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5 Best 1100 Watt Microwave Ovens in 2021

The one thing you need to note about microwaves is that the higher their power rating, the faster they heat up and the more evenly they cook.

An 1100 Watt microwave oven is a fairly powerful one for typical home use. The maximum power rating found on home-based microwave ovens is about 1200-1300 Watts.

An 1100 Watt microwave oven, therefore, is an excellent middle ground for power as well as affordability.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the best 1100 watt microwave ovens you can find in the market.

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List of Best 1100 Watt Microwave Ovens in 2021

We find that the following microwave ovens have a good value with excellent features to match.

You must take note that each of the following options has one important aspect that stands out the most. Some have a unique feature, others are highly popular.

  1. Toshiba EM131A5C – 1.2 CU Ft – Recommended Affordable Option
  2. Emerson MWG9115SB – 1.2 CU Ft –  Microwave + Griller
  3. Farberware FMO13AHTBSE – 1.3 CU Ft – Mid Size Countertop Option
  4. Farberware Gourmet FMO11AHTBKJ – 1.1 CU Ft – Inverter Microwave Oven
  5. Magic Chef MCM1611ST – 1.6 Cu Ft – Large Capacity Microwave Oven

1. Toshiba EM131A5C – 1.2 CU Ft – Recommended Affordable Option

Toshiba EM131A5C

This is an affordable a recommended regular oven with a high 1100 watt power rating and a decent medium size 1.2 CU ft interior.

This is our most recommended 1100 watt microwave oven for regular home use. If you came here looking for the most famous option out there, then this one stands on top.

Besides being popular, this oven is also quite affordable. It has a decent 1.2 CU Ft capacity with a turntable diameter for 12.4 inches. As such, this should easily fit a single medium size pizza or a regular dinner plate to give you an idea.

The ovens comes with stainless steel exterior. The color choice includes black or silver stainless steel look. It offers presets for common food items like pizza, potatoes, veggies and frozen stuff.

Like most modern microwave ovens, this too features a sensor that constantly measures the humidity levels and adjusts time and temperature automatically.

All in all, if you want to go straight for the most popular option, then this is the best 1100 watt microwave oven.

2. Emerson MWG9115SB – 1.2 CU Ft –  Microwave + Griller

Emerson MWG9115SB

An appliance that combines a microwave and a regular oven in oven. Features a heating element on top that can be used for roasting and grilling.

This is a delightful option for those who love grilling and roasting meat. This is essentially a 2 in 1 device that combines both a microwave as well as a regular oven in one.

On the ceiling of this oven you will notice that it has a heating element. This heating element can be turned on independently depending upon the power setting.

As such, whether you want to roast meat or bake items, you could do so as well.

Other than that, this is a typical high powered microwave oven what features a decent 1.2 CU FT capacity and offers plenty of presets for common food items. The difference in preset you will notice with this model as compared to others is that it has presets for roasting chicken/meat as well.

It is very rare to find a microwave oven come along with a heating element for roasting purposes. If you value this option, then this is certainly the best 1100 watt microwave oven.

The only issue here is that this models comes from a lesser known brand name. However, that should not put you off much since it has garnered excellent reviews from its customers.

3. Farberware FMO13AHTBSE – 1.3 CU Ft – Mid Size Countertop Option

Farberware FMO13AHTBSE

A recommended microwave oven for those who need a somewhat larger 1.3 CU Feet interior capacity for larger meals at a budget.

This microwave ovens costs slightly more than the Toshiba EM131A5C above, however, it features a slightly larger 1.3 CU FT capacity as well.

While an extra 0.1 CU FT isn’t a huge difference, if you want to maximum your value, then this may certainly be worth looking into.

The device offers full stainless steel exterior with 9 different cooking presets. The oven not only features memory to save your settings, but also offers sensors for automatic heating.

With its multi-stage function, the device senses the humidity level inside and adjusts the temperature level mid-cycle for best results.

This oven isn’t as famous as its close counterpart Toshiba EM131A5C we listed above, however, if you value the extra space at a budget, then this certainly is the best 1100 watt microwave oven for the price.

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4. Farberware Gourmet FMO11AHTBKJ – 1.1 CU Ft – Inverter Microwave Oven

Farberware Gourmet FMO11AHTBKJ

This microwave oven features a smaller than average size of 1.1 CU ft. However, it offers the newer inverter technology.

Next up we have an expensive model. With 1.1 CU Ft capacity not only an expensive model, but also the smallest in this list.

So why is this pricey? The reason for that is the inverter technology. Inverter is a newer technology in microwaves. The conventional microwaves use a transformer.

A conventional oven is not only heavier duty to the transformer, but also has other issues. For starters, a transformer practically switches the oven on and off in order to maintain a certain power level. This constant on and off action does not provide a smooth power.

An inverter technology fixes that issue. Not only is an inverter circuit lighter, it is also more energy efficient, and also ensure smooth transfer of power. This in turn ensures consistent heating and cooking across the food.

Unfortunately, an inverter oven is pricey and hence you need to gauge your needs well in order to pay the higher price.

Other than that, this also features several presets, multi-stage cooking, and sensors as we was with the Ferberware microwave above.

In the end, if you appreciate the newer inverter technology, then this is best 1100 watt microwave oven.

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5. Magic Chef MCM1611ST – 1.6 Cu Ft – Large Capacity Microwave Oven

Magic Chef MCM1611ST

A very large 1.6 Cu Ft microwave oven with 1100 watt power rating. One of the largest microwave ovens at this power level

Magic Chef MCM1611ST is the most expensive counter top oven in this list and that has to do mostly with its huge 1.6 CU FT capacity.

Being the largest oven in this list by far, you will obviously need to make sure you have the required space in your kitchen to place. The oven has also been designed in a way that it can easily be custom made to fit in cabinet or in a wall.

If you consider other 1.6 CU FT microwave ovens in the market, you will notice that this is quite the bargain. It is affordable and has also won favorable reviews from its customers.

There have been a few issue with certain pieces operating at loud levels, but that would perhaps have to do with a defective piece.

Other than that, this is quite simple to use. From an easy door handle to one button start, this microwave speaks for simplicity from all corners,

In the end, if you want a large 1.6 Cu Ft oven, then this is the best 1100 watt microwave in our opinion.

What To From 1100 Watts Microwaves?

There are few things that you can expect on an 1100 watt microwave oven.


1100 watt microwave ovens, for starters, cook and reheat your food very quickly and evenly. While you can choose among the different power levels, at full power, they can do short work of your cooking.

Secondly, like most microwave ovens, they also come with plenty of presets for common food items and tasks like defrosting.

You will also notice that many come with smart sensors that measure the humidity in the chamber and thus automatically adjust the cooking time for you.

A few select models can also offer unique features like inverter technology or heating element.

The inverter technology is a newer technology that replaces the older transformer and thus delivers smoother power and promotes even cooking.

The heating element, on the other hand, is also called griller. These microwave ovens double as normal ovens and thus can be used for roasting and baking.

Size and Capacity

Best 1100 Watt Microwave Ovens

Source: Toshiba

You will find a wide range of microwave oven sizes at 11o0 watt power. You can find options ranging from 1.1 CU FT to 1.6 CU FT capacity.

However, the most common interior capacity at this power range is 1.2 CU Ft.

As far as the external dimension goes, an average 1.2 CU Feet oven has dimensions of 20 x 13 x 16 inches (W x H x D)

These ovens aren’t compact and you will need to reserve a fair amount of counterspace in your kitchen. This can be a challenge if you have a small kitchen.

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You can find all sorts of oven at this power rating. You can find countertop, over the range, over the counter as well as ovens that are suitable for custom cabinets.

Therefore, the choices here are vast.

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Final Words

Here we looked at some of the best 1100 watt microwave ovens in the market. 1100 watt is toward the higher end of the power spectrum that you find on microwaves.

A higher power rating allows you to cook your food evenly as well as allows the reheating job to be very fast.

Of course, having a high powered appliance is like a double edged sword. While they are quick, they will also cost you more both when purchasing as well as on your energy bills.

Also, 1100 watt ovens are large, therefore, you need to have a fair amount of space available on your kitchen countertop.

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