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5 Best Toaster Ovens for Roasting Vegetables in 2020

It goes without saying that vegetables are loaded with good nutrients and grilling or roasting them is a simple yet satisfying way to capture the original taste.

The best part, of course, is that it requires minimal and effort and very little time.

As such, for you veggie lovers out there, one of the best usages of your toaster oven is to roast veggies conveniently.

Hence, if you are looking for the best toaster ovens for roasting vegetables, then we can help. We have selected some of the best options in the market.

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Comparison of Top Toaster Oven for Roasting Vegetables

Oster Large Oven

Affordable digital toaster oven that can fit a large pan filled with veggies.

  • Fits 6 Slices of Bread or a 12.5 x 10.5 x 2 (L x W x H) inches Pan
  • Digital Controls
  • Low Powered at 1300 Watts, reaches 450 degrees Fahrenheit max

A highly affordable toaster oven with a wide body.

  • Fits 8 slices of bread or a wide 9×13″ pan
  • Manual Knob Controls
  • Mid Powered at 1500 Watts, Reaches 450 Degrees Fahrenheit max relatively quickly

A very large 30L or 1.0 Cubic Feet. This is literally a multicookers

  • Fit a 13 Inch Pizza
  • Digital Controls with 12 Cooking Functions
  • Air Fryer, Dehydrator, Rotisserie
  • High Powered 1800W – Reaches 450 Degrees Fahrenheit max quickly
Breville BOV800XL

A regular premium toaster oven that costs relatively high but delivers highly consistent results.

  • Fits 1 x 13″ Pizza, 6 Slices of Bread
  • Smart IQ Technology
  • High powered with 5 Quartz Elements
  • 9 Preset Functions
  • High Powered 1800 – Reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Quick Oven
Oster Extra Large Oven

A large toaster oven for supporting multiple pans filled with vegetables.

  • Fits 2 x 16″ Pizzas, 14 Slices of Bread
  • french doors
  • Digital Controls with Cooking Presets for various foods.
  • Mid Powered 1500 W – Reaches 450 Degrees Fahrenheit Max

How To Roast Vegetables in Toaster Oven

best toaster ovens for roasting vegetables

Roasting or grilling veggies is an excellent idea. It requires minimum effort, and can be prepared in no time

While, you may lose some essential nutrients in other ways of cooking, roasting vegetables is generally considered a highly healthy option.

Furthermore, cooking too much on flame may leave your veggies too soft, and they are very easy to overcook if you aren’t too careful.

With toaster oven, the processor is relatively simple. You just need to add a few drops of oil, preheat the oven at high heat and start the roasting process for 20 minutes or so.

There is a slight risk of overcooking if you are not careful, but if you monitor consistently, you can get crunchy, crispy and well textured roasted veggies out of your oven.

While the roasting temperature is generally recommended to be between 400 °F to 425 °F, you can experiment with higher temperatures.

Higher Temperatures

Some toaster ovens, such as Breville BOV800XL, can reach temperatures as high as 500 °F. These can allow you to do short work of your roasting endeavors. Of course, on higher temperatures chances of burning your veggies increases if you are not careful.

Also higher temperatures, while they will cook faster, they will also dehydrate the veggies and allow for a crispier texture.

It does not matter whether you peel them, cut them in your preferred style, season them with oil, lemon, garlic, pepper, or even herbs, anything can work when roasting.

Common Tips

Generally, the following tips work best for roasting common veggies.

  1. Preheat for 10 mins at 400ºF
  2. Set the temperature at about 425ºF when cooking
  3. Cooking time of 10-15 minutes
  4. Chop the vegetables into smaller pieces
  5. Spread the chopped vegetables out evenly on the tray
  6. Drizzle olive oil and seasoning before you roast.

List of Best Toaster Ovens for Roasting Vegetables

Here we have reviewed the selected toaster ovens in detail.

  1. Oster Large Capacity Toaster Oven – Highly Recommended
  2. BLACK+DECKER TO3240XSBD – Affordable Option
  3. COSORI 30L – Large Comprehensive Digital Oven
  4. Breville BOV800XL – Smart Oven
  5. Oster Extra Large Oven – For Feasts

1. Oster Large Capacity Toaster Oven – Highly Recommended

Oster Large Oven

A highly recommended low powered toaster oven that can fit decent sized pans.

This particular option by Oster is a compact option that is highly suitable for those who are challenged by a limited counter space. It is one of the few affordable toaster oven that comes with fully digital controls.

It is a low powered toaster oven with 1300 Watts of power. Therefore, it may take longer to reach a certain heat level, but given the overall value that isn’t too bad.

Fortunately, despite its small structure, there is ample of space inside. It can easily fit six slices of bread or can even accommodate a whole chicken inside.

The oven interior offers two rack positions. The baking tray can be placed in the lower rack if you have bits of chunkier cuts, but for thin slices or veggies that are easy to cook just place them near the heating element for about 5 minutes for quick roasting – remember to check every minute when broiling.

We all love the brown and crunchy texture of roasting, which regular microwave fails to give. But this one is powered by convection heat that not only cooks evenly but gives a brown color to your cooked items from all corners evenly.

The appliance comes with a digital and one-touch control panel with clearly marked options. An LCD screen shows the mode, time, and temperature. The user-friendly control panel provides all preset menu that cooks the ingredients on their optimal time and temperature.

Furthermore, the oven offers other convenient options like automatic shut-off and a 90 minutes timer as well.

Overall, it’s a good option for small kitchens with some nice digital features. If you are looking for a recommended option for an average household, then this is the best toaster oven for roasting vegetables in our opinion.

The toaster-oven may not be a great option for large scale cooking or baking, but it is perfect for meals like roasting veggies for a couple, making few batches of cookies, or reheating pizzas. It is reasonably priced and an affordable option as well.

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2. BLACK+DECKER TO3240XSBD – Affordable Option


This is an extra wide but affordable toaster that is one of its kind at this price tag. Can fit a regular 9×13″ pan. Features mid 1500W power.

If our previous option seems too small and pricey, then this one has a spacious interior and is priced much less as well.

This Black+Decker oven is still a compact option but has a slightly wider interior. It can fit eight slices of bread at a time and can bake a 12″ pizza at a time.

The wider body would allow you fit a wider tray layered with chopped vegetables.

It’s a convection oven as well, so baking and roasting results are more consistent. The convection heat involves a fan that circulates the heated air inside the oven.

Despite being a budget option, the small appliance gives the option for other cooking functions like broil, keep warm, reheat, and bagel as well.

The toaster oven provides only a 60-minute timer, which, unfortunately, is less than our previous option. However, the timer suits smaller tasks like baking cookies or roasting veggies but may not be very helpful in baking larger recipes or for roasting chicken.

The spacious interior fits the standard size dishes or baking trays. Veggies can even be roasted in serving dish. It can fit even 9×13″ dish with handles. The toaster oven comes with both broiling rack, baking tray, and a crumb tray as well.

The little drawback we can mention is its use of conventional knobs for setting time or temperature instead of a digital timer.

It could have been more precise with digital timer and an LCD screen, but still, it’s a cost-effective option and thus quite remarkable nevertheless.

All in all, if you are low on budget, we recommend this is as the best toaster ovens for roasting vegetables because of its wider frame that can fit large trays.

3. COSORI 30L – Large Comprehensive Digital Oven


A very large 30L or 1.0 Cubic Feet . An array of functions with digital controls including Air Fry and Dehydrator. All of which can be used to create different styles of roasted veggies.

This is a bit expensive compared to the rest of the options mentioned above, but it’s a multifunctional appliance that offers comprehensive functionality, large capacity and convenience.

It comes with 12 preset programs that include not only baking or toasting but options like air frying, bagel, dehydrator and a lot more.

All preset options allow optimal selection of time and temperature according to the type of food and cooking method.

Not only can you roast veggies in this oven, but its air frying option is more suitable for cooking vegetable fries as well.

Just sprinkle some salt and pepper and let the veggies air fry. These are way easier and healthier options than frying in oil or cooking on the stove.

The toaster oven has a space-saving construction. Its 30L capacity allows six bread slices at a time or can be used for baking a 13-inches of pizza. This should give you an idea about the size of tray it can support.

While this isn’t an essential feature for roasting veggies, you can note that this also comes with a complete rotisserie set for cooking a whole chicken as well.

Furthermore, its dehydrating function can dry certain veggies for you as well. The dehydrating option works well for preserving seasonal veggies for the year-round use as well.

The oven allows three rack positions and rotisserie settings as well. Crumb tray catches all the oil spills or scraps leaving easy cleanup afterwards. The nonstick interior also makes cleaning a breeze.

The toaster oven comes with an LCD screen and digital controls, but you have to cycle through different options with traditional knobs.

However, the control panel is quite intuitive so it shouldn’t be too hard to get used to the control. Overall, it’s a pricey option but offers great features and versatile cooking options as well.

As such, if you are looking for an easy to use large option, then this is the best toaster oven for roasting vegetables in our opinion.

4. Breville BOV800XL – Smart Oven

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven

A premium digital smart oven that comes with proprietary sensor technology and a very high 1800 Watts of power with the ability to reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

This one by Breville is even more expensive than our previous option, but it’s a smart toaster oven which is the epitome of technological advancement in this home appliance.

The oven features a proprietary Element IQ technology that literally takes care of the cooking for you.

Not only does it set the time and temperature for the food selected, it also makes sure that each of the 5 Quartz Heating elements are providing optimal and consistent heat to all corners of the cooking chamber. It does this with the help of many sensors.

The accurate temperature is essential for perfect results of recipes, especially for baking. Despite having a regular size, it has a power rating of a whopping 1800 Watts. This makes sense given the fact that it has 5 independent heat elements.

Unlike our previous options, this smart appliance offers a better user interface: the One-touch control panel and an LCD screen help in choosing the right menu conveniently.

The toaster oven provides ten preset functions that are good but not impressive if we compare its price with our previous option. The one biggest functions it misses out on is rotisserie.

An interesting feature is a slow cook function that can be used for tenderizing larger chunks of meat or other tougher ingredients.

It can also slow cook for up to 10 hours that probably makes it a dehydrator as well. The slow heat can be utilized to dry the moisture from meat, veggies, or fruits.

The interior is lit with automatic light that turns on when the door is opened. It can automatically shut off when the timer goes off. The toaster-oven is convection-powered unlike its cheaper models i.e the Breville BOV650XL.

Overall, it’s a quality product and offers the best technology toaster ovens have to offer. It goes without saying that if you have the money, then this is the best toaster oven for roasting vegetables.

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5. Oster Extra Large Oven – For Feasts

Oster Extra Large Oven

A large mid powered toaster oven that is fit enough to support two large pans filled with veggies.

All of our previous options are compact options that cover less space on the countertop and cook limited sized meal, but this one fit for feasts.

It is an excellent option for those who have a good budget and want to cater to the cooking needs of a large family.

While there are other large ovens available, very few offer digital controls. The digital controls that offer many presets include dehydrator, defrost, reheat etc make this an ideal large oven.

The first thing one notices is its French door opening that makes it quite accessible. With French Door, you are closer to the cooking racks and therefore, you can safely insert the food items without accidental spillovers.

The spacious interior can cook, bake, or roast in large batches. It can double 16-inch pizza easily. The capacity allows 14 bread slices at a time that makes it an extra-large option for a large household.

The oven provides dual rack within its spacious interior. Therefore, you can cook two recipes at a time as well. It can be used to broil chicken on one rack cook recipes on the other.

Overall it is an expensive option but you get extra-large capacity and useful features that provide versatile functionality and performance when cooking for large families and crowds. Therefore, if you plan to cook feasts, then this the best toaster oven for roasting vegetables.

Final Words

The best toaster ovens for roasting vegetables come in many different shapes and sizes and at many different price ranges.

If you need a simple oven for basic home use, a budget oven would do just fine, however, if you have some extra cash at hand and if you want to go for something advanced, then you can look into digital or smart toaster ovens.

The good news is that there are many options.

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