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5 Best Toaster Ovens with 500 Degrees Fahrenheit in 2021

If you are looking for a toaster oven not just for mere toasting of bread but to cook complex recipes, and especially roasting, then you need to look for an option that can reach temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 260 degree Celsius.

It should also be note that while conventional toaster ovens have a power rating of 1500 Watts with 450 degree Fahrenheit max temperature, those reaching very high temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit have an average of 1800 Watts.

A hot oven can not only help you roast your chicken or meat to a crisp, it can also help you cook them QUICKLY.

Not all toaster ovens can reach such high temperatures and the ones that do generally have premium build and thus cost a bit more.

Here we will check out the best toaster ovens with 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature setting.

You may notice that these toaster ovens are also known as broiler ovens since they are particularly useful for short broiling cycles whereby you may want to brown or toast the surface quickly.

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List of Best Toaster Ovens with 500 Degrees Fahrenheit

The following toaster ovens have a temperature reaching 500 degrees Fahrenheit range.

  1. Cuisinart TOB-60N1 – Manual Affordable High Heat Toaster Oven
  2. Cuisinart TOB-135N 157 – Digital Affordable Toaster Oven with 500 Degrees
  3. Cuisinart TOB-200 – Digital Option with Rotisserie
  4. Breville BOV800XL – Smart Oven
  5. Breville BOV900BSS- Large Capacity Smart Oven with Air Fryer

1. Cuisinart TOB-60N1 – Manual Affordable High Heat Toaster Oven

First up we have the most basic oven you can get in this category. Quite naturally, it is also one of the most affordable 500 degrees broiler toaster oven out there.

It has a capacity of 0.6 Cubic Feet which is enough for six slices of bread, to give you an idea. You must note here that compared to the regular 450 F degrees toaster ovens of this size category, this is certainly more expensive.

However, thanks to the very high 1800 watts power rating, it can help you prepare your meals quickly. Plus 1800 watts power on a toaster oven with a mere 0.6 CU Feet is an overkill. The benefit here is that things will be cooking and reheating inside instantly.

Another important feature to note here is that this is a durable, premium build toaster oven that looks beautiful from the outside. It has stainless steel exterior with minimalist look and simple manual knob controls for operation.

As such, if you came here looking for a simple, compact, and an affordable option, then this is the best toaster oven with 500 degrees.

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2. Cuisinart TOB-135N 157 – Digital Affordable Toaster Oven with 500 Degrees

Cuisinart TOB-135N 157 is almost exactly like the Cuisinart TOB-60N1 above, but instead of offering manual controls, this offers digital controls.

It has the same capacity of 0.6 CU Feet, the same power rating of 1800 watts and the same beautiful stainless steel exterior.

However, along with the fact that it costs more than it manual counterpart, it offers digital controls that are intuitive and easy to use. If you were looking for a compact option with controls and ease-of-use factor similar to a microwave oven, then this is the best toaster oven with 500 degrees.

It should be noted that this is the cheapest digital toaster oven with a 500 Degree Fahrenheit setting.

Since it is a digital oven, it also comes with 7 cooking functions and buttons that include control of toaster, bagel, convection fan, bake, broil, reheat and defrost.

Like all premium Cuisinart toaster ovens, this also comes with Exact HeaTM temperature sensor so that the oven can maintain an accurate temperature.

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3. Cuisinart TOB-200 – Digital Option with Rotisserie

If you are a fan of roasting chicken and meat, then this is the oven for you.

This oven costs much more than the options we saw above and it also has a larger interior capacity with 0.75 Cubic Feet. However, while it is still compact in terms of length and width, the higher height accounts for the dedicated Rotisserie mechanism.

A Rotisserie mechanism, rotates the mounted meat over a certain time interval so that it cooks evenly from all corners. Therefore, for those who love to roast, there is nothing more sublime than this feature..

The mechanism can handle up to 5 pounds of chicken.

Other than that, being a premium digital oven, this not only has the Exact heat sensor for maintaining precise temperatures, it also has an array of features and cooking presets.

The oven comes with a whopping 12 cooking functions and presets.

From setting the shades of a toast all the way to roasting, or broiling, this is one of best toaster oven with 500 degrees Fahrenheit setting for those who value the rotisserie function.

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4. Breville BOV800XL – Smart Oven

Breville BOV800XL is an expensive and a premium regular sized oven. While it has a nominal temperature of 450 degrees for cooking average items, when broiling, it can go all the way to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has larger interior capacity as compared to the toaster ovens above with 0.8 Cubic Feet . As such, it can fit a 6 pound chicken or a 13 inch pizza.

This remarkable space advantage. that too on a broiler oven. is excellent when you need to cook larger meals for a crowd.

The ovens comes with a beautiful stainless steel look. It has three minimalist dials. One of for time, one for temperature and the last one for setting the function.

The function can bet set via the dial using the large LCD screen for navigation. One of the best things this oven offers is a memory. You can change the presets around to your desired temperature and the oven will remember it the next time you use the same function.

Another important technology employed in this oven is the Breville Element IQ technology whereby the oven uses PID heat sensors to monitor the temperature and set the right temperature for each of the 5 quartz heating element independently.

Overall, if you need a larger broiler option with premium technology, then this is the best toaster oven with 500 degrees Fahrenheit setting.

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5. Breville BOV900BSS – Large Capacity Smart Oven with Air Fryer

This is the largest and the most expensive broiler oven in this list. Subsequently, it also comes with the most versatile functions.

Like the Breville Toaster Oven above, this too is a premium model with exquisite design, durable build quality and smart embedded technology i.e memory and PID controller with heat sensor.

However, unlike the previous oven, this has 6 quartz heating element instead of 5. Moreover, it has 2 x convection heating fans instead of just one.

The addition of another convection fan increases the amount of hot air the toaster oven can circulate inside the cavity. This gives it the ability to Air Fry. The air frying ability remove the need for the food to be deep fried in cauldron of oil.

The Air Fry functionality can add another dimension to your cooking skills. Along with an Air Fryer, the oven also has the Dehydrator function using which you can create your own crispy snacks or long lasting ingredients.

The oven has a 1.0 Cubic Feet interior capacity making it the largest oven in this list. You can fit 4 racks for dehydrating, or two racks for toasting or just a single pan occupied with a 14 pound turkey.

All in all, if you came here looking for the largest model possible, then this is the best toaster oven with 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. It offers so much more than options we saw above, including Air Frying capability, Dehydrator as well as a large interior capacity.

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Why Go for a Hot Oven

There are few reason why going for a very hot oven can make sense and it all depends upon your culinary needs.

Crisp Texture

Best Toaster Ovens with 500 Degrees

With broiling, top heating element turns on source: Image Source: All Recipes

A hot broiler oven can dehydrate your meals quickly and make them crispier than normal toaster ovens.

This is especially true if you need a layer of crispy skin on your roasted chicken or a crispy crunch to your roasted vegetables.

Quick Heating

An oven that can reach temperatures of 500 degree Fahrenheit has a very high power rating. Not only does it reach such high degrees of temperature, it can also reach them quickly.

As such, if you want to defrost or reheat leftovers, then these ovens can be essential time savers.

Quick Cooking Method

Like quick reheating, these ovens are also excellent for cooking meals quickly. Do you want to roast your vegetables in 5-10 minutes. Do you want to quickly prepare your frozen meals?

In that case, hot toaster ovens can come in handy. Since they also employ very powerful convection fans, they can cook almost anything very evenly and in a jiffy.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

pyrolytic cleaning

With Pyrolytic cleaning, food residue turns into ashes. Image Source:

This comes in handy when you have stubborn stains left inside the toaster oven chamber that just won’t come out.

Pyrolytic Cleaning refers to the technique whereby very hot temperature literally melt the greasy stains away. This technique turns food residue into ashes.

However, utmost safety and care must be taken when cleaning the oven using this technique.

Use Hot Oven Safe Utensils

It is essential to use hot/broiler oven safe utensils inside hot ovens. Some types of aluminum trays can melt under 500 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

As such, when broiling, make sure you have checked the specifications and compatibility of the utensils.

Keep an Eye

Broiling at 500 degrees Fahrenheit is usually done only for a short while. This is because the direct heat from top heating elements can burn the of the food easily.

Therefore, it is essential that you keep an eye on it and check your food almost every minute when broiling with a very high temperature is set.

Final Words

Here we looked at the best toaster ovens with 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures settings. This is higher than the average 450 degree Fahrenheit max found on most toaster ovens.

The toaster ovens reaching high temperatures cost a bit more than their same size counterparts, and they also have a much higher power rating averaging at about 1800 watts.

In short, these options are excellent if you want to quickly reheat or cook your meals. They are not only hot, but they can reach high temperature very quickly thanks to their small chambers and very high power rating.

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