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How to Reheat French Fries in Microwave? | Easy Steps to Follow!


Author: Elena Apostolides
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Reheating French fries is something we all want to do from time to time.

French Fries are such an obsession for both adults and children that they are made almost daily. Perfect for snacking, french fries go well with home cooked meals and fast food as well.

Although easy to make, french fries are not very easy to reheat. The crunchy texture is lost in reheating.

So if you are wondering how to reheat French fries in microwave, then stick along. In this article, we will discuss how to reheat French fries in different ways.

Reheating French Fries

How to Reheat French Fries in Microwave
Fries aren’t the most ideal food to reheat in a microwave – but if you are too lazy to use a pan or an oven, then you must follow some easy steps.

Reheating French fries is not as simple as it looks. We all love fresh fries that are crunchy and have a good texture. Reheating can ruin their taste if you not done properly.

The crunchy texture of French fries is difficult to restore once they get soggy and crumbly, but still, you can have near perfection results if you follow some basic steps.

Appliances like microwave are designed to make your life easy. They offer fast and easy solutions to your everyday cooking tasks. Reheating french fries is such another chore that is made easier with a microwave.

Is Microwave Suitable for Reheating French Fries?

Microwave is NOT ideally suitable for reheating French fries. It is perfect for reheating anything else, but when it comes to fries, you can forget the crunch and flavor.

Toaster ovens, on the other hand, do a better job at reheating french fries.

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However, if you are careful and follow some simple steps, you can reheat the French fries in the microwave and bring back their crunch and original taste.

Reheating Frozen Fries

Frozen Fries
Some Frozen Fries are built specifically to be cooked in a microwave

If there is one thing that microwaves excel at, it is defrosting. Source: McCain

Microwaves do a much better job of defrosting as compared to a toaster oven.

For reheating the frozen fries, you have to defrost the fries first. You can make use of the defrost function in the microwave for thawing the frozen fries.

Once the fries are completely thawed, take them out of the microwave and reheat them in the microwave properly or you can fry them in oil as well.

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How to Reheat French Fries In Microwave

Here are different way to reheat French fries in a microwave.

Microwave oven fries

Reheating French Fries In a Regular Microwave

Step 1: Place the Fries

Place the fries on a microwave-safe oven tray.

Step 2: Use Paper Towel

Line up the tray or plate with a dry paper towel. It will absorb the access to oil and moisture from fries.

Step 3: Use Oil

Drizzle vegetable oil on French fries. Be generous it will be soaked in the paper towel underneath. Heating without oil will make them soggy.

Step 4: Heat the Fries

Heat the fries in the microwave. You will need to try out different settings in your microwave and heating cycle to get as good as possible.

Step 5: Remove the Tray

Take the tray out of the microwave and remove the paper towel. Leave the French fries open for 2-3 minutes so that they can get crunchy with air.

Optional Use Water

Another tip for reheating French fries in the microwave is to use some water for steam as well.

If the fries you want to reheat are very crumbly and completely dried, you can place a cup of water along with fries.

The steam coming for hot water will soften the fries, and they have a better texture.

Reheat French Fries In a Convection Microwave

Convection Microwave Ovens are a combination of a microwave and a regular ovens. They are perfect for reheating, and they have special features that allow you to grill, roast, broil, or even fry.

Reheating in a Convection Microwave Oven is easy and gives better results.

Convection Microwaves can render some crunch to your French fries.

Here is how to use a Convection Microwave for Reheating the French fries.

Step 1: Place the Fries

Place aluminum foil on a baking tray and spread the fries on top of it.

Make sure they are not lumped over each other. Fries should have some space so heatwave can pass through them, making them crunchy from all sides.

Step 2: Heat the Fries

Put the baking tray in the oven and reheat for 2 minutes.

Step 3: Leave them to Cool Down

After 2 minutes turn off the microwave but leave the fries inside so they can get crunchy.

You can them remove the tray from microwave and serve the fries. Make sure you leave them in the air, so their outer layer gets dry and become crisper.

Optional Step:

When spreading the fries on the oven tray, you can add a little oil and also add some seasoning to get a richer flavor.

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How Reheating Can be Fun

Knowing how to properly reheat French fries can be helpful in many ways. Let’s see how it can add convenience to our lives.

Consume Leftovers

French fries are made in large quantities for children and adults. They are easy to make at home, or you usually order them with fast food like burgers or pizza.

You can make use of children leftovers for snacking or munching while watching TV — a perfect recipe of some fun moments alone.

Excellent for Parties

Kid’s birthday parties are no fun without French fries. They are easy to make and budget-friendly as well. So if you are going to make French fries for kid’s parties, sleepovers, or play dates, frying them on last-minute can be a hassle.

You can make French fries in advance and reheat in batches right before serving.

It will save you from a lot of trouble later.

Great for Snacking at Odd Hours

Whether it is children, teens, or adults, they all love to have something to munch at odd hours.

You can be ready for such odd time snacks by preparing a batch of French fries in advance.

You can freeze the fries and reheat them conveniently when anyone is up for a snack.

Saves Time

With the tight schedule of parents, smart cooking options are loved and utilized by them to save time.

French fries are perfect for lunch or snack. You can make them easily and freeze for reheat later. It saves time.

Final Words

Reheating French fries is not very easy.

You often do not get the desired results. The fries taste best if served fresh and crispy. However, throwing leftovers is such a waste of food.

You can reheat the fries in the microwave in less time and enjoy them again.

Another way to make use of your leftovers is to be creative with your food and try mixing up your leftover fries with a new food recipe.

All in all, we hope that this article on how to reheat french fries in microwave at least guided you to the right direction.

Reheating fries in a Microwave is more difficult as compared to in an oven or a pan. However, with a proper method and technique, it is possible to bring some fresh flavor back into the fries.


1. Can I cook French fries in microwave oven?

Yes, and they are truly ready to eat in approximately five minutes, making them a convenient quick fix when you're in a hurry. They crisp up in the microwave, ensuring that you don't end up with soggy or limp fries that taste bad. They are the ideal side dish, and because they are microwaveable, you can easily utilize them as a meal on the road.

2. How do you make French fries crispy again?

In a nonstick skillet over medium heat, heat a couple of tablespoons of the oil until it begins to shimmer. Consider completely coating the bottom of the skillet with oil, erring on the side of using more oil rather than less. The oil assists in frying the French fries a second time, resulting in extremely crispy fries.

3. How can I reuse leftover French fries?

You can ground them in a food processor and use them to bread chicken cutlets or bake them and use them as a veggie topping. Breakfast Hash - Another meal that is excellent for utilizing leftovers. Select some meat, sauté some onions, then crisp up some chopped fries in the pan. Top with a fried egg.

4. What temperature do you reheat French fries?

400-425 degrees Fahrenheit
To reheat fries in the oven, the oven must be preheated. The recommended oven temperature ranges between 400 and 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Increased temperatures result in crispier fries. Cover a baking tray with foil.

5. Do leftover French fries have to be refrigerated?

Yes, it is best to refrigerate leftover French fries. French fries can last in the fridge for up to three days.

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