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Nutribullet Vs. Food Processor | Which One Is Better for Your Needs?


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Nutribullet vs. food processor, which one should you go for and why?

Today, there is a lot of technological advancement in various spheres of life, including in the kitchen. Therefore, you'll find several innovations in the kitchen that make your life in the kitchen more effortless and pleasant. A Nutribullet and food processor are some of the modern products that you can get in the kitchen. So, which option should you choose for your kitchen?

Nutribullet Vs. Food Processor Comparison

Below we have compared the two kitchen products. Keep reading to know more.

Nutribullets with other processors

Food Processor

A food processor is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances that you can purchase. It helps you prepare various types of foods in multiple ways. For instance, it will help you mix the dough for pie crust, shred, chop your ingredients, and do other food preparation tasks.

You can do all these tasks manually, but it will take you a lot of time to do so. Food processors help you to minimize the time you spend in the kitchen preparing food. Food processors comprise four main parts.

You have a base that has hard plastic construction. The base helps to keep the kitchen appliance stable as you work on your ingredients. It also houses the motor that rotates the blades and operates the buttons you use to run the food processor. Some modern food processors can come with an LED screen that makes it more effortless to operate.

The base also houses the stainless steel blades that you use to work on your ingredients. Most food processors come with stainless steel blades that make them sturdy to work even on the hard ingredients. They are also long-lasting as the material construction is rust-resistant. Some food processors also allow you to add blade attachments to the sharp blades depending on the types of food you are working on.

grated carrots

The body of the food processors also has clear plastic construction. The clear plastic makes it possible for you to see your ingredients as you work on them. This enables you to decide whether the food is processed or if you need to work on them more. Finally, the food processor comes with a lid on the top, which enables you to secure the food and prevent it from flying off as you operate the processor.

The lids can also come with a feeding chute that enables you to add more ingredients to the mixture as you operate the unit. You also get tons of bow inserts that enable you to carry out various types of food preparation tasks.

Most food processors also feature speed adjustment, which allows you to control the speed depending on the ingredients you are working on. However, food processors are not the best options for working on liquid ingredients because of their type of operation and design, though they are good for pureeing food. If you try to work on liquid ingredients, the particles will stick on the sides of the bowl. But you'll not have any challenges working on the dry ingredients.

Some of the kitchen tasks where a food processor performs the best include:

  • Mixing spices
  • Kneading dough
  • Mixing dry ingredients such as fruits, nuts, and similar foods
  • Grating cheese, chopping slicing, and shredding vegetables and similar foods
Food processor with green food

Nutribullet Blenders 

Blenders are types of electronic kitchen appliances that you can use for blending both liquid and dry ingredients.

Blenders also have four main compartments like food processors. They have a base that helps to keep the kitchen appliance stable on the shelf or kitchen table. The base also houses the motor that helps to rotate the blades. The base also houses the control buttons that enable you to switch between different speeds and mixing settings. The body has a conical shape and comes with a handle on the side that makes it effortless for you to pour the mixture into a glass or bowl.

On top of the base are the blades that do all the work. The blades have a stainless steel construction that makes them long-lasting.

It also contains a body surrounding the blades with a glass construction that allows you to see the ingredients as you work on them. The top of the kitchen appliance is a lid that prevents your ingredients from flying as you work on them. It can also contain a feeding chute that enables you to add more ingredients as you operate the kitchen appliance.

A couple with a nutribullet

Many people will confuse a food processor with a blender because of its similarity in design. However, blenders don't come with blade attachments, meaning you'll have to work with one blade. Thus, it may not offer the versatility that you get from a food processor.

Some of the areas where a Nutribullet blender shines include:

  • Making a mixture of liquid ingredients
  • Crushing ice
  • Making juices
  • Making smoothies
  • Grinding grains, nuts, legumes, and spices
  • Blending various ingredients together

Can You Use a Nutribullet Blender as a Food Processor?

Should you go for a Nutribullet blender or food processor? Or can you use Nutribullet as a food processor?

A Nutribullet blender cannot process food. Therefore, you may not use it as a food processor.

Nutribullet is also known as liquidizers, meaning their main function is to liquefy food items. On the other hand, food processors dice, slice, cut, and grind food. Some of the ways you can use a Nutribullet blender includes:

Making a Smoothie 

If you are in a rush in the morning and don't have time to take a proper breakfast, you can make a healthy smoothie within a few minutes. You can take the smoothie on your way to work, which saves you a lot of time. You only need to load some vegetables and fruits in the Nutribullet blender and make a homemade smoothie.


Protein Shake

A Nutribullet will also help you make a protein shake. You only need some milk, water, some diced fruit, your favorite whey powder, and you can add spinach. Add the ingredients to your blender and blend.

Homemade Mayonnaise 

You can make homemade mayonnaise with just an avocado, vinaigrette, and olive oil. Peel one avocado and put it in your blender, and then add the vinaigrette and olive oil, enough to make the mixture semi-solid.

Salad Dressing 

To make a Citrus Southwestern salad dressing, you need one cup of buttermilk, one cup mayo, chopped scallions, a tablespoon of hot sauce, juice from an orange, a sprinkle of salt, and garlic cloves.

Fresh Salsa 

To make fresh salsa, dice one onion and two large tomatoes. You can add a tablespoon of cilantro and some garlic cloves. 

Put the mixture in the pitcher and then squeeze half a lemon juice and blend the mixture. Don't blend it too much, as it can become watery.



If you want to make some delicious pancakes for your breakfast, Nutribullet will help you make the pancakes within a few minutes. You need two spoons of nut butter, a cup of flour, two cups of milk, an egg, and you can use some coconut oil.

Put all the ingredients in the pitcher and blend. When the mixture is ready, spread some oil on the surface of your pan. Heat the pan on the cooker and then add the mixture to the pan. You'll have your pancakes ready within a few minutes.

Is a Nutribullet Blender Better Than a Food Processor?

The answer to whether a Nutribullet is better than a food processor depends on what you want to use the device for. If you want to grind some dried beans or hard vegetables, you are better of with a food processor than a Nutribullet.

Although the extractor and milling blade in the Nutribullet are similar to those in a food processor, the blender has some limitations. For instance:

  • The built-in pulse function is more difficult in the blender
  • The food processor has a larger capacity
  • It is not safe putting hot liquids and ingredients in Nutribullet as the steam will expand in the sealed container and can explode.
A woman holding blender

Can You Use a Nutribullet for Chopping?

Nutribullet features a milling blade, also known as a flat blade. You can use the blade as a chopping blade with the proper pulsing technique.


Which is better between a food processor and Nutribullet? Both are essential kitchen appliances that assist you in carrying out various tasks in the kitchen. The appliances save you a lot of time as they help you to spend less time preparing ingredients. Although you can prepare the food items manually, it will take you more time to do it.

The choice of which one is the best between the two depends on various factors. For instance, if you are working on more ingredients, a 7 cup food processor, for example, has more capacity making it the better choice. It is also more versatile as it comes with blades attachments. It is an excellent choice for grinding nuts, slicing, and dealing with hard vegetables. A Nutribulet, on the other hand, is better for dealing with fewer ingredients as it has a smaller capacity (see also mini food processors). It is an excellent pick if you want to crush the ingredients to fine details.

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