, the inside of the bowl can be filled with water to soak stubborn stains. 


1 Year Limited Warranty. To obtain a copy of the manufacturer's or supplier's warranty for this item prior to purchasing the item, please call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869





Item Number (DPCI)




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