Meet The Team

Our Founder

A headshot of Ana Stanar
Ana Stanar


An Art Teacher, entrepreneur, and a mother of three, Ana considers cooking a form of art - pleasure for all senses  as well as a process that requires creativity, passion and devotion. Since she leads a busy life, Ana just loves testing various kitchen appliances for Kitchen Gearoid, especially those that save her time while preparing food and cooking but also make every meal a masterpiece!

Our Content Chefs

Cornelia Suehr  at work
Cornelia Suehr


A professional chef and a passionate writer of all topics related to cooking, baking, appliances and kitchenware.

A photo of Gisele Perez
Gisele Perez

contributing writer

When not giving in-home, hands-on cooking classes, or developing recipes,  Gisele "cooks" wonderful posts for us.

A headshot photo of Colin Ma
Colin Ma


An avid home chef, Colin is equally passionate about delicious meals as well as latest cooking appliances.

Our Design Sous Chefs

Meet the Team
Dusan Stanar

seo specialist

Strives to bring Kitchen Gearoid on the top of Google for all your cooking-related searches. Dusan gladly partakes in Ana's culinary experiments.

A headshot of Tara Djurovic
Tara Djurovic

designer in charge

Creates amazing visuals on every page and takes beautiful photos of modern cooking appliances. Tara also makes absolutely delicious banana bread! 

A headshot photo of Emil Romen
Emil Romen

Research specialist

A foodie himself, Emil does excellent work at exploring all latest cooking trends. Nothing escapes his inquisitive mind! His cooking? Not as impressive.