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5 Best Toaster Ovens for Frozen Pizza in 2020

Who doesn’t love pizza. It is one of the few comfort foods that tastes awesome both fresh out of the oven as well as after being reheated.

If you have leftover or store bought frozen pizza, then you need a heating appliance that can do justice to its taste.

There are many cooking and reheating appliances like a microwave oven or even an air fryer, but none are more convenient than a toaster oven.

Toaster ovens retain the fresh taste and promote a crisp and brown texture for reheated frozen pizza. This is something that a microwave oven or a stove can never accomplish.

As such, if you are a pizza enthusiasts, here we will reviews some of the best toaster ovens for frozen pizza in 2020.

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Comparison of Top Toaster Oven for Frozen Pizza

Hamilton Beach 31123D - Convection Oven

An essential, easy to use, and affordable toaster oven.

If you are too confused about all the choices out there, we recommend you stick with this.

  • Fits Single 12 Inch Pizza
  • Convection Feature
  • 30 mins Timer
Hamilton Beach 31401 - Regular Budget Oven

One of the most affordable regular toaster oven

  • Fits Single 9 Inch Pizza
  • 30 mins Timer
Oster TSSTTVDGXL-SHP - Extra Large Oven

Extra large oven for serving a crowd.

  • Fits Two 16 Inch Pizzas
  • Double Racks
  • Convection Feature
  • 90 mins Timer
Breville BOV650XL - Smart Oven

Toaster Oven with high tech features. It is expensive, but gives perfect results.

  • Fits Single 12 Inch Pizza
  • Smart Oven with Proprietary Smart Element IQ technology
  • 8 Cooking Presets – Automatically Adjusts the Time
Hamilton Beach 31156 - 2-in-1 Oven

Toaster Oven with a built in slot toaster. Can come in handy for bagels and bread slices.

  • Fits Single 9 Inch Pizza
  • Offers a Slot Toaster
  • 60 mins Timer

How To Find the Right Toaster Oven?

Here are some of the things that you should be looking for while selecting your toaster oven for frozen pizza.


The price of the oven often relates to its size, number of features, the quality and its durability.

If you are an everyday or a frequent baker, then you should get a high-end product which can work for you for a longer period of time.

However, if you seldom bake or are learning to bake then you don’t need to spend much on it and going for a cheaper option would suffice.


The size of the toaster oven should be judged by three factors:

  1. Size of the Pizza you will reheat
  2. Size of the area in your kitchen where you will place the oven
  3. The amount of people you need to serve.
Best Toaster Ovens for Frozen Pizza
While most toaster ovens are generally compact and small, you can find large options that fit two large pizzas. Source: Oster

You will notice that some toaster ovens can only fit up to a single 9″ pizza whereas, others can fit multiple 16″ pizzas.

Therefore, the size you choose will depend upon your serving needs.

For personal use, a simple 12″ toaster oven would suffice. However, if you are running a small commercial kitchen, you may want to look into bigger options.

Special Features

Some toaster ovens have rotisserie mechanism others have pop-up toaster or an air fryer.

There are so many special features that a toaster can come equipped with. Of course, the more special features in an oven, the more expensive it will be.

However, if you want to combine two appliances in one to promote a clean and a clutter free kitchen, then looking into special features may help.

How to Reheat Pizza in a Toaster Oven?

If you want to capture the same rich flavor of all the ingredients that you get in a freshly baked pizza, you need to learn how to reheat your pizza in a toaster oven properly.

In the following guide, we have highlighted some important tips and tricks to get the most out of your frozen pizzas.

Pizza ReheatingGuide: How to Reheat Pizza in Toaster Oven

Learn how to store and warm up your frozen or leftover pizza in a toaster oven the right way.

List of Best Toaster Ovens for Frozen Pizza in 2020

  1. Hamilton Beach 31123D – Convection – Single 12″ Pizza
  2. Hamilton Beach 31401 – Budget Option – Single 9″ Pizza
  3. Oster Extra Large Toaster Oven – Convection – Double 16″ Pizza
  4. Breville BOV650XL Smart Toaster Oven – Single 12″ Pizza
  5. Hamilton Beach 31156 – With Slot Toaster – Single 9″ Pizza

1. Hamilton Beach 31123D – Convection – Singe 12″ Pizza

Hamilton Beach 31123D with Convection Fits Single 12-inch Pizza
A small, convenient and an affordable 12-inch pizza Toaster Oven with convection feature.

If you want to make a beeline for one the most recommended toaster ovens for an average person, then we highly recommend this option.

It features a single rack with two rack positions and can fit a single 12″ Pizza or 6 slices of bread at a time. As such, whether it is a small pizza that you want to defrost or if it is just a couple of slices, this toaster oven should come in handy.

One of the greatest plus points about this oven is that it is a convection oven and therefore has a built in fan that circulates the hot air inside. This results in even heating on all corners of the pizza.

The convection feature can be turned on or off depending upon the food that you cook. For example, if you are baking, then you can keep the convection feature off.

Moreover, besides being a convection oven , it is quite affordable and within most people’s reach.

The maximum temperature this toaster oven can reach is 450° Fahrenheit with a maximum cook cycle of 30 minutes. However, when baking at high temperatures for prolonged time, caution should be taken.

Other features include easy access roll top door as well as a removable crumb tray.

In short, if you came here looking for a typical option, then this is the best toaster oven for frozen pizza.

2. Hamilton Beach 31401 – Budget Option – Single 9″ Pizza

Hamilton Beach 31401 Affordable Option Fits Single 9-inch Pizza
The cheapest option in this list. This is a regular toaster oven excellent for those looking for a simple toasting appliance for their frozen pizza.

Next up we have the cheapest option in this list.

This is a simple regular oven without the convection feature. It fits a single 9″ pizza or 4 slices of bread.

The benefit here is that it is not only cheap to procure, but is also cheap to operate thanks to its low 1100 watts power rating. Plus with a small chamber, it should do quick work of reheating any frozen pizza so you don’t have to keep the device turned on for long.

Like the previous oven, this too operates at a maximum of 450° Fahrenheit and has 30 minute timer with auto shut off.

All in all, if you are looking for the cheapest option to toast a small pizza or individual slices, then this is the best toaster oven for frozen pizza in our opinion. It is very affordable and has also won favorable reviews.

3. Oster Extra Large Toaster Oven – Convection – Double 16″ Pizza

Oster Extra Large Toaster Oven with Convection Feature Fits Double 16 Inch Pizzas
If you want to serve a crowd or if you are a frequent baker, then this is an excellent large sized toaster oven for your kitchen.

This is a large toaster oven capable of fitting not just one, but two 16″ sized pizzas.

This toaster oven is one of the most affordable dual rack extra large option in the market. For this reason, it has won a vast number of favorable reviews from its customers.

While it does not have a dedicated reheat option, it is particularly designed for baking, broiling, defrosting as well as toasting.

Unlike the previous options, it has a timer that can run for 90 minutes. As such, you can literally cook meals and in multiple batches if you have to.

If you have a crowd to feed, or if you regularly cook pizzas in an oven, then we highly recommend this option.

However, you must note that this toaster oven is designed for far more than just reheating a frozen pizza. You can literally cook oven recipes in this appliance including roasts, lasagna etc. Therefore, for mere reheating, this can be an overkill.

In short, if you want to reheat pizza and at the same time explore your culinary horizons, then this is the best toaster oven for frozen pizza.

4. Breville BOV650XL Smart Toaster Oven – Single 12″ Pizza

Breville BOV650XL Smart Toaster Oven Fits Single 12 Inch Pizza
This toaster oven, albeit expensive, uses its proprietary Smart Element IQ technology for unprecedented control on heat. It can cook, toast and defrost evenly even without the convection feature.

If you want to stay on top of the technological curve, then a smart toaster oven may appeal to you.

However, you must be warned here that Breville BOV650XL is a fairly expensive device. As such, you must really gauge whether the features here are truly needed.

For starters, this devices supports a single 12″ pizza or 4 slices of bread.

The real beauty of this devices lies in its Smart Element IQ technology. Instead of just dumbly heating all over the place, this oven has sensors that transfer accurate heat into the chamber.

The toaster oven has eight dedicated functions for cooking and heating up different foods including pizza. You just have to select the appropriate item using the knob.

You must note, however, that despite its small size, this oven can get super hot due to its 1800 wattage. Normally ovens of this size are rated at 1200W.

However, this oven uses the extra power for quick preheating as well as for cooking particular food items that require extra heat. Just make sure you provide it with proper ventilation.

While spending a hefty amount on a non-convection oven may seem unsavory for most, its the internal smart technology that should be the deciding factor for this oven.

Basically, if you want smart sensors and ICs to take care of your toasting and cooking, then this is the best toaster oven for frozen pizza.

5. Hamilton Beach 31156 – With Slot Toaster – Single 9″ Pizza

Hamilton Beach 31156 2-in-1 Toaster Oven Fits Single 9 inch Pizza
This is yet another highly affordable compact toaster oven that not only fits 9 inch pizza, but also offers a Slot Toaster built in.

This is a fancy little machine by Hamilton Beach can help you with both your frozen pizza woes as well as with your breakfast.

The Slot Toaster on top of this oven can quickly crisp up your bagels and sliced bread. As such, if you are in a hurry, this can come in handy.

As far as the interior capacity goes, it is actually on the smaller side of the spectrum. The toaster can only fit about a 9 inch pizza. However, the two distinct rack positions should give you some control over your cooking.

While the pop-up toaster wouldn’t matter much as far as the Pizza is concerned, we just find this to be a very neat feature to have in a kitchen.

Therefore, if you seek versatility, then this is the best toaster oven for frozen pizza available for quite cheap.

Final Words

Here we had a look at some of the best toaster ovens for frozen pizza. We had a look at affordable as well as some of the more high end models.

The bottom line here is that toaster ovens come in a variety of sizes, budget and features. If you need a regular toaster oven without any other special function like a convection fan, then you can find one for pretty cheap.

On the higher end side, sky is the limit. You can find extra large toaster ovens with smart feature as well as other built in functions like a slot toaster and even an air fryer.


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