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5 Best Retro Microwave Ovens in 2021

Sometimes, you need an oven that is aesthetic as well as functional. An ideal retro oven will usually appeal to your need for style as well as have all the normal functions of an oven.

Retro ovens are beautiful. This is why most people prefer to buy a retro oven despite the fact that most retro ovens only perform the basic functions of a microwave and are less practical when compared to multiple function ovens that don’t have much in the way of beauty.

Unfortunately, most retro ovens are small. Brands tend to make retro ovens that measure below 1 cubic feet. But this is not to say you cannot get a good retro microwave deal.

This article will discuss the best retro microwave ovens that you can get to cater to your style.

List of Best Retro Microwave Ovens in 2021

Below are 5 impressive Retro Microwaves designed to appeal to your style and beauty preferences

  1. Nostalgia RMO4AQ – 0.9 cubic ft – Larger than Most Retro Ovens
  2. COSTWAY Retro Digital – 0.9 cubic ft- Higher Power Levels
  3. Daewoo KOR-7LREW – 0.7 cubic ft Affordable and Stylish
  4. COMFEE’ Retro AM720C2RA – 0.7 cubic ft Compact Retro microwave
  5. COSTWAY Retro Mechanical – 0.7 cubic ft – Great for the Elderly

1. Nostalgia RMO4AQ – Larger than most Retro Microwaves

Recommended larger retro oven that comes with a decent 0.9 CU FT size and 800 Watts power.

If you want a functional and effective retro oven, the Nostalgia RMO4AQ Retro microwave oven is a very good option.

It measures about 0.9cubic ft which is suitable for a couple people or a small family. This is considered a large size for retro or vintage style ovens.

The oven comes with 800 watts of oven power, which is quite low because ovens that have wattage below 900 tend to cook food slower and less evenly compared to higher wattage ovens.

However, despite that, this model is still considered to be on the larger and a rather more powerful spectrum in retro designs.

The controls are sleek and easy to use as you only have to turn to set or push the timer to turn the oven on. It also has 12 different cooking temperature which will give you the opportunity to choose your preferred heat level.

The retro door handle gives the microwave an overall sleek look that takes you back a few decades and gives the opportunity to experience the vintage style you want.

Finally, if you are looking for a medium sized option, then this best retro microwave oven in our opinion.

2. COSTWAY Retro Digital – Higher power Levels

This is a premium, but a powerful retro microwave. Great for quick and even heating – relatively speaking.

The COSTWAY Retro Countertop Microwave Oven is another good option for a retro oven. At 0.9 Cubic feet, it is suitable for home or dorm use.

It has a 900 watts power that cooks your meals fast and facilitates even heating. Although the price of this oven might be considered a little on the high side, its powerful and multiple heating options makes it a little worth it.

It has 5 different power controls which you can rotate between defrosting your food, keeping your dinner warm, speedily preparing a meal or low or high heat. This functions makes it easy to use this microwave for any food heating option.

It has a 10.5 inches rotating turntable diameter which might be considered a little small but the oven comes with a few inches of allowance which gives the opportunity to put in your dinner plate.

Ultimately, the multiple cooking options for different foods is one of its most prominent features. This feature distinguishes it as one of the best retro microwave oven. It has a pre-set options for potato, popcorns and pizza

Finally, the oven comes with a child lock option that allows you regulate or prevent your child from using it. This option can be turned off by pressing down the child lock button for a couple of seconds.

Overall, this oven is a simple but beautiful microwave and is very suitable if you’re looking for a retro microwave that is functional for home use.

3. Daewoo KOR-7LREW- Affordable and Stylish

A highly affordable microwave if you value the style over size and power.

The Daewoo KOR-7LREW Retro Countertop Microwave Oven is a budget retro oven, this oven can be gotten at a low price tag.

It has a 0.7 cubic interior dimension which is really small for a home with a lot of people. This interior size usually serves about 3 people or less, but if you are looking for an oven that will not take up too much counter space, then this is the oven to go for.

It comes with a 10 inches turntable which is a little small and reiterates the fact that you cannot fit in a dinner plate.

The oven comes with a 700 watts power that is really low. Therefore, you might not want to rely on the oven for fast cooking or an emergency.

It has a sleek and steel finish with magnifies its retro look while still keeping it simple making it suitable for modern kitchens.

If you are not too choosy about quality of service it provides or speedy cooking in your microwave, this Daewoo microwave is not a bad option for a retro look in your kitchen. In fact it is one of the best retro microwaves there is.

4. COMFEE’ Retro AM720C2RA- Compact Retro Microwave Oven

Another small and low powered affordable option with a different style.

The COMFEE’ Retro Countertop Microwave Oven is one of the best retro microwave out there. It is a 0.7cubic feet microwave oven with some average features.

It is quite similar to the Daewoo retro microwave in both size and power levels therefore it is not the best option for a large number of people or for fast cooking.

One beautiful feature in this microwave is that you can decide to either turn on the sound or turn it off, depending on your preference.

It also has a child lock feature that makes it easy to keep children out and avoid most microwave mishaps.

It has a steel finish that accentuates its retro character and gives your kitchen an elegant look and style.

The microwave also comes with an Eco feature that allows you to save power and reduce energy levels in your microwave

Finally, the oven is compact and easy to use, its small size makes it very easy to put in a small space in your kitchen, without stressing yourself to create a specific microwave space in your kitchen.

5. COSTWAY Retro Mechanical – Great for the Elderly

A highly sought after microwave for those who prefer utmost simplicity. Features mechanical controls over digital.

The COSTWAY Retro Countertop Microwave Oven is another great option when you’re looking to buy one of the best retro microwave there is.

Most retro ovens feature digital functions, this one ditches even that and settle for mechanical controls.

It has a small turntable that ensures even heating throughout your food but the 700 watts power can be a little underwhelming when you require speedy cooking.

It is great for the elderly because it of its mechanical control. The lack of digital controls may appeal to the elderly.

It is also suitable for individual use or for use in a small dorm. While precise controls would be difficult here. If you want basic reheating or cooking, then this would rightly appeal to you.

It has 6 power controls that help to regulate and pre-set your cooking times so that you don’t undercook or overcook.

The oven gives a small ding to notify you when the timer goes off. This helps you to track your cooking and worry less when you microwave your meals

Finally, this oven is very suitable for the for home use, Its retro design and easy to use controls makes it one of the best options for elderly people on this list.

What To Expect From Retro Microwaves?

There are a few common denominators in terms of features that you can find in most retro microwave ovens.

We talk about these here.

It is Designed to Appeal to Style

retro microwave

most microwave ovens are boring, they come in drab colors and mostly have the same boring look. Retro ovens were designed to appeal to users style.

A retro oven in your kitchen can generally transform the look of your kitchen and give it an overall awesome appearance.

Therefore if you are looking for a particular style in a microwave oven, you will generally find it in retro microwaves. Retro ovens are designed to appeal to beauty.

Low Power

On the other hand, most of the best retro microwaves have similar features. Although they might come in elegant and beautiful styles, you must also consider other factors like power before you purchase your retro oven.

Most retro ovens generally have low power levels. You will rarely find a retro oven above 1000 watts.

In fact, most retro ovens feature the least 700 watt output power.

The lower the power, the longer it takes to heat up your food.

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Small Sized

best retro microwave

Retro microwaves fall in the small category.

Retro ovens are small size, their sizes ranges between 0.7-0.9.

So if you want a retro ovens, you might have to forgo some other details like size and power.

The 0.7-0.9 CU FT size is considered small microwave oven class. These have a turntable diameter for about 10 inch or the size of a small pizza.

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No Sensor Cooking

Retro ovens are simple and functional, they hardly have automated cooking. Most do not feature sensor cooking whereby the microwave automatically detects the humidity and the temperature and adjusts the levels accordingly.

Despite this flaw, they still have really attractive controls that is designed to attend to most simple microwave ovens needs.

The control knobs are few and simple and do not have too many functions. Retro ovens place beauty, functionality and style above all else.

Do Not have Inverter Technology

What is Power Level in Microwave Oven

Retro microwaves are simple and generally do not feature the more advanced technologies.

If you are looking for an oven with inverter technology, you will not find it in a retro oven.

Retro ovens place beauty above all else and generally do not provide detailed functions in their microwave ovens.

Also since they are in the rather small and affordable range, they do tend to miss out on the more advanced features.

It Does not Have the Grill or Convection Feature

As earlier mentioned, retro ovens are simple and minimalist, they simply have basic microwave oven functions and generally do not have the convection or grill function in them.

Final Words

Here we looked at some of the best retro microwave ovens out there. We looked at rather premium and budget options. We also looked at digital and mechanical models.

The point to note here is that retro microwave ovens tend to be minimal in terms of their feature set and functionality.

They generally not large nor do they feature a high power. Hence, they mostly appeal to style.

Fortunately, most retro microwaves are affordable compared to a standard microwave oven for home use.

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