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What is Trim Kit for Microwave Oven?


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Not all microwave ovens come with a trim kit, which makes the few that do highly attractive. However, trim kits do not only serve an aesthetic appeal, they are a requirement in a certain microwave arrangement. In this article, we will be discussing what is trim kit for microwave oven.

A trim kit is an attachment that is usually used to turn a countertop microwave oven into a built in oven, a trim kit is an essential requirement that promotes ventilation for the built in microwaves. 

The trim kit is designed such that you can easily arrange your microwave inside and get the desired built in feel for your microwave. In other words, they snugly fit the appropriate sized microwaves into the wall on the cabinets.

The casing effect it gives is due to the panels which consist of the side layers, the bottom and the down layers. When it assembled, it looks like a box with a space in between that you put the microwave in.

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What is Trim Kit for Microwave Oven

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Trim kits are basically used to install built in microwaves. They serve the essential function of ventilation.

Countertop microwave ovens are the most flexible type of ovens. With the use of a trim kit, a countertop microwave oven can be used as a built in microwave but a built in oven cannot be used as a countertop oven.

Unfortunately, not all countertop microwave ovens are capable of being converted into a built in oven, so before getting a trim kit, you have to ensure that it is suitable.

What Do You Get with a Trim Kit

what is trim kit for microwave oven 2.
You get two pedestal and one frame with a trim kit. Source: Abt Electronics

Trim kits are called kits because they come as a package of two items.

The trims kits include

  • A Pedestal – where the microwave oven is placed – ensures the microwave has proper ventilation
  • A Frame – some frames have vents. Frames can be made from many different materials.

Trim Kit Sizes

When you want to get a trim kit, it is essential to know the size of trim kit to get, this is to avoid the trim kit not being the perfect size for your microwave oven.

Trim kit come in two sizes

  • 27 inches
  • 30 Inches

The one you choose will depend upon the width of the chosen microwave oven as well as based on the overall look of your kitchen.

Of course, the cavity for the built-in microwave should already be built either in the wall or in the cabinet before you make the purchase.

Regular ovens have a 27 – 30 inch width, therefore, in order to match the dimension for interior decor, you would choose the one accordingly especially if both the microwave or the wall oven are placed on top of each other.

Once the trim kit has been assembled, make sure that there is enough ventilation. Also, ensure that the connection socket is in an accessible place.

Why Do I Need a Trim Kit

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Built-in microwaves require a professional for installation

Trim kits are not an essential part of your microwave. While it provides adequate ventilation for your microwave, not everyone uses a trim kit. You can buy a countertop microwave oven and decide to use it on a counter. But occasionally, you might prefer putting it by the wall to reduce the amount of space it is taking up on your counter.

To Improve Ventilation

Sometimes, your microwave oven could be reducing the cross ventilation in your kitchen. If your kitchen is a little cramped up, a trim kit might be great for your microwave oven.

To Give your Microwave Oven the Built in Effect

There is no doubt that built in microwave ovens gives your kitchen a more sophisticated effect than a countertop microwave oven. The trim kit can be assembled in a kitchen wardrobe to improve the overall effect

Since a trim kit is designed like a built in container for the microwave oven, it will make your kitchen look great

To Create More Counter Space

If you do not like your countertop looking too cramped up with a lot of unnecessary thing, or you require the countertop space for other important things, you can get a trim kit, it can be assembled at any free part of your kitchen and you can have the extra space.

Can I Trim or Modify My Trim Kit?

No, you cannot modify your trim kit if you realize that your microwave oven is larger or smaller than the trim kit that you purchased.

In short, do not attempt to cut for trim the installed trim kits.

For starters note that the Trim Kits are MODEL SPECIFIC. In other words, one trim kit cannot work for another microwave model even it is from the same brand and has the same width.

You will need to change your trim kit depending upon the size of the microwave oven you decide to install.

If you wish to upgrade your built-in microwave model, make sure your next purchase has the same dimension supported by the currently installed trim kit, otherwise you will need to replace the trim kit as well.

How to Install a Trim Kit

A trim kit may require expert help for installation.

Cut out the Trim Kit Dimensions

This is very important, If you’re not sure that the trim kit is the perfect size for your microwave oven. Simply measure out the dimensions and cut out any excesses.

Ensure that you leave enough ventilation space as the air would come in from around the sides of the trim kit and a perfectly fitted cut will hinder that.

Ensure that the down part of the trim kit Is properly fitted with its duct. Push down until it clicks in place and fasten with a screwdriver. Ensure that the microwave oven is disconnected from power before going ahead with the installation to avoid electric shock. Then arrange the anti tip bracket

Once the square has been assembled, insert the microwave oven in, this should be relatively easy if you had previously measured the microwave oven and the trim kit

Install the Top Frame

Once the microwave oven is properly in place, install the upper part of the trim kit, this should b relatively easy to do since you don’t have to hold anything up.

Install the Trim Frame

Once the top part of the trim kit is installed, you should install the trim frame. First ensure that he clicks into place.

Then, using a screwdriver, screw the four sides into place.

Check for Any Loose Parts and Tighten.

Once your trim kit and microwave oven is properly installed, check to see if there are any slack or loose parts and tighten them back into place. Your microwave oven is finally ready for use, ensure that all the controls are off and plug to electricity. Your microwave oven is finally ready for use.


In this article, we learn about what is trim kit for microwave oven, how you can install your microwave oven trim kit and the factors to look for when getting a microwave trim kit.

We also discussed reasons why you might want to consider a trim kit for your microwave oven and the sophisticated outlook it can give to your kitchen.

In short, trim kits are model specific, they come in two sizes 27 and 30 inches, they serve the purpose of ventilation and they promote a sophisticated and clean look in your kitchen.

Installation requires expert help and replacement is not easy.


1. Is microwave trim kit necessary?

No, you do not; the Trim Package includes a low-profile venting kit that you mount to the microwave's side and top using the supplied two-sided tape. After installation, this vents the air out the top and sides.

2. How do you remove a microwave trim kit?

A screwdriver should be inserted behind the trim kit at the bottom. Pry it slightly apart. Insert the screwdriver into the top and gently pry it out. When the package becomes detached from the cabinet, remove it with both hands.

3. What size microwave trim kit do I need?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a microwave trim kit. The most important is the size of your microwave. You'll need to find a trim kit that is the right size for your microwave. There are also different styles to choose from, so you can find one that matches your kitchen decor.

4. What is included in a microwave trim kit?

Microwave trim kits are designed to replicate the look of a built-in microwave while still providing the requisite airflow for the microwave. Trim kits include the trim frame and an upper, middle, and rear duct that connects to and encases the microwave inside the cabinet cut-out.

5. How do you use a microwave trim kit?

Ascertain that the microwave oven is properly centered. Drill pilot holes through the positioning flange and then mount three 12 inch screws as seen at the front of the bottom duct. Arrange the trim frame in front of the microwave. Ascertain that the trim frame is level and that the microwave oven is balanced inside it.

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