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5 Best Budget Toaster Ovens in 2021 – Cheap and Affordable

If you are low on budget or if you are just looking for an economical toaster oven for simple culinary tasks, then there is no need to spend on extravagant products.

Toaster ovens are generally priced based on a few factors such as their size, their mode of operation i.e manual or digital, the amount of cooking features they offer and, often times, on their overall looks.

In this article, we will look at the bear minimum toaster ovens. If you just need a minimal toaster oven to toast bread, reheat pizza, or to do very small scale cooking, then you will find the following best budget toaster ovens appealing.

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List of Best Budget Toaster Ovens in 2021

The following standout from the rest as far as budget price range is concerned.

  1. Hamilton Beach 31344D – For Very Basic Use
  2. Mueller Toaster Oven – Compact and Affordable Stainless Steel
  3. Oster TSSTTVMNDG-SHP – Budget Digital Toaster Oven
  4. Hamilton Beach 31123D – Recommended 6 Slice Budget Option
  5. Hamilton Beach 31107D – Affordable Dual Rack Option

1. Hamilton Beach 31344D – For Very Basic Use

Hamilton Beach 31344D

This is a very small and compact regular toaster oven with a roll top door. It is excellent for those with a small counter space. Perfect of individual meal portions.

This is as simple as it gets. It features only the most functional features to can get you going with your toasting and reheating tasks.

There are no bells and whistles. It offers a simple look, with a minimal roll top door for easy access, compact form factor and two manual knobs for setting the temperature and the timer.

It can fit about 4 slices of bread or a single 9 inch pizza which is generally known as small size pizza.

While the oven does give you 2 rack positions, it can be occupied by a single rack at a time.

The oven has a limited 30 mins timer indicating that it is not suitable for meals. Instead, it is good for reheating leftover or frozen snacks and for preparing morning toast.

All in all, if you need the bear minimum, then we recommend this as the best budget toaster oven.

2. Mueller Toaster Oven – Compact and Affordable Stainless Steel

Mueller Toaster Oven

This is a simple and an affordable toaster oven with a compact form factor, low power rating, and natural convection feature.

This is yet another minimal oven, however, unlike the option above, this offers the familiar cubic shape which can be easily fitted into cabinets and counter-spaces.

This too has capacity to fit 4 toasts at a time. The one distinguishing feature here is that it offers 3 manual knob controls. One for setting temperature, one for timer and the last for setting the mode i.e bake, broil or toast.

One important feature that this oven boasts is the natural convection. The interior of this oven is designed in a way that it promotes hot air to circulate evenly inside.

While it does not have a dedicated convection fan, Mueller claims the natural convection in this model does help with even cooking as well as with reducing the cooking time.

In the end, this is the best budget toaster oven for those who are looking for a common cubic shape with minimal features.

3. Oster TSSTTVMNDG-SHP – Budget Digital Toaster Oven


This is a regular sized toaster oven with a wider width and depth and as such offers single racks for accommodating large meals. It is roomier and can handle meals for a small sized family.

The two toaster ovens we reviewed above were both manual ovens. If you are looking for something more modern with easier controls, then we recommend this digital option.

A digital toaster oven is as simple to use and as intuitive as a microwave oven. Most digital ovens come with cooking presets. This oven, for example, comes with preset for pizza as well as toast.

Other than that, there are dedicated buttons for bake, broil, warm, reheat and defrost functions as well.

A digital toaster oven likes this take out the hassle of setting the temperature and the timer from you. Therefore, as far as quality of life improvement goes, this Oster oven is far better thBean the two reviewed above.

On top of that, there are two features that distinguish it from the toaster ovens mentioned previously. Firstly, instead of fitting mere 4 slices of bread, this can fit 6 slices. Meaning, it has a much larger interior capacity so it can handle larger meals too.

Secondly, it has convection feature as well. The convection fan allows the oven to actively circulate hot air inside and thus promoting consistent textures and lower power usage.

If you came here looking for a digital model, then this is the best budget toaster oven in our opinion. Just be warned that this IS more expensive than the budget options we reviewed above.

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4. Hamilton Beach 31123D – Recommended 6 Slice Budget Option

Hamilton Beach 31123D

A small, convenient and an affordable 12-inch pizza Toaster Oven with convection feature.

This toaster oven has the same capacity as the Oster TSSTTVMNDG-SHP above however instead of featuring digital controls, this offers the good old manual knob controls.

Therefore, if you are a fan of simple looking toaster ovens with easy to access roll top door, fewer bells and whistles and the ability to toast 6 slices of bread or a single 12″ pizza, then this may appeal to you.

Like the rest of the manual ovens we saw above, this too has a limited 30 mins timer which is indicative of the fact that this is built for low key tasks such as reheating or preparing frozen snacks at max.

It is also worth noting that this offers the convection feature as well, which is not included in the smaller options we saw earlier. Convection fan, as mentioned earlier, reduces cooking time as well as improves consistency of texture.

So if you are a fan of simple models but need a somewhat larger interior capacity, then this is the best budget toaster oven.

5. Hamilton Beach 31107D – Affordable Dual Rack Option

Hamilton Beach 31107D

A large dual rack option for those who need a family sized toaster oven at a budget. Comes with rotisserie functions.

Hamilton Beach 31107D is the largest oven in this list. But if you are in need of a budget family size toaster oven, then this is the right option in our opinion.

For starters, this oven has two racks capable of fitting 2 x 12″ pizza or about 12 slices of bread. Therefore, as far as the capacity goes, this has ample for a family.

Other than the size, the most lucrative feature it offers is the rotisserie function which can handle a 5 lb chicken. Therefore, if you are a fan of roasting, this will come as a delight for you.

Additional aspects to take note of is the fact that this is a manual oven not a digital one, it has convection feature, and it is also the most expensive model in this list due to its size.

However, for its size category, it is among the cheapest.

Again, if you need a family sized option, then this is the best budget toaster oven.


Why Go For Budget Toaster Ovens

There are plenty of reasons why going for an affordable toaster oven would make the most sense.

Great for Singles / Students

best budget toaster ovens

If you are a student, individual or a even a couple, then a small toaster oven for your would do just fine. Remember that the price of a toaster oven is directly related to its size.

The bigger the size, the more expensive it would be. Alternatively, the smaller the size, the cheaper toaster oven would be.

Therefore, the first thing to judge should be how many you want to serve. If you are answer is not many, then a small model would help you save up.

Simple Tasks

Budget toaster ovens are great for simple tasks like reheating and toasting slices of bread.

Toaster ovens come with a varying range of features. The more features a toaster oven has i.e rotisserie, Air Fryer, cooking presets, digital controls etc, the more expensive it would be.

Therefore, if you are striving the get the cheapest most option, then you should go for a manual knob controlled toaster oven.


One of the benefits of budget toaster ovens is that they are highly compact. Therefore, if you are challenged for space, then it would not be a hassle to fit them.

Furthermore, since these toaster ovens are compact, they also heat up fairly quickly and therefore reduce your reheating or toasting times. This in turn saves up on your energy bills in the long run.

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Final Words

Not all toaster ovens are created equally. While some are simple, others are complete multi-cookers suitable for chefs and hence are quite expensive too.

As such, if you are short on budget, or if you are looking for a model for simplest tasks, then going for one of the best budget toaster ovens would be the most frugal choice.

Fortunately, there are plenty of budget toaster ovens out there, albeit, digital models are more expensive.

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