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5 Best Midsize Countertop Microwave Ovens in 2021

Some of the most popular microwave ovens among home users are midsize countertop microwave ovens. They are available with varying degree of features as well as price tag.

Whether you are looking for a budget option, an option with the latest technologies or with the convection/griller feature, you can expect to find them all in this category.

A midsize microwave oven is anything above 1.0 CU FT and less than 1.6 CU FT of interior capacity. As you can see, even in the midsize range of microwaves, there is a quite a range of size selection.

In this article, we will review some of the best midsize countertop microwave ovens and list down the reasons that make each of them unique in their own way.

Top 3 Midsize Countertop Microwave Ovens


[Best Overall]

1. Toshiba EM131A5C

Cuisinart brand has a reputation for offering some of the best reliable and high-quality products in the market.

The brand doesn't disappoint with the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-cup Food Processor.


[Best for the Money]

2. Farberware FMO11AHTBSB

Despite being a budget option, it does include a decent range of features including defrost by weight and time, child safety lock, cooking presets as well as a stainless steel exterior.

Panasonic Microwave


[Best Inverter Microwave]

3. Panasonic NN-SN65KB

Its features make this microwave oven literally a multi-cooker. It is for this reasons that this oven has the capacity to auto-cook 15 different food items including rice, oatmeal, quinoa and many more.

List of Best Midsize Countertop Microwave Oven in 2021

  1. Toshiba EM131A5C – 1.2 CU FT – Popular Midsize Countertop Microwave Oven
  2. Farberware FMO11AHTBSB – 1.1 CU FT – Affordable Compact Option
  3. Panasonic NN-SN65KB – 1.2 CU FT Inverter Microwave
  4. Toshiba EC042A5C – 1.5 CU FT Convection Microwave
  5. Magic Chef MCM1611ST – 1.6 CU FT – Affordable Larger Option

1. Toshiba EM131A5C – 1.2 CU FT – Popular Midsize Countertop Microwave Oven

If you want to go straight for the no-brainer option – an option that is popular and an easy choice for a midsize range, then we highly recommend this.

For starters, this has a fair price tag. It is in fact an economical microwave oven and therefore, most kitchens should have little problem affording it.

Secondly, it has a decent 1.2 CU FT of interior capacity. Therefore, while this can handle an average family, it is also small enough to fit in a kitchen challenged by limited counterspace.

As far as the power rating goes, this is actually dead in the middle. It has a power rating of 1100 watts – therefore, the power per dollar value of this oven is fairly high.

Other than that, if you value a stainless steel look, and you need an oven with decent amount of presets for common cooking option like pizza, potatoes, veggies and frozen stuff, then this will appeal to you as well.

Other goodies include smart sensor which senses the temperature as well as the humidity of the cooking cycle and adjusts the time and power level automatically for certain presets.

Moreover, it has an ECO mode and a way to turn off the beeping sound for quite operation.

In the end, if you want to go for the most recommended option, then we find this to be the best midsize countertop microwave oven in terms of overall value.

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2. Farberware FMO11AHTBSB – 1.1 CU FT – Affordable Compact Option

Next up we have an option for those looking for the most affordable midsize microwave oven.

This is more or less similar to the Toshiba EM131A5C above. It mostly differentiates itself in two ways. Firstly, it is slightly smaller with a capacity of 1.1 CU FT and has the power rating of 1000 watts.

Both the size and the power parameters of this model are on the lowest range for a midsize microwave oven.

Despite being a budget option, it does include a decent range of features including defrost by weight and time, child safety lock, cooking presets as well as a stainless steel exterior.

It should be noted, however, that this DOES NOT feature smart sensors that adjust the cooking cycle depending upon the temperature and humidity in the cooking chamber.

Therefore, there is nothing too fancy about this model. It has no bells and whistles and no fancy technology attached. It is just a simple midsize model decent enough for a kitchen that has average use for a microwave oven.

In the end, if you want to go for a budget option that is rather popular, then this is the best midsize countertop microwave oven in our opinion.

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3. Panasonic NN-SN65KB – 1.2 CU FT Inverter Microwave

Panasonic Microwave

Panasonic NN-SN65KB is the most advanced option in this list as far as the technology is concerned.

There are two main highlights of this model:

Firstly, it features and inverter circuit. Conventional microwave ovens have a heavy transformer that technically switches the microwave oven on and off in order to regulate a certain power level. This results in irregular heating.

An inverter circuit, on the other hand, instead of switching the microwave oven on and off, provides just the required amount of power as selected. This ensure consistent heat being produced.

On regular microwave ovens you may have seen instances where certain patches of food gets overcooked while the others are left in raw condition. Inverter technology aims to solve that.

Other than the inverter, the second great attraction of this model is the high 1200 watt power rating. This is a tremendous amount of power for an oven that measures just 1.2 CU FT. Your food will basically cook and heat up in a jiffy.

Being an expensive model, it also features smart sensors for regulating the power levels and time automatically.

All these features make this microwave oven literally a multi-cooker. It is for this reasons that this oven has the capacity to auto-cook 15 different food items including rice, oatmeal, quinoa and many more.

The downside of this oven, of course, is its high price tag as well as its rather small capacity for the price.

However, if you value an advanced option for your kitchen, then this is the best midsize countertop microwave oven in our opinion.

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4. Toshiba EC042A5C – 1.5 CU FT Convection Microwave

This oven hits two birds with one stone. This is a convection microwave oven. What does that mean?

Basically this is a 2-in-1 device that features a microwave oven as well as a convection oven in one. The latter entails that this can work like a regular oven.

Therefore, if you want to bake, roast or grill your food, you would be able to do so in this. Whether you want to reheat, defrost, bake cookies or roast an entire chicken to crisp brown texture, all is possible here.

Accompanying this much sought after feature is a large interior capacity as well. Unlike the previous ovens, this is much larger with a 1.5 CU FT capacity and a turntable with a diameter of about 14″.

This is a significant size for a small family and rightly so since roasting and baking large dishes does require a good amount of space.

It should be noted that convection feature allows this oven to have a much wider range of cooking presets. This model has a total of 13 auto-cooking presets for common foods items (including baked foods) that are controlled by a smart sensor.

In short, if you came here particularly looking for a convection feature, then this is the best midsize countertop microwave oven with a fairly large capacity.

5. Magic Chef MCM1611ST – 1.6 CU FT – Affordable Larger Option

Finally, we have the largest midsize oven in this list. If you are looking for the largest possible option with the cheapest possible price tag, then this is the best midsize countertop microwave oven in our opinion.

This has a whopping 1.6 CU FT interior capacity with 1100 watt power rating and it is priced at much lower price tag compared to the ovens above.

Whether you take the power per dollar value or the size per dollar value, this will stand out the most among the competition.

While it does not have the convection feature or the inverter technology, what it does offer is simplicity at a bargain.

Also, this model may not hail from a popular brand, however, the myriad of positive reviews this has received proves that this is a high quality product nevertheless.

What Constitutes a Midsize Countertop Microwave?

As mentioned earlier, a midsize countertop microwave oven is anything that has a capacity of between 1.0 CU FT and 1.6 CU FT.

You can use the following list as a simple guide on sizes

  1. Less than or Equal to 1.0 CU FT – Small size
  2. 1.1 CU FT to 1.6 CU FT – Midsize
  3. 1.7 – 2.0 CU FT – Large size
  4. Greater than 2.0 – Extra-Large size

Midsize microwave ovens have a turn table diameter of about 12″ to about 14″. To give you an idea, they can handle from medium to large sized pizza depending upon the size you go for.

What Can You Expect from These?

While the options can vary greatly depending upon the brand and your budget, there are few things you can expect from midsize models.

Varying Range of Power

The power rating of a midsize microwave oven varies from 1000 to 1200 watts. The lower power ratings i.e 900 Watt and lower are reserved for smaller sized microwave ovens.

1000-1200 watts is a fairly decent range. The higher the power you choose to go for, the costlier the model would be. The benefit, however, would obviously be the higher amount of heat generated. Therefore, a 1200 watt would heat up your food much more quickly as compared to a low powered one.

Plus, a high powered microwave oven generally comes with plenty more cooking presets as compared to lower powered options.

Newer Technologies

Inverter microwave oven technology

Midsize microwave ovens features many newer technologies including inverter technology. Source: Panasonic

You can expect to find plenty of handy technologies in mid-size microwave ovens.

For starters, you can find convection microwave ovens. These microwave ovens are two in one devices that have convection heating like a regular oven as well. Therefore, you can grill and bake with these as well.

These are essentially multi-cookers that can allow you to cook many types of food including baked and roasted items along with the normal microwave features.

Next, you can find inverter microwave ovens as well. These are a bit expensive, however, they feature an inverter circuit that delivers a smooth power, which in turn entails a smoother heat transfer to the food.

A smooth heat would mean that your food would cook and heat up consistently across the board.

convection microwave oven

A convection microwave oven is essentially a multi-cooker

Excellent for an Average Family

A midsize model is excellent for a regular family.

The smaller models are generally reserved for offices, dorm rooms or garage like spaces.

Larger microwave ovens are reserved for commercial spaces or for those who extensively use the microwave oven for catering to their large family.

As such, if you are have regular sized family or 4-5 members, then a midsize microwave oven would work perfectly for you.

Final Words

In short, you can find your best midsize countertop microwave ovens in the 1.1-1.6 CU FT interior capacity and 1000-1200 watt power range.

These are generally excellent for an average kitchen that serves a regular sized family of 4-5 members.

Midsize ovens do not require a huge counterspace and therefore can fit in most kitchens.

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