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5 Best Toaster Ovens Under $100 in 2021

If you are looking for low-mid range toaster ovens, you can find pretty decent options in the Under $100 range.

You can find a wide selection here with toaster ovens featuring multiple features including Air fryer combos.

A toaster oven in this particular category is generally suited for a regular sized family. These toaster ovens are not a replacement for your regular oven though. They are good only for preparing very small meals.

Also, if you are looking for smart toaster ovens with intelligent cooking presets and heat sensors, then this is not the price category for you. Here you will most fill ovens with basic controls.

With that said, let us review the best toaster ovens under $100 here.

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List of Best Toaster Ovens Under $100 in 2021

  1. Mueller Toaster Oven – Affordable Option
  2. Oster TSSTTVMNDG-SHP – Digital Toaster Oven
  3. Cuisinart AFR-25 – Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo
  4. Cuisinart TOB-60N1 – High Powered Broiler Oven
  5. Hamilton Beach 31107D – Double Rack Rotisserie Oven

1. Mueller Toaster Oven – Affordable Option

Budget-friendly oven with great functionality

If you want the most economical model then this is the best toaster oven under $100. It is well within the price range and it is rather suitable for individuals or very small family.

Needless to say that this is a very basic model. It has a low power rating of 1100 watts. So while this is great for those who are energy conscious, it is NOT a quick heat oven.

As far as the capacity goes, the oven has the smallest in this list with enough interior space to fit 4 slices of bread or a single 9″ pizza. Of course, if you have very small frozen snacks or frozen meals, you could prepare them too.

This toaster oven is very compact. It is excellent for those who are challenged by counterspace. Therefore, for basic reheating and toasting jobs, this is an excellent model in our opinion.

2. Oster TSSTTVMNDG-SHP – Digital Toaster Oven

This is a regular sized toaster oven with a wider width and depth and as such offers double racks for accommodating large meals. It is roomier and can handle meals for a small sized family.

Oster TSSTTVMNDG-SHP is our favorite toaster oven. As far as the price / dollar value goes, this oven is a winner in our opinion.

For starters, this is a digital toaster oven. Therefore, it offers an array of easy to use buttons as well as cooking presets for Toast, Pizza and as well as for reheating.

This digital toaster ovens work more or less like a microwave oven. You can either choose the presets or set the temperature and timer yourself and hit the start button.

Furthermore, the oven also has a much larger interior capacity as compared to the option above. It can has a wider interior so it can not only fit 6 slices of bread but also a single 12 inch medium sized pizza.

It can also fit in decent sized meals for quick heating jobs.

All in all, for its ease of use, we find this to be among the best toaster ovens under $100 price range.

3. Cuisinart AFR-25 – Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo

Cuisinart AFR-25 comes from a line of toaster ovens that features a built in Air Fryer from Cuisinart. This particular model happens to be the smallest and thus the cheapest in the series.

Cuisinart AFR-25 is a beautiful home appliance with one of the rarest combination for this price range.

This is a toaster oven that comes equipped with a very powerful convection fan giving it the ability to Air Fry.

Air Fryer can add a whole new horizon to your culinary prowess. With this you can prepare healthy oil free meals that resemble fried food in taste and texture.

As far as the toaster goes, the interior capacity has enough capacity to fit 6 slices of bread. So for morning toasting, baking or roasting, it still works like a normal toaster oven.

Another point to note is its premium stainless steel exterior. This is a beautiful compact appliance that can be a beautiful attraction in your kitchen.

In the end, if you love the versatility of an Air Fryer, then this is the best toaster oven under $100.

4. Cuisinart TOB-60N1 – High Powered Broiler Oven

This is an elegant looking affordable toaster oven with manual knob controlled settings and a high 1800 power rating for quick heating.

Cuisinart TOB-60N1 is a premium manual toaster oven with a high power toasting capability. Operating at 1800 watts, this is the only oven in this list that has the ability to reach 500 °F temperature.

This essentially makes it a broiler toaster oven or a quick oven. An oven as powerful as this can allow you to quickly heat up your food and also allows you to prepare your meals quickly.

While the model is still a manual one, it features fairly comprehensive modes including bake, broil, toaster, convection bake, and also keep-warm.

Furthermore, following in-suit with the Cuisinart premium exterior, this model also features a beautiful stainless steel exterior with minimalist design and compact form factor.

In terms of capacity, it is similar to most ovens of this price category. It features enough interior space to fit 6 slices of bread or a single 12″ pizza.

Again, if you need a powerful option that can help you save time, then this is the best toaster oven under $100.

5. Hamilton Beach 31107D – Double Rack Rotisserie Oven

A large dual rack option for those who need a family sized toaster oven at a budget.

Finally, we have the largest oven in this price category. It also happens to be the most expensive in this list, but for all the right reasons.

This is a dual rack toaster oven with enough capacity to fit 12 slices of bread on its two racks or two 12″ pizzas at a time. Therefore, for a large family or for cooking complex dishes, this is an excellent oven to have.

Other than the larger size this model also features the Rotisserie mechanism. The rotisserie revolving mechanism allows you to roast chicken or mounted meat evenly from all sides.

As such, this multi-function model is more than just suited for toasting bread or reheating pizza. This is a model that you can use to explore your baking and broiling skills.

While this may not be the most aesthetically appealing appliance, it gets the work done with its simple to use manual controls. And the fact that you are getting a very large capacity with a rotisserie function at less than $100 speaks volumes about its amazing value.

All in all, if you came here looking for the largest option that you can get your hands on, then this is the best toaster oven under $100.

What Can You Expect

You can expect a decent variety of toaster ovens here. From highly affordable simple toaster ovens all the way to multi function options, the under $100 is a vast low-mid range price category.

Small Capacity

Best Toaster Ovens for Camping

Most Toaster Ovens in under $100 price category are small and compact

For starters, you should not expect a large interior capacity. Most toaster ovens in this price category will be mini toaster ovens with about 0.6 Cubic Feet capacity.

This would translate to enough capacity for 6 slices of bread or a single 12″ pizza at max.

However, there are exceptions that offer much higher capacity.

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Digital and Manual

You can find both digital and manual toaster ovens under this price category. However, it goes without saying that digital toaster ovens are more expensive than their manual counterparts.

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No Smart Ovens

Best Digital Toaster Ovens

Smart Toaster Ovens such as those from Breville are expensive

There are digital ovens and then there are smart ovens. Smart ovens employ intelligent cooking options and also PID controllers and heat sensors for giving you very comprehensive controls.

Unfortunately, these toaster ovens are expensive and should not be expected in this price category.

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Final Words

If you are looking for a mid range or a budget toaster oven than you can find fairly great options under the $100 range.

In this article we looked at some of the best toaster ovens under $100 that we believe deserve a consideration. Each of the aforementioned oven is great in one way or another.

The one you choose in the end will depend upon how much of a functionality you are looking for.

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