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What Does SE Mean on a Samsung Microwave? | The Annoying Error Code And How To Resolve It

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What Does "SE" Mean on a Samsung Microwave?

A microwave is one of the most convenient appliances that you can use in your house. It is time-saving and easy to use. Most microwaves, no matter whether they are traditional or convection microwaves, have a digital pad on the side that you can easily operate.

However, like most electronic devices, it has its downsides. The SE error code can be annoying and troublesome. Have you experienced it?

It can be frustrating when the microwave keeps beeping noisily and even worse when it fails to cook or warm your meal.

So, what does SE mean on a Samsung microwave oven? This article provides you with valuable guidelines on what an SE error code means and how you can easily fix it in the comfort of your home.

What Does "SE" Mean on a Samsung Microwave?

Its sleek touchpad control panel gives it sophisticated yet understated appearance (a retro microwave oven could also appeal to you for that matter). However, the SE error code on a Samsung microwave could indicates a problem with it. Mostly, the error occurs when there is a dirty ribbon cable or stuck buttons on the touchpad. 

A microwave with an SE error can turn on by itself. It can be dangerous and is usually followed by the microwave beeping many times when you close the microwave door (see also our guide on what happens when the oven turns on wehen doors are closed).

You can temporarily fix the SE error code by opening and closing the microwave door or by permanently replacing the control board.

Digital clock on a samsung microwave

How Do You Reset a Samsung Microwave?

To reset Samsung microwave oven SE errors, use the following methods:

  1. Unplug the microwave from the power source.
  2. If the microwave is displaying an error due to wetness on the inside, you can leave it out to dry.
  3. If you are certain that the problem is not caused by moisture, unplug the microwave for one or two minutes.
  4. Reconnect the power after the period (1-2 minutes).

If the error is not cleared, or the microwave does not operate normally, it would help if you could contact Samsung Service Center or a certified electrician.

How to Fix the SE Error Code on a Samsung Microwave?

To fix the SE error code, follow these actions.

The First Step Is To Reset Your Microwave

Before you can even contact a technician or Samsung Customer Care, you must first reset your microwave (see microwaves under 150 dollars).

Unplug the power to the microwave and wait for a few minutes (2–3). Plug it back in and check whether the SE error code is still showing. If it has disappeared, it means the microwave is in working condition and you can still use it. If it is still showing, then proceed with these actions.

Step 2: Inspect the Control Pad

You now need to check the control pad. The SE error code may be due to a faulty control pad. The control pad malfunctions if it lights up when you press it, but the microwave does not respond to the commands.

How to Fix the Control Pad

  • Unplug the microwave's power.
  • Detach the microwave cabinet: To remove the cabinet, you will need to remove the screws from the rear of the microwave.
  • Locate the control pad joined to the control panel. Flat ribbon connectors link the two.
  • Use a multimeter to check whether there is continuity between the two (control pad and control panel) using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, replace the part of the connecting ribbon.
  • Alternatively, detach the ribbon cable from the control board and clean the copper connections using alcohol, propylene, and an eraser.
  • Assemble the parts and the microwave back together. Check whether the SE error is still showing. If it has disappeared, you can continue using your microwave. However, if it is still displaying, you might have to replace the control panel.

Samsung micreowave

How to Replace the Control Panel

  • Unplug the microwave from the power source, then detach the microwave cabinet.
  • After locating the control panel, detach it by removing the screws that hold it. Some Samsung microwave models have metal panels that prevent you from removing the fasteners from the control panel.
  • Remove the control panel from its place. Pull it up, then outwards.
  • Detach the wires that are connected to the control panel sensor.
  • Fix your new control panel. Reattach the cables in the same location where you removed the previous ones.
  • Assemble the microwave back together.
  • Test if the error code is still displayed. If it is not, then you can continue using the microwave. If it is still displaying, you need to replace the control board.

Step 3—Replacing the Control Board

A spoiled control board could be the other thing that is causing the SE error code. The control panel generates low voltages that are then relayed to the control pad.

When you press a button on the control pad, a signal is transmitted to the control board. The control board will then transmit a signal to the appropriate part of the microwave to execute the command.

Your microwave (check out microwawves under 200 bucks) will not function well if the control panel does not return proper signals.

If your control panel and pad test have indicated that they are not functional, the only option you have is to replace the control board. However, control boards are expensive. It is advisable to purchase a new microwave for you home.

Repairing a microwave

Can I Fix the Samsung Oven SE Error Myself?

As shown above, there are several ways to fix a Samsung SE error code. However, when you decide to fix it yourself, it is vital to take maximum precaution when repairing microwave ovens because they possess high voltage even when not plugged in.

Most Samsung SE errors will occur due to damaged membrane sensors. The oven sensors stick to each other due to constant strong pressing or even slight vibration on the microwave.

To repair your Samsung microwave, unplug the microwave from the power source and detach the sensor panel from the microwave.

Focus on the sensor panel. Detach the sensor panel into layers, then inspect the films to ensure the membranes are in solid condition. If any are spoiled, it is probably the problem.

If the lines are in perfect order, then the problem could then contact closure.

To remedy the situation and avoid further damage, do the following:

  • To avoid the membranes sticking to each other, stick electrical tape on the membrane. Ensure that the tape does not act as a conductor between either of the membranes.
  • Connect the two plates, then join them on the bus.
  • Clip the sensor pad back on.
  • Assemble the disabled parts of the microwave back to their positions.
  • Check whether the microwave is now working.
Samsung metalic microwave

The sensor is functional if the buttons only work when pressed and the display does not show an SE error code. However, if the microwave is working spontaneously without commands, the problem has not been fixed.

This manner of fixing the microwave is temporary and may work for about a year, but the problem may recur since the film is still wearing out due to pressing.

If you opt to buy a new sensor pad, check the specifications of your Samsung microwave. The code and model of your microwave are indicated on the printed sticker on the backside or inside of the Samsung microwave.

Causes of an SE Error on a Samsung Microwave

When a Samsung microwave SE error code appears, the microwave may not respond appropriately to commands. Also, the microwave may start working spontaneously.

A Samsung microwave shows an SE error due to contacts on the control panel. What could lead to a lack of contacts on the control panel?

Sticking Keys

An SE error code may appear when you press any key or all of them, and the microwave does not react to the commands. This means that the keys are sticking to the control panel. The microwave may display the SE error and fail to make the switching sound. In the case of an auto-cook program, the microwave may start itself at random.

This occurs when you consistently press on the sensor module strongly. The sensor module has two films with pads opposite each other that have conductive paths, so when you press, the fragile membranes attach to the surface.

Fingers on a microwave

Spoiled Keyboard

When moisture enters the inner-film space, it may result in a short circuit—the short circuit results in current leakage and stray power (see 1100 watt microwave ovens).

You can note this when the microwave periodically freezes up, leading to a loss of optimal conductivity when you press the buttons. You can also note this when the microwave starts warming up suddenly, then switches off in the process and shows the SE error code.

When the microwave keyboard is damaged, you should replace it or replace the buttons with microswitches.

Failed Electronic Control Board

Electronic control board malfunctions occur when there is power stray or current leakage.

The control board will generate low voltages. When the minimal power flows to the touchpad, a low-voltage signal is relayed back to the control board since the button is depressed.

When the oven's electronic control board does not generate sufficient voltage signals or fails to sense the touchpad input signals, the commands you give the microwave will not work.

Faulty Tracks

The input sensor unit may fail to work when you press the keys if the cable connections are burnt or oxidized due to moisture. The microwave will show an SE error code when you press the keys.

cartooned microwave on fire

The Bottom Line

Ensuring that your microwave (see 900 watt microwaves) is in good working condition is essential. The SE error on your Samsung microwave can be annoying and risky if left unchecked. Once you identify what is causing the error, it will be easy to fix the problem. The above guidelines will be handy. If they don't work, contact a qualified technician immediately.


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