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5 Best 1200 Watt Microwave Ovens in 2021

If you are in search for some of the most powerful and premium microwave ovens for home use, then you will certainly find them with a 1200 watt power rating.

1200 watt power rating is on the higher side of of the wattage spectrum for home use microwave ovens.

Microwave fitting this power category are generally quite large featuring easily an interior capacity of 2.2 CU FT. However, it is also not uncommon to find them in smaller sizes.

These microwave oven are generally preferred by those who routinely cook or prepare family sized meals.

In this article, we will review some of the best 1200 watt microwave ovens.

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List of Best 1200 Watt Microwave Ovens

  1. Toshiba ML-EM45P – Recommended Option for an Average User
  2. Panasonic NN-SN65KB – Compact 1200 Watt Microwave
  3. Farberware FMO22ABTBKA  – Affordable Large 2.2 CU FT
  4. Panasonic NN-SD945S  – Large 2.2 CU FT with Inverter
  5. Panasonic NN-SN97JS – Premium Large Oven with Cyclonic Wave Inverter

1. Toshiba ML-EM45P – Recommended Option for an Average User

A fair sized 1.6 CU FT microwave oven with 1200 watts and a budget price tag.

First up we have a model that is not only the cheapest option in this list, but also highly recommended for an average kitchen.

If you are not looking for a simple oven without any bells and whistles, then this may serve you just right.

For starters, the size of this oven at 1.6 CU FT capacity is right in the middle of the overall microwave oven size spectrum. It leans more toward large sized range and therefore is quite suitable for a typical home use.

It has a turntable diameter of 13.58″ inches and thus should be able to handle a single medium sized pizza or any regular large sized dinner plate easily.

As far as the controls go, they are quite intuitive if you have used a microwave oven before. It has pre programmed menu for common items like pizza, potato, popcorn etc

Other than that, it features the typical defrost, and child safety lock features. It is worth noting that it does have multi-stage cooking whereby the oven switches the temperature midway on certain per-programmed tasks.

All in all, if you are looking for a highly functional and affordable option, then this is the best 1200 watt microwave oven.

2. Panasonic NN-SN65KB – Compact 1200 Watt Microwave

A compact 1.2 CU FT high powered 1200 watts microwave oven.

Next up we have a compact option. If you came here looking for a high powered option but with a small form factor, then this may interest you.

It has an interior capacity of 1.2 CU FT and therefore should be able to fit in a kitchen with limited space. It is worth noting that despite being smaller, this is NOT the cheapest 1200 watt microwave oven.

This is due to myriad of high end features that this oven offers.

For starters, one of the biggest advantage this oven has is the inverter technology. The inverter circuit basically replaces the typical transformer as found on conventional models.

The inverter is not only much lighter, it offers smoother power level to the magnetron assembly (the device that generates microwaves). As such, the cooked or reheated food is prepared more evenly.

Secondly, this oven features better control with 11 power levels adjustments and 3 popcorn level adjustments instead of 10 and 1 respectively as is found on typical models.

Furthermore, while most ovens do have sensors, this offers premium Genius sensors that automatically adjust the heat as well as the time for certain preset cooking menu items as they are being prepared. The oven has preset for 10 common food items.

Finally, one important feature that this powerful oven features is the Turbo Defrost whereby it can defrost your frozen food within 30 secs depending upon the weight.

In the end, if you need a comprehensive compact oven with the latest inverter technology, then this is one of the best 1200 watt microwave oven.

3. Farberware FMO22ABTBKA  – Affordable Huge 2.2 CU FT

An affordable large family sized 2.2 CU FT model with 1200 watts of power.

Farberware FMO22ABTBKA is a large family sized 2.2 CU FT microwave oven that is price at a rather affordable price tag.

2.2 CU FT size is generally considered as among the biggest for home use. Therefore, if you regularly prepare large meals or complex recipes, then this should be taken into consideration.

While it does not have any high end features like premium sensors or inverter technology, it offers affordability as well as simplicity.

The oven does have cooking presets for certain food items which are prepared with the help of sensors. The sensor cooking also includes mutli-stage cooking where the oven adjusts its power levels for better results.

Finally, the oven’s defrosting capability takes both defrost by weight and time parameters. You will need to experiment with what works for you the best.

In the end, if you need a simple extra large oven then this is the best 1200 watt microwave oven.

4. Panasonic NN-SD945S  – Huge 2.2 CU FT with Inverter

A popular large family sized microwave oven with 2.2 CU FT of capacity and inverter technology for even cooking.

With this microwave oven we enter the realm of premium models.

For starters, note that this has a slightly higher power rating @ 1250 Watt, however, it is in the same class as any 1200 Watt option.

Secondly, this a high end large family sized model featuring a 2.2 CU Feet capacity. With a turntable diameter of 16.5 inches, there is no dinner plate that this cannot fit.

The main highlight of this oven is the inverter technology. As mentioned earlier and as we saw with Panasonic NN-SN65KB above, inverter technology basically introduces an inverter circuit in the place of the transformer.

This in turn provides better power control to the mangetron assembly and thus promotes even cooking. By even cooking we mean it reduces the chances of one part being overcooked while the other remaining completely raw on the same piece of meat.

Other than that, this isn’t just a microwave oven, it is a multi cooker. The oven has sensor control preset for a whopping 19 food items including rice, stew and even pocket sandwich.

There are a very few home-use microwave ovens that offer such an expansive auto-cooking menu.

Two other important features to note are the Turbo Defrost that utilizes the inverter technology for even and quicker thawing jobs. Secondly, it offers the Keep Warm feature that can keep your freshly cooked meals hot until you decide to serve them

In the end, if you are looking for a high quality and a comprehensive large size model, then this is the best 1200 watt microwave oven with a little extra 50 watt of power on top.

5. Panasonic NN-SN97JS – Premium Large Oven with Cyclonic Wave Inverter

A premium large sized microwave oven that steps up its game with a cyclonic wave inverter for thorough heating and cooking.

If you find the previous model cutting edge with its inverter technology and 19 cooking presets, this oven takes that a step further.

Instead of offering a simple inverter technology, this features the Cyclonic Wave Inverter Technology. This may sound complex, but it is actually quite easy to follow.

Cyclonic Inverter

With the Cyclonic Inverter technology, the heat radiates in a circular motion and this reaches every corner evenly. Source: Panasonic

You see, conventional microwave ovens (even those with a conventional inverter) radiate heat in a linear fashion. Therefore, only the food that is caught within the direct radiating microwave line will heat up.

This has obvious flaws like some parts being over heated while others being left cold. You will generally notice this with a glass of water where the surface heats up but the bottom remains cold.

The Cyclonic Inverter technology fixes that by introducing microwaves that travel in circular motion instead of linear. The circular motion enables the heat to travel to each and every corner of the chamber evenly.

This in turn means that everything from heating to cooking and thawing will be done at a consistent degree. It lowers the chances of some parts being left undercooked or overcooked significantly.

Hence the higher price tag.

Other than that, this oven features a huge 20 auto-cook menu which includes rare items like omelette, quinoa, stew etc. You don’t typically find these presets on a microwave oven. Therefore, this too is a multi-cooker than a mere microwave oven.

Moreover, this also operates at 1250 watts like its counterpart above and has a turntable with a diameter of 16.5 inches.

In the end, if you understand and value the Cyclonic Wave Inverter technology, then this is surely the best option for you in the 1200 watt category.

What to Expect From 1200 Watt Models

Wide Range of Sizes

BEst 1200 watt microwave oven

You can expect a wide range of sizes in microwaves that feature 1200 watts of power.

You can find compact ovens that have an interior capacity of mere 1.2 CU FT, you can find mid size ovens with 1.6 CU FT capacity and very large family sized ovens with a whopping 2.2 CU FT capacity.

The external dimension range from approximately 20 x 12 x 16 inches (W X H X D) for small models all the way to 24 x 14 x 20 inches (W X H X D) for large family sized ovens.

As such, if you are short on space, you can go for smaller options. However, if you prepare feasts on a daily basis then larger options will suit you better.

Cutting Edge Features

Cyclonic Inverter

Premium 1200 watt microwave ovens feature Cyclonic inverter that heat in a circular motion instead of linear thus making sure the heat reaches every nook. Source: Panasonic

You can find newer and premium features in microwave ovens of this power category.

For starters, most models have intelligent sensors that detect the humidity in the oven and thus adjust the temperature, and even time, automatically.

Some models ditch the old transformer and include the inverter technology. The inverter circuit replaces the transformer and thus provides a constant smooth power. This ensure even cooking.

Going beyond that, you can find some neat features like Cyclonic Wave Inverter in the more expensive model. This type of inverter, instead of generating linear waves, generates circular eaves that travel through the entire microwave chamber.

This results in unprecedented even cooking.

Very Quick Heating

It goes without saying that 1200 watts of power is A LOT. Therefore whether it is quick reheating or defrosting you need, a 1200 watt model can do all that in a jiffy.

Of course, this also means that your energy bills will be reflected as such.

Family-Friendly Microwave Ovens

Since 1200 watt microwave ovens are large and powerful, they are considered highly family friendly.

Whether it is a feast you want to prepare or a complex recipe you want to try out for dinner, 1200 watt microwave ovens are excellent kitchen companions for an average household.

Final Words

Here we reviewed some of the best 1200 watt microwave ovens. As you saw, most of the ovens in this category are quite expensive.

This is generally due to two reasons: high powered microwave ovens are heavy duty and thus feature expensive components, secondly, they are very large.

On top of that, some of the premium ovens in this power category offer cutting edge technology, albeit at a higher cost.

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