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What Is a Gas Range? | Full Guide to This Popular Kitchen Appliance


Author: Ana Stanar
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What do you call the appliance you use to cook in your kitchen?

Perhaps you call it a gas stove, an oven, or a range. You may not use the names interchangeably to refer to the cooking appliances. Several features differentiate each cooking appliance from the rest, including how they perform.

So, what is a gas range?

What Are Gas Ranges?

A range is a kitchen appliance that combines a stovetop and an oven. An oven can be part of a range, or it can be a separate cooking appliance.

Today's range ovens are modern stoves with various features that make them more efficient than their previous counterparts.

A range is a stove with an oven, and it features a fuel source that can be electricity or gas. The oven can stand alone as a separate appliance.

What's the Difference Between Gas Stove and Range?

Sometimes, the terms range and stove are used interchangeably when referring to the cooking appliance. However, stoves were in existence before the modern kitchen.

All ranges consist of a stovetop and an oven. However, you can have ovens as separate appliances known as wall ovens.

An oven is the enclosed cavity that cooks your food by heating the air inside. You can use oven cavities for cooking, broiling, roasting, and baking, while a stovetop helps you stir fry, boil, or sear.

If you want to purchase a range, you might be confused about picking the best option between a gas and an electric oven

a woman standing bz the gas range and cooking

To decide which is the best, you should consider various factors, including your cooking preferences and budget.

Electric ranges are safer as there are no chances of a gas leak. They also cost less than their gas counterparts. However, if the natural gas costs are less than the electricity costs, gas ranges are cheaper to operate.

The electric ranges are also more popular kitchen appliances due to their low cost and safety.

When considering your cooking preferences, you may consider an electric range as it offers an even bake. On the other hand, the gas flame by the gas range works with several cooking appliances. The flame also may heat things quickly, and you can use it as a visual temperature gauge.

Benefits of Using a Gas Range

Besides the quick and uniform heating of things and visual control of the flame, other benefits of a gas range include:

  • Depending on your local utility rates, a gas range has a lower operating cost than its electric counterpart

  • Its standard features include oven and surface burners that continue to work even when there's a power blackout

  • The gas range is compatible with all oven and cooktop cookware

  • The kitchen appliance is a quick heat source that enables you to save time as you cook food

  • The consistent heat allows you to sync the timing of multiple dishes at once, which is ideal for preparing multiple courses.

  • Gas ranges feature stainless steel construction, making them easy to clean. You can easily wipe away grease and other messy foods on the surface of the range.

  • The knobs on a gas range offer you optimum control as you cook food

You use British thermal units (Btu) to describe the heat output for gas range burners. The gas ranges with high-heat burners are more expensive. Most ranges have heat outputs ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 Btu.

One drawback with gas ranges is having a natural gas line connected to your kitchen.

gas range

What Is a Gas Range Used for?

A gas range is a popular kitchen appliance in most kitchens as it has both an oven cavity and a gas cooktop. Therefore, it's a better appliance than buying the appliances separately.

The oven features enable you to carry out various functions, including:

  • Bake cookies
  • Roasting
  • Cooking
  • Broiling

On the other hand, you can use the cooktop to:

  • Searing
  • Frying
  • Boiling
preparing food on the gas range

How Much Does a Gas Range Cost?

Standard gas ranges cost between $400 and $5,300. The price varies depending on various factors. For instance, ranges with high heat burners are more expensive.

Gas ranges with standard features are the least expensive and are mostly available in black and white colors. The standard models cost about $400, and they come with the following features:

  • Cast iron grates over the heat burners
  • Burners with a heat output of about 9,500 Btu. The burners aren't as hot as you'd find in the expensive models.
  • Storage drawer
  • Knobs and dials used in controlling the different temperatures of burners and oven
  • Oven windows that are smaller than what you'd get in the expensive models
  • Porcelain-enamel cooktops

Mid-range gas range models are more expensive than the standard models but cheaper than the premium models. They are an upgrade of the standard gas ranges and offer enhanced features, including:

  • Digital settings for cooking temperatures and times
  • A self-cleaning oven
  • Storage drawers to store your pans, pots, and other kitchen appliances
  • Various color options including stainless steel, black, and white
  • The high-performance burners offer up to 12,500 Btu heat output
  • The oven controls feature lockouts that prevent unintentional changes to the oven settings

Premium gas range models cost about $1,000. The models with two ovens cost $1,600. Typically, premium models come with the following features:

  • Hidden baking elements that ensure easier cleaning of the oven
  • Convection ovens
  • High-performance burners with up to 17,000 Btu heat output
  • Programmed cooking times courtesy of the electronic control panels
  • A bonus fifth burner
  • A removable stovetop griddle

Pro-style range models cost around $1,700. They are wider than the standard models. The features include:

  • Enhanced oven capacities of 5.8 cubic feet
  • Available in multiple colors and different metal options
  • Two convection options
  • heavy-duty rolling cooking racks
  • A bonus fifth burner
  • One of the burners has a super-hot heat output of up to 20,000 Btu

You can also get dual-fuel ranges that combine an electric oven and a gas stovetop. Dual-fuel ranges cost between $2,000 and $7,500. The models come with features such as:

  • Electric convection ovens
  • Gas stovetops featuring five burners
  • Wi-Fi-enabled programming. Thus, you can use your mobile device to control the oven
  • Easy to control the burner and the oven using the glass touch screens

How Do You Buy a Range?

Are you thinking of buying a range? Here are factors to consider to ensure you get the best.

Ensure You Have Enough Space

Appliance manufacturers produce ranges of varying sizes. Before you can purchase a range, consider the size of your kitchen to ensure the range fits perfectly.

The most common width of range models is 30 inches, and the height can vary depending on the manufacturer. You can also find 20-inch models for small apartments and 60-inch models for bigger kitchens.

Range Style

You should also consider the range style of your choice. Although the range style may not affect the performance of your range oven, it'll affect its price.

Some range styles include:

  • Slide-in: slide-in ranges are counter-depth, have a built-in look, and their controls are in the front. You can use trim kits to cover gaps and have the range look flush with the countertop.
  • Freestand: the freestanding range style can fit in any space in your kitchen. Their controls are mostly behind the cooktop, and they're the most affordable range style.
  • Drop-in: drop-in ranges are similar to slide-in ranges in terms of counter-depth. The difference is you can install cabinetry below the drop-in range.
gas range in the kitchen


Ensure you consider the range price and make sure you stick to your budget. Not all stoves are costly. You can get an affordable option that'll still help you cook your food.

Besides cooking, you can make sure your choice looks good and has all the features you need. For instance, if you're a baker, you may prefer a range with a convection fan.

Consider the Fuel Type

Fuel type is also an essential consideration. The available options include electric, gas, and dual-fuel ranges.

However, you don't have a choice on the fuel type unless you're carrying out major kitchen renovations or building a new one. If the existing fuel hookups in your kitchen are for natural gas, go for a gas range.

Changing the fuel hookups means additional costs. For example, you'll have to hire an electrician to change the hookups from gas to electric.

What Are the Dangers of Using Gas Ranges?

Some of the dangers of using gas ranges include:

  • Gas ranges put you at risk of health-damaging pollutants. The most common pollutants include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and formaldehyde. They can cause respiratory issues, coughing, and wheezing
  • A gas range also puts you at risk of a gas leak which can cause injuries and damage through fire or explosion

You can install carbon monoxide detectors in your kitchen to help detect the gas levels. Also, ensure proper installation of the gas range to avoid any leak.

What's a Gas Range?

It's a kitchen appliance containing an oven and a cooktop. It uses fuel which offers you more temperature control. Gas ranges are also less expensive than their electric counterparts. Grab a gas range that fits your budget and kitchen space and take your cooking experience to the next level.

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