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What Size of Microwave Oven Fits a Dinner Plate? | Our Guide & Recommendations


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Microwave ovens are great but they might not be much good if you cannot fit your dinner plate in. What happens when you want to microwave your leftover lunch or dinner?

No one really likes the stress of having to transfer to another bowl or container before they can microwave.

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It is time-wasting and absolutely unnecessary especially if you have a microwave oven that can fit your dinner plates. Microwave ovens are great for warming your leftover food, thawing frozen food, and even baking doughy snacks like Hot Pockets.

So what size of microwave fits a dinner plate?

Basically, the smallest oven can fit in a 10-inch dinner plate. The medium-sized microwave oven can fit dinner plates of 14-inch or below and the largest one can fit multiple dishes at a time.

What Size of Microwave Oven Fits a Dinner Plate

COMFEE Small Microwave
A typical Small microwave with 0.7 Cubic foot capacity. Source: COMFEE EM720CPL-PM

Below is a list of microwave oven sizes and what you can fit in them.

An 0.5-1.0 cubic microwave oven will comfortably fit in a size 10 dinner plate and some ovens might fit in an 11-inch dinner plate. It can also fit all the other microwave plate types that are lesser than 10 inches including dessert plates, starter plates, side plates, and saucers. But it cannot fit on larger microwaves with sizes larger than 10 inches

Ovens above 1.0 will contain dinner wares 14 inches and below. Although I doubt that most people will want to try out all these plate types in their microwave ovens – see also what happens when you put an empty plate in a microwave.

Ovens above 1.2 cubics will fit all types of plates. Ovens of this size and over are designed for family sizes and can contain multiple plates at once depending on the type of plates. Since most dinner dishes are about 12 inches and below, you only need a 1.2 cubic oven if you’re considering the size and plate fitting.

What size of microwave fits a dinner plate depends on the type of dinner plate. The most standard size is the normal plate a person eats in. Buy an oven depending on the sizes of the dishes you are to put in it and you might never have to look for hacks.

Sizes Of Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens come in a range of sizes. You can get a toaster oven for as low as 0.5 cubics and you can also get toaster ovens larger than 2.0 cubic. Microwave ovens are divided by manufacturers into 3 types

The small, medium and large. Ovens below 1.0 are called small ovens while ovens between 1.1-2.0 are referred to as medium-sized ovens and ovens above 2.0 are referred to as large ovens. They are not very popular as most people prefer small or medium-sized ovens except the microwave oven is for industrial use.

Before you decide on the microwave oven best for you, you must consider how much space you can spare and how it will be installed. Countertop and over-the-range ovens do not require as much installation as a built-in oven. Built-in ovens require proper installation and can be quite difficult to uninstall as well.

The size of the oven you get depends on the type of microwave oven you need. There are 3 types of ovens: over-the-range ovens, built-in ovens, and countertop microwaves.

Most microwave ovens can contain a dinner plate especially ovens over 0.5 cubics. It can fit a 10-inch dinnerware but cannot really contain anything else when the dinner plate is in the oven.

The most common microwave oven size that is being used today has space of about 20 liters. A 20 liters microwave oven can comfortably fit in most dinner plates without fuss.

Recommended Best Seller Microwave For Dinner Plate

The following have an internal diameter of more than 12″ (greater than a typical dinner plate).

Common Sizes of Dinner Plates

Plates are great and getting the perfect dinner plates for your kitchen is very important. In the past, smaller sizes of plates measuring 7-9 inches were used as dinner plates.

Recently, wider plates are being created for particular purposes. From saucers to soup bowls and even Chicken trays, you can’t really go wrong from having too much dinnerware.

Dinner plate comes in a variety of sizes just like microwave ovens. So you might want to buy your dinner plates based on the size of your microwave oven or your microwave oven based on the sizes of your dinner plates and home space.

Depending on what you’re going to be serving in them, you need a wide range of plate sizes so that you have at least 1 for most occasions. Below are the most common plate sizes and what they are best used for.

Saucer cup
A saucer is usually accompanied by a cup


Saucers are a type of plate that has been around for a really long time. They are usually used to hold your teacup and could sometimes be used to hold snacks and biscuits.

Most saucers come in a pair and include teacups, they are around 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches wide depending on the cup it came with.

side plate

Side Plate

A side plate is usually used to hold napkins, bread, and sometimes cutleries.

They are a little fancy and are not very popular in most homes except on special occasions. Side plates are about 6-7 inches wide and come in different designs.

Starter Plates

As the name connotes, they are usually used for appetizers. Appetizers are for starting your dinner off and a starter plate is usually perfect for this.

They can also be used to serve salads and small fish or meat dishes. They are about 7-8inches wide and are very good dinnerware.

Dessert Plate

As the name indicates, this plate type is used to serve dessert. They are usually about 8-10 inches wide and depending on the food being served, some people might prefer a smaller and more compact plate.

Dinner Plate

This plate is what is mostly used to serve dinners in most homes because of its large size.

Dinner plates are usually used to serve main dishes and measure about 10.5 to 12 inches in size.

What Size of Microwave Oven Fits a Dinner Plate
A beautiful charcoal charger plate that is used to add beauty. A typical dinner plate require a microwave with a width of about 10.5 – 12 inches.

Charger Plates

Charger plates are aesthetic plates that are used to put under dinner plates or other types of plates. They are used simply for beauty and are not usually used to serve food directly.

Charger plates are about 14 inches in size or slightly bigger. Saucers, side plates, dinner plates e.t.c can be put inside a charger plate and it does the work of a tray.

Recommended Large Microwave (Greater Than 14 inches)

If you are looking for microwave ovens that can handle larger than 14″ plates, we recommend the following:


Platters are used for sweets and snacks. The food items are usually piled atop the plate hence the name platter.

Due to its size, it mostly comes in rectangle or oval shapes and is really big. A lot of people use it for ceremonial purposes and it’s unlikely that anyone would want to fit this plate size into a microwave oven.


1. Can you fit a dinner plate in a 0.9 microwave?

Yes, this microwave accommodates a dinner plate. Without a doubt! This mid-size microwave is large enough to hold a dinner plate.

2. What size microwave do I need?

Your microwave should be larger in size if you have a large family. A family of four will almost certainly require a family or full-size microwave, although a couple or single person may only require a compact or mid-size oven, depending on the amount of cooking done in it. Microwaves are available in a variety of sizes. 0.5 to 0.8 cubic feet compact.

3. What size microwave fits an 11 inch dinner plate?

While some compact models will accommodate an 11inches dinner plate, a 9 x 13 inches baking dish will require a large microwave ovens capacity. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, microwave ovens operate at a power level of 750 to 1200 watts to cook effectively.

4. Is a 25 Litre microwave big enough?

Essentially, it states that for a small family, 15-20 liters of counter space is suitable for a Solo type micro oven; but, for the same small family, 21-30 liters of space is sufficient for a Grill or Convection ovens. For a large household, 25-30 liters of Solo type is required. Other variants would have a capacity of 32 liters or greater.

5. What is a decent size microwave?

Microwaves are available in the following sizes: compact: 0.5 to 0.8 cubic feet. 0.9 to 1.3 cubic feet. 1.4 to 1.6 cubic feet per family.

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