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5 Best Large Countertop Microwave Ovens in 2021

Microwave ovens come in various sizes measured generally by their interior capacity. The interior capacity is measured in terms of cubic feet or liters.

The definition of a large microwave differs from person to person. A person upgrading from 0.7 CU FT microwave would find 1.0 CU FT to be a large one.

However, in this article, we will define what a large microwave really is and also review some of the best large countertop microwave ovens out there in the market.

Basically, we will look a the best models from various large sizes. The selection is based on the value for money, features, as well as overall popularity.

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List of Best Large Countertop Microwave Ovens in 2021

  1. Panasonic NN-SN936B – 2.2 CU FT – Recommended Large Countertop Microwave – Inverter Technology
  2. Panasonic NN-SN97JS – Premium Oven with Cyclonic Wave Inverter
  3. Toshiba ML-EM45P – 1.6 CU FT – Large Family Sized
  4. Toshiba EC042A5C – 1.5 CU FT – Large Convection Microwave Oven
  5. BLACK+DECKER EM036AB14 – 1.4 CU FT – Affordable Option

1. Panasonic NN-SN936B – 2.2 CU FT – Recommended Large Countertop Microwave – Inverter Technology

An essential large countertop microwave oven with inverter technology, high power and a reasonable price tag.

We highly recommend this microwave oven for quite a few reasons. For starters, this is a highly popular model that is loved and tested by a huge number of customers.

Secondly, this is an extra large oven with a whopping 2.2 CU FT capacity. Microwave ovens for homes do not get any larger than this. Therefore, if it is the largest option you came looking for, then this should certainly interest you.

To give you an idea, this oven has a turntable with a diameter of 16.5″. A standard large pizza has a diameter of 14″. So you can imagine the size of dishes this can accommodate.

Thirdly, this is a very high powered microwave oven featured a high 1250W output power. Again, for home use, microwaves do not get more powerful than this.

It must be noted here that the higher the output power rating of a microwave, the faster and more consistently it will heat the food. A high powered also means that it will be capable of heating a larger portion of food consistently at a time.

Fourthly, and very importantly, this oven features the inverter technology. It ditches the old transformer for an inverter circuit. This enables seamless power delivery to the microwave, which in turn ensures even and consistent cooking.

Fifthly, it features smart sensors and smart sensor cooking. The oven features humidity and temperature sensors which come into action when you have selected automated presets for cooking a certain food item. You can select from among 14 different auto-cooking presets on this ranging from rice to pasta.

Finally, this is a highly affordable microwave oven. With all the features and size taken into consideration, this microwave oven has one of the best value for money in the market.

Hence, if you are looking for a highly functional, and a rather fairly priced option, then this is the best large counter top microwave oven in our opinion.

2. Panasonic NN-SN97JS – Premium Oven with Cyclonic Wave Inverter

A fairly large 1.6 CU FT microwave oven with size and features suitable for most kitchens and families.

Panasonic NN-SN97JS is a premium and also the most expensive option in this list. While this is also a 2.2 CU FT microwave oven with 1250 W output power and sensor cooking like the Panasonic NN-SN936B above, it has one trick up its sleeve that sets it apart from all ovens in the market: Cyclonic Wave Inverter technology.

If you thought that the standard inverter was a step up in terms of technology for microwave oven, the Cyclonic Wave Inverter even surpasses that in terms of high-tech.

To understand what Cyclonic Wave Inverter is, you will need to have some basic understanding of how microwaves travel in normal ovens.

In regular microwave ovens, the microwaves that heat the food originate from the magnetron assembly and travel in a certain linear direction. Due to this, only the food that crosses or is directly exposed to the straight traveling microwaves heat up.

That is why we have the turntable that rotates the food so that all sides can get exposed to the emitted microwaves.

Cyclonic Inverter

Premium 1250 watt microwave ovens feature Cyclonic inverter that heats in a circular motion instead of linear thus making sure the heat reaches every nook. Source: Panasonic Youtube Channel.

The Cyclonic Wave Inverter, in essence, revolutionizes that idea by rotating the emitted microwaves, sort of like a spiral, so that the entire oven chamber gets exposed to them.

Doing this means the food on the surface as well as deep at the bottom get exposed to the heat. If you have ever noticed instances when you are heating water and only the top surface gets heated while the bottom remains cold, then you know what the Cyclonic Wave Inverter aims to solve.

In short, if you need the utmost consistency with your heated or cooked food, then this is the best large countertop microwave oven in our opinion.

Besides that, this oven has presets of 20 different food items. While the previous oven only had 14 presets, this goes a little further with the selection.

In reality, this is literally a multi-cooker than a microwave oven.

It is also worth noting here that this microwave oven doubles as a built-in model. You can install this inside a wall or in cabinet given that you get the right trim kit for it.

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3. Toshiba ML-EM45P – 1.6 CU FT – Large Family Sized

A fairly large sized 1.6 CU FT microwave oven with 1200 watts and a budget price tag.

Next up we have a smaller 1.6 CU FT oven. If 2.2 CU FT microwave ovens mentioned above are too large for your liking or if you do not have sufficient space or budget, then a 1.6 CU FT is the next big size to go for.

To give you an idea about its interior width, the diameter of the turntable is 13.58 inches. This is about the size of a large pizza.

Hence, for medium to large family, this can serve quite well.

Home chefs who are looking for a staple microwave oven would definitely find this to be the best large countertop microwave due to the excellent value for money it offers. How is that?

For starters, this is a high powered model featuring a 1200W output power. Therefore, as far as thorough heating and speed goes, you are more or less covered.

On top of that, it also features sensor cooking, which like the previous mentioned microwaves above, allows this oven to automatically cook with the help of sensors.

This oven has presets for common food items as well as for defrosting – all done automatically with the help of the sensors.

One rare features that is hardly seen on other microwave, is the position memory turntable. Essentially this technology remembers the initial position of the turntable when the cycle began so that when it ends, it makes sure that the turntable is in the same exact position.

This is technically a safety feature. If you place a mug with the handle facing a certain direction then when the microwave complete its cycle, the mug handle will be facing the same exact direction where you left.

Position-memory turntable isn’t a mega essential feature, it gives you some bragging rights and improves the safety standard of this oven.

4. Toshiba EC042A5C – 1.5 CU FT – Large Convection Microwave Oven

A large convection microwave oven for those who love versatile cooking options.

Toshiba EC042A5C is slightly smaller than the Toshiba ML-EM45P above with a 1.5 CU FT capacity. However, the turntable diameter is still the same at 13.6 inches.

The key important feature here is that this is a convection microwave oven.

A convection features a built-in fan that circulates the hot air inside. The circulation of hot air ensures two things. Firstly, it enables quick heating up. Secondly it ensures that the food gets heated evenly from all sides.

One very important feature to realize here is that the convection feature allows this microwave to also function more or less like a regular convection oven. As such, it can bake, grill and roast whole chickens.

Baking and roasting are something that normal microwave ovens cannot perform.

Hence, if you need versatility in your cooking, then this is certainly among the best large countertop microwave ovens.

You may have realized that this oven only features a 1000W output power. This is far less than the microwaves mentioned above.

In reality, a convection oven is much more efficient. It does not rely on sheer high power to deliver heat. It also relies on the hot circulating air.

This in turn means, that you can save up on energy bills.

The only caveat is that this is an expensive appliance. For its size category this is among the most expensive countertop microwaves.

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5. BLACK+DECKER EM036AB14 – 1.4 CU FT – Affordable Option

An affordable midsize microwave oven with a low power rating. Suitable for basic home use.

Finally, we have a rather smaller and a highly affordable microwave oven.

This only features a 1.4 CU FT capacity and thus in terms of size it is much smaller than the options mentioned above. However, it still has twice the interior capacity as a 0.7 CU FT microwave oven.

Therefore, if you are upgrading from a small 0.7 CU FT, then this would certainly feel large to you.

This may not fall in the “large” market category, it is still reasonable enough for a typical family.

It features a 12.4″ turntable which is about the size of a medium pizza. Therefore, it should be able to handle almost all dinner plate sizes easily.

Furthermore, this is a 1000 watt microwave oven. Therefore, the consistency and the speed would not be on par with the higher powered microwave ovens above, but it will definitely save you up on energy bills.

Again, this is the best large countertop microwave oven for those who are upgrading from the much weaker and smaller 0.7 CU FT or 0.8 CU FT microwave ovens.

What is a Large Countertop Microwave Oven?

As mentioned earlier, the size of a microwave oven is defined by its interior capacity measured in Cubic FT.

While the external dimensions do matter for exact placements of the microwave ovens, they are more or less the same for a certain interior capacity class.

In general, microwaves come in following sizes:

  • Small – Less than 1.0 CU FT
  • Medium – 1.1-1.5 CU FT
  • Large – 1.6 – 2.0 CU FT
  • Extra Large – Greater than 2.0 CU FT

As mentioned earlier, for customers, “large countertop microwave oven” is a relative term. Those upgrading from 0.7 CU FT to 1.0 CU FT capacity would find the later to be quite large. Yet the size in market terms would still be small.

Here we will generally look at microwave ovens ranging from about 1.5 CU FT to greater than 2.2 CU FT in capacity.

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What Kind of Features Can You Find?

You can find all sorts of large microwave ovens as mentioned below:

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Regular microwave ovens are simple ovens that are budget friendly. They are not loaded with technologies and do not have over the top features.

These are generally regarded as staple microwaves suitable for most kitchens.

Inverter Technology

Cyclonic Inverter

With the Cyclonic Inverter technology, the heat radiates in a circular motion and this reaches every corner evenly. Source: Panasonic Youtube Channel

You can find inverter technology in mid-to-high end microwave ovens. Inverter technology essentially replaces the older transformer for powering the magnetron assembly..

This technology delivers seamless power to the microwave which in turn means that your food is heated consistently and thoroughly.

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Convection quick oven

Convection microwave oven circulate heat inside

Convection microwave ovens feature a built-in fan that circulates hot air inside the cooking chamber.

The circulation of hot air enables the food to be heated from all corners evenly.

The convection features also enabled these microwave to bake and grill which is otherwise impossible in regular microwaves..

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Final Words

In this article we reviewed some of the best large countertop microwave ovens from different price ranges and features.

It is worth noting that the size of a microwave oven is determined by its interior capacity measured in CU FT or liters.

The critical point to note here is that large microwave ovens by definition are anything that are beyond 1.6 CU FT in interior capacity.

Make certain that you take the external dimensions into account especially if you have filled kitchen or if you plan on designating a dedicated spot for your large microwave oven. Of course, you will need to ensure that microwave oven has sufficient ventilation provided.

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