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Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Food Processor Review | An Excellent Professional Cutter

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A food processor is a machine that has been around for decades. However, many new models are still being released with improvements and unique features. One of the newest products on the market comes from Hamilton Beach, a popular manufacturer of power tools today.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Food Processor is a powerful food processor which is suitable for use by anyone from casual cooks to professional chefs.

It comes with several attachments and can perform countless kitchen tasks without breaking the bank. Not only that, but it has some excellent additional features like extra-large capacity and dishwasher-safe parts.

What Is Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Food Processor?

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth food processor is a Duo Plus 12-Cup Food Processor. It's one of the most popular food processor models currently on the market. It features two stainless steel blades and a large feed chute that can fit whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting them beforehand.

It is BPA-free and comes with all the necessary attachments to make almost every kitchen task simple, quick, and easy.

Hamilton Food Processor

The processor is a huge step forward from their previous models. It comes with several unique features that you won't find on any other products, and overall it's one of the best values for money in its category. A great plus of this product is that it doesn't cost too much and almost anyone can afford it.

What’s Included in the Big Mouth Deluxe Food Processor

Hamilton Beach's Big Mouth Deluxe Food Processor comes with three different attachments. These are the standard ultra big mouth feed tube, standard shredding disc, and dough blade.

You also receive a recipe book that will teach you how to use your new food processor for around 50 different recipes. You will need to buy some things separately, like the citrus juicer attachment.

Nutribullet with food in it

You also receive a recipe book that will teach you how to use your new food processor for around 50 different recipes. You will need to buy some things separately, like the citrus juicer attachment.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe Dimensions

The dimensions of 9 x 12.38 x 16.1 inches make this food processor very easy to store in the cupboard, under the kitchen counter, or even in a small cabinet. The size is truly incredible; it's one of the giant machines on the market, and yet it doesn't take up much space at all.

The unique dimensions also make it perfect for large batches of food. If you're cooking for many people, this is the right kitchen tool.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe Food Processor Review - Features

Extra-Large Capacity

This food processor is specially designed to be very large, meaning that it can handle any meal you want to make. Whether cooking for one or ten people, this machine will feed them all without a problem. Just don't fill the work bowl up too much, and you'll be fine.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

One of the most convenient features of this food processor is that all of its parts are dishwasher safe. It saves a lot of time because there's no need to hand wash them after every meal. Just throw everything in your dishwasher and let it do the work for you.

Stainless Steel Blades

The blades are made out of stainless steel, one of the best materials on the market. It won't rust or decay like most plastic blades. Some people prefer to use plastic because it's cheaper, but stainless steel isn't just a better quality; it looks more attractive too.

Hamilton blades

Powerful 500 Watts Motor

The food processor uses a powerful 500-watt motor that provides fast cutting, chopping, and shredding. It includes a touchpad with two speeds and pulse action for complete control over the machine.

Extra-Large Feed Tube

The extra-large feed tube makes preparing meals very easy. It can be used with most fruits and vegetables, plus you won't have to cut them into smaller pieces before feeding them in the machine.

Safety Locking Arm System

Safety is always necessary when using kitchen appliances, and Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Food Processor ensures you are safe at all times. Locking the motor unit in place prevents any injuries from occurring when using large bowls or blades that tend to stick out.

12 Cup Cowl & 4 Cup Bowl Capacity

The 12 cup bowl is ideal for making large batches of food, and the 4 cup bowl is perfect if you only want to make a small meal. When working with large amounts, you can use the upper blade assembly or place everything inside this machine's extra-large mouth. Whatever you need, this appliance will deliver.

Reversible Slice/Shred Disk

The slice/shred disk is an excellent addition to this food processor. If you need some slices for your meal, pop the disk on, and it will turn them out in no time. If you need some shreds instead, use the reverse function and let the motor do its job quickly and efficiently.

Hamilton shredder

Chopping S-Blade

If you need some chopped ingredients for your meal, use the chopping s-blade. It chops perfectly and quickly so you can get your food prepping done as fast as possible. It can chop most vegetables, nuts, and even meats.

Design and Accessories

The design of the food processor is beautiful, and it would look great in most kitchens. It is available in either red or black, so you can choose which one suits your home best.

The machine includes a feed tube plunger that keeps large fruits and vegetables from sticking as they are pushed through the feed tube. It also includes a cleaning brush, spatula, and an extra-large bowl so you can get started right away.

Pros and Cons of Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe Food Processor

Every kitchen appliance comes with its pros and cons. With the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe Food Processor, here are the essential points to consider:


Easy to Store

Its dimensions make it very easy to store, meaning that you can place it anywhere without any problems.

Large Capacity

The large capacity means that you can prepare large quantities of food at once without having to spend too much time in the kitchen.


The large capacity, powerful motor, and efficient design mean that you can quickly prepare food. It will cut your cooking time in half so you can spend less time making meals and more time eating them.

Powerful Motor

This unit comes with a 500-watt motor. It's a much more powerful motor than what you will find on other food processors. It has a lot of torque and can make short work of even the toughest ingredients, from raw chicken to ice cubes.

Easy to Use

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe Food Processor comes with an instruction booklet that teaches you how to use it properly. It will show you how to make everything from sauces and purees to pizza dough.

The Large Bowl Capacity

The capacity is excellent for a family of four or more people. You can make large batches of food to feed everyone on your block. Don't be surprised if people start visiting you to get a look at this kitchen marvel.

Hamiltton empty

Cons :


Some people have reported that this food processor isn't as durable as they would like. The exterior is made of plastic, which seems durable enough, but the inner parts are another story. You should handle them with care because if not used properly, they can break.

Is Hamilton Beach Food Processor a Good Brand?

In our Hamilton food processor review, we have been very positive about this product for a reason. This food processor has some incredible features, which make it one of the best on the market today. Of course, there are some minor problems that you might want to look into before buying, but once you know about them, they shouldn't stop you from purchasing this product.

In the end, Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe Food Processor is a great kitchen tool that will make your life easier in all aspects of cooking.

Sliced fruit

Can It Be Used for Slicing Fruits?

You can use the food processor to slice fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. There are different blades which you can use for this purpose. Just make sure the pieces are small enough to fit into the feed tube.

Also, you can use the French fry disc to slice different veggies to make fries for an appetizer, side dish, or entree. If you don't like rolling dough by hand, the processor has a dough blade that you can use to make dough.


Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe Food Processor is one of the best machines you can own. It comes with many powerful features that make it perfect for any kitchen. It might be a little more expensive than your average food processor, but you’ll get what you pay for.

It's a quality product that will last long and serve its purpose well, without any problems. It has many uses, making it an excellent choice for people who like to cook. It can be used to make purees, dough, sauces, and much more. 


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