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How to Remove Microwave | Get the Old Model Out of Your Cabinet the Right Way!

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So, you have just bought yourself a lovely new microwave oven, but now you can’t get the old one out of the cabinet?

Removing a microwave is not a very hard job. However, if it is your first time removing one, you will find this article useful. Read this complete post to know how to remove the microwave oven.

Why Remove Your Over the Range Microwave?

There are many scenarios where the need arises for you to remove a microwave. For example, if you want to remodel the kitchen in your home or replace your range microwave with a newer one (see this post and this review for an affordable new option).

Another scenario where you would need to remove one will be if you are moving from one home to another, during which time the microwave would not be needed.

Also, you could be moving into a new apartment, and your landlord only left a microwave in the kitchen. You hate microwaves either way, so why not remove one? It pays to know the correct way to remove a microwave and some of its parts so that you handle them correctly.

microwave in the kitchen

How do you Remove an Over Range Microwave?

Step 1

Gather Your Tools

Before jumping into the steps on how to remove microwaves and install them on another wall, make sure that you have gathered all the tools required for the task.

The tools that you will need to remove the appliances’ wall bracket and screws include the following;

  • A screwdriver or a drill
  • A step ladder
  • A towel
  • Work gloves

A Screw Driver for Removing Mounting Screws

You will need a head screwdriver or a drill for removing the screws of your range microwave. This is to loosen the screws that attach the unit to the bracket on the wall. It may be necessary to have another person present during the removal of the old microwave.


A Step Ladder

One of the important parts of removing an over-the-range microwave is to use a sturdy step ladder and high enough to gain access to the microwave.

Using a step ladder that is either too short or shaky will make you feel nervous and unstable, but a proper step ladder will enable you to work in comfort. In addition, you may need an extra person to help you remove the appliance as it may be heavy.

A Towel

One of the best ways to prevent damage to your microwaves is to place the appliance onto a towel when removing plus it makes it easier to set down.

Also, it is easy to remove a microwave oven with towels. They come in handy when you're lifting the appliance and catch any water that spills out during removal.

white towels

Work Gloves

Protecting your hands and fingers is crucial when moving or removing any kitchen appliance, and that includes your microwaves.

Wear work gloves to remove sharp microwave parts when loosening them with a screwdriver, or pliers might accidentally pinch the skin.

Step 2

Unplug the Microwave

One must first disconnect power and unplug the microwave. Do not forget to detach all wire and other connectors to completely release the unit.

A common mistake is attempting to move the microwave before unplugging it; this will likely result in an un-useable one.

white outlet

Importance of Disconnecting Power to the Microwave

It is important to make sure power is completely off by turning off any circuit breakers or unplugging the microwaves for a few minutes before removing them.

Failure to do so could result in an electrical shock or damage to the microwaves. The microwave is made of electrically conductive parts, which can be dangerous.

Next, one must remove all food from the microwave ― there goes my leftover pizza.

energy supply

Step 3

Uninstall the Microwave Vent

If you are replacing an old microwave with a new microwave - look here for top new retro models -  the current vent can be reused if the diameter is the same or larger. There may be some corrosion on the bolts holding the vent in place. Remove the corrosion or any loose material or debris with a wire brush.

If you are entirely removing the range microwave, then you will need to uninstall the vent as well. In this case, remove the screws holding it in place, and pull off the vent using the mounting bracket attached to it.


Step 4

Remove the Mounting Bracket and Screws

The mounting bracket and screws holding the over-the-range microwave in place need to be removed using a screwdriver. These vary according to the microwaves’ model, so consult your owner's manual if you are unsure about removing your particular mounting bracket.

Do not forget to wear your work gloves as they will prevent your fingers and hands from being injured by sharp parts of the microwave.

a lot of screws

Many microwaves have a mounting bracket that attaches to the wall. The mounting screws in the bracket are what hold the bracket to the wall and limit the ability of the microwave to move.

You can remove the microwave in order to replace the mounting screws with longer and more secure ones. This will preserve the life of your microwave and save you from a costly replacement.

Removing Screws off the Wall Bracket

To remove a microwave, one must start by locating the screws on the mounting bracket that supports the microwave to the wall. Once they have been located, unscrew them with a screwdriver and carefully pull them out from the wall. Be careful not to scratch or break the microwave as you are pulling it out away from the wall.


The screws will be different lengths, so make a note of which holes they pulled out of after you unscrew them. Sometimes there are no screws at all, but instead, little plastic widgets that prevent you from pulling off the outer casing of your microwave. These should be easy to unsnap and pull away from the case.

After all, screws are removed, place a suitable cover underneath where it's going to be placed.

How do you Remove a Microwave by Yourself?

You can remove a microwave by yourself using the simple steps that I have given in this article. I would like to say that the steps in this guide should work for all microwaves, both over the range and microwaves installed on the bottom of the cabinet.

 If you actually use the tips that we share, you should be able to get that microwave out with no problems. The only thing that you will not require is a step ladder if you have a microwave on the bottom of the cabinet.

fix it yourself

How Do You Remove a Microwave from Under the Counter?

When you want to change out or remove a microwave, you need to know what type of under-counter installation it has and how to properly remove it.

Gather your tools such as a screwdriver, drill, working gloves, and a towel.

The next thing you should do is to shut the power off and unplug the unit. Locate the screws that hold the cabinet together. They will be behind on your existing unit.

Remove the screws plus the brackets that support the microwave.

You must remove all of the parts of your microwave from your kitchen cabinet, including the outer wall bracket.

Pull the microwave from under the counter.

microwave and oven

Can You Remove a Built-in Microwave?

Yes, you can remove a built-in microwave. If you own a house with an existing built-in microwave, you may be considering removing it and replacing it with a countertop model.

However, a microwave mounted inside of a cabinet can be quite challenging to remove. Most of the time, there's not enough room for the microwave to be taken out through a side door or even through the top.

To remove a built-in microwave, one must cut into the cabinet to remove it then follow the steps that I have given in this article.

how to remove it


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