November 16

How To Mute Microwave? | Turn On the Silent Mode to Avoid Annoyance

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Is your microwave causing you fits while it is in operation? If you have not bought a new microwave in many years then you may be feeling this annoyance.  Or, if your microwave has some slight malfunctioning, you also may be peeved by some sounds that it makes.

Before we get any further into this article, we have to clarify a couple of things first.  To start, some noises are unavoidable when operating a microwave.  Much like, let's say a car, there is nothing you can do to prevent the motor from making noise, it is an inherent side effect of its operation.  Microwaves also run off of a motor, so the hum that you hear when the microwave is in use is unavoidable. However, it doesn't get worse depending on a microwaves power output - you will generally find them with a 900 watt power rating, but microwaves with 1100 watt are also an option.

Other sounds you may find bothersome, like a beeping sound from a button press - or beeping sounds that tell you the timer is done and to open the door - can be adjusted in the settings menu or by finding accessing a mute function on a control panel as a mute button.

Fingers on a microwave

We will go into more detail below on how to curtail your microwave beeping so that you can go into silent mode to avoid all the beeps and sounds.  And when you figure out how to silence your microwave, it will be your choice to permanently remove the microwave's beeping or bring the microwave beeps back.

Why Would You Silence Your Microwave?

There are situations that make sense, and some that require further debate as to why you would silence the beep of a microwave.  You have to discern between the sounds that you want to hear and the ones that you need to hear.  And you need to know yourself well enough that you set your microwave up in a way that helps you to succeed.

If you are someone that needs the microwave beep sound because you have many things going on while you are using the microwave, that is alright - no judgment here.  Having the beeping noise on is a great sound reminder that will bring your attention back to the microwave while cooking.  Personally, I trust the microwave's beeps to remind me about it so that I can turn my attention to the other things that require it while multitasking.

Blond woman putting food in a microwave

In some cases it may be important to hear the beep so that you avoid a potential fire hazard.

On the other hand, it may be important to make your microwave silent or low noise. 

Perhaps you are waking up early to go to work in a household with other people, and keeping the microwave at home quiet is important so that it does not disturb others.  Maybe you have infants or pets that may be disturbed by the beeping sound.  Or it could be that you just do not like the sound of your microwave beeping and prefer it to stop.

The one thing we can really control is the loudness of the microwave door, that one is on the manufacturer to build with quality.  If that matters a lot to you, remember that when making your new microwave purchase.

Whatever the reason, we will go over how to mute the microwave and the steps it will take to engage your mute function or silent mode.

What are the Different Beep Sounds Your Microwave Makes?

First off, consult your microwave manual for almost every issue you have.  There will likely be the best method for identifying and solving those issues in a safe and appropriate way in the microwave's manual.  We will help you break down the different beep scenarios here.

There is the finish beep that happens when your microwave is done with the task you have set for it.

Vegetables in a microwave

There is the reminder beep that happens when your microwave has already finished its task but the door has yet to be opened.  It may happen at intervals of one minute, thirty seconds, every two minutes, etc. 

This varies from model to model, and brand to brand.  For example, a Samsung microwave will be different from a Black and Decker microwave beep, no two microwaves will sound the same.

There is the check contents beep that happens when defrosting meat or other foods.  It stops at certain points within the total cooking time so that you can check on the thawing of the food, and rotate it if needed.

There is the standard beep that happens when you press any button to confirm each press, like sound buttons.

And then there is the beeping alarm that will notify you of an impending emergency that requires your immediate attention.  This could be a hidden function that is built in to notify you of a potential fire warning, emissions warning, or other impending danger.

The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Alter your Sound Settings

The wrong way to make adjustments is to ignore your manufacturer's manual.  Period.  Read the manual!

But seriously, you can void the warranty by haphazardly taking the microwave oven apart.  Not to mention, the potential electrocution danger.

The easier, smarter, and safer way to alter your sound settings is through the sound control options built into the microwave keypad.

Most microwaves have a basic sound button that will toggle you through the sound features and have basic yes or no options to choose from.  Fine enough, but there are modern microwaves with more advanced features on the market.  From smartphone-powered remote control options, to google assistant, to secondary function options like a child lock feature - if it is high-end, most modern microwaves will give you a touch panel to adjust these secondary functions.

Smart microwaves of this variety will tend to be more user-friendly, but you should still consult the manual because with more features, comes more changes you may or may not mean to make to the secondary button function.  Don't accidentally engage the child lock on yourself, as funny as that would be.

How to Mute Microwave

Look at your microwave's control panel.  Many microwaves will have a built-in sound button, but some will not.  If it does, press that sound button to access the menu.

Some microwaves' sound buttons will give you options for either mute, full sound, or give you a range of levels to choose from.

It could be options like none, low, medium, and high.  Or a numerical value range, like zero through five, or ten.  This will be best to give you a choice on the level of beeping sound. 

So maybe adjusting the levels will help solve your problem. It could be that it wasn't actually the microwave beeping sounds themselves that were annoying to you, but actually, the volume level was too high or low for your liking.

Some microwaves will have a mute function built-in through a menu, or even as a dedicated button on the control panel.  Another name for this mute function that you may see is silent mode.  In silent mode, which can be toggled on or off, you will have a silent microwave (beeping wise) for the duration that the mode is turned on.

Microwave over the oven

Microwave mute buttons are nice to have to help immediately stop beeping noises.  If you have this mute button, you probably are not reading this article though.

If you have a smartphone application that connects your microwave with the rest of your kitchen, check the app for the silent running option, this is an increasingly common secondary function that comes in very handy. Lastly, a good microwave has numerous functions and modes, but it can be an aesthetic statement, as well, which these retro ovens are prime example of.

What Should You Do if Your Microwave Does Not Have a Sound Button?

On some more thrifty microwave models and older models, you may not find a dedicated sound or mute button.  In these cases, look up the instruction manual for your microwave.  There is a high chance that there is a piece of information in your manual on how to mute the sound of your microwave. So, see if this feature is available on microwaves under 200 bucks or microwaves under 150 dolars, or only at much higher prices.

Another hidden function ingrained into older machines is the dual function cancel button.  This may work for you if you find yourself in this category.

If you hold down the cancel button or the 0 (zero) button, you may unlock access to the sound options.  Through that, you can make adjustments to your microwave beeping.

Spaghetti in a microwave

In Conclusion

Microwave beeping sounds are an important aspect of the appliance and something we have all become accustomed to.  There are different beeps for different notices that your microwave is communicating to you.

In some cases, it is important to have the ability to go into the silent mode to avoid distraction.  If you do decide to use the mute function, make sure that you read the manual to ensure safety and simplicity.

Use the sound or mute button if you have one built-in.  You will be able to toggle it on or off if it is a mute function.  You will be able to adjust the level of volume from zero to high if it is a sound function.

And if all else fails, donate it to your local shelter or donation facility and get yourself a new one that you can understand!


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