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4 Best Toaster Ovens with French Doors in 2021

There are many types of toaster ovens out there with different door styles. There are the normal front pull down doors, then you have roll top doors and finally, the largest toaster ovens feature the french doors.

There are many reasons why you may find french doors, aka double doors, appealing on a toaster oven. For starters they provide easy access and secondly they look beautiful.

While toaster ovens with french doors are rare, fortunately, there are few options that stand out in the market.

Here in this article we will review some of the best toaster ovens with french doors.

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List of Best Toaster Ovens with French Doors

The following four toaster ovens have excellent large French Doors.

  1. Oster Extra Large Oven – Recommended Digital Option
  2. Luby Toaster Oven – Affordable
  3. Oster TSSTTVFDXL – Rotisserie Function
  4. Maxi-Matic ETO-4510M – Independently Controlled Heating Elements

1. Oster Extra Large Oven – Recommended Digital Option

This large and expensive toaster oven can 2 x 16″ pizzas and comes with digital control with plenty of presets including a dehydrator and automatic reheating.

First up we have the most recommended extra large toaster oven with french doors. The reason we personally like this models is because of its digital controls.

However, due to its expensive price tag, this may not be suitable for all.

For starters, as mentioned earlier, this is a large toaster that can fit 2 x 16″ pizzas or even a whole turkey inside its chamber. Therefore, if you love cooking up large batches of meals, then this option can work great for you.

Other than that, this oven is very easy to control with its digital buttons and an LCD for information. On top of that, it also comes with presets for Pizza as well as for Defrost.

Therefore, for cooking or for simple reheating, you can should be able to easily use this.

Finally, it also includes the dehydrator function which basically allows you to create dehydrates snacks and ingredients out of common food items.

As far as size with functionality goes, this is oven is on the top. Unfortunately, so it its price tag.

2. Luby Toaster Oven – Affordable

Extra Large oven can fit 2 x 14″ pizzas. Offers manual knob controls. Highly affordable for its size.

While the previous toaster oven was on the expensive side of the price spectrum, this one lies on the cheapest one.

So basically, if you want an economical model, then this is the best toaster oven with french doors.

It does not offer digital controls like the previous oven, but its manual knob selectors are quite intuitive to use anyways.

The capacity of this model is slightly smaller with enough space to fit 2 x 14″ pizza or a large 20 lb turkey easily.

You must note that despite having a high power rating of 1800 watts, the temperature on this toaster oven maxes out at 450 °F. As such, it does not have the quick heat feature which requires at least 500 °F.

All in all, this is a great toaster oven for all kinds of baking and broiling needs at an affordable value.

3. Oster TSSTTVFDXL – Rotisserie Function

This is an extra-large and a beautiful stainless steel toaster oven with enough capacity to fit 2 x 16” pizza or a small 14 lb turkey easily. Comes with Rotisserie function.

Next up we have another extra large oven by Oster. While this does not have digital controls like we saw with the Oster model above, it does have a few features up its sleeves that make it highly lucrative.

For starters, note that this costs almost as much as the digital option above, yet it only features manual controls. So why is it more expensive?

That is because unlike the one above, this oven features a dedicated rotisserie function. If you are a meat lover and if you love roasting, then you will value the rotisserie function this toaster oven offers.

Furthermore, this oven has just plain gorgeous looks. It has a clean stainless steel exterior that can fit and suit almost any kitchen interior decor. The oven speaks of high build quality from each and every corner.

As far as the size is concerned, this too can handle 2 x 16″ pizza or a large sized turkey like its digital counter part above.

All in all, the rotisserie functions and the stainless steel looks sets this model apart. If you value these both, then we highly recommend this as the best toaster oven with french doors.

4. Maxi-Matic ETO-4510M – Independently Controlled Heating Elements

This is a compact double door toaster oven that can fit 2 x 12” pizzas. Comes with rotisserie function as well as separately controlled temperature settings for top and bottom heating elements.

Maxi-Matic ETO-4510M is the smallest of all the toaster ovens listed above. While it still offers dual racks, it only has a capacity or enough space to fit 2 x 12″ pizzas.

Therefore, if you have a limited kitchen counter-space or if you specifically came here looking for a compact option, then this is should appeal to you.

Other than its compact size, this toaster oven also offers the most comprehensive manual control. You will notice that unlike normal manual controlled ovens that have three knobs, this oven features four knobs.

This is because 2 of the knobs are dedicated to each heating element separately. Therefore, you can set the temperature of the top and bottom heating element independently.

With this function, you can literally cook two separate meals together. In other words, you can use the top heating element for something that needs broiling on the top rack. On the other hand, you can use the bottom rack for some that needs baking on the bottom rack. Both at the same time!

The other two knobs provide settings for timer and cooking mode. Speaking of cooking modes, this also offers the Rotisserie Function. This should come as a delight for those who love roasting meat.

In the end, if you love compactness and high control over your keeping than this is the best toaster oven with french doors.

Why Go For Toaster Ovens with French Doors

You seldom find toaster ovens featuring french doors. French doors are generally seen in industrial or commercial sized ovens found in bakeries.

Luckily, some large toaster oven variants for home use do feature these doors. The question remains, however, why should you for for a toaster oven with french doors?

Well, there are a few good reasons.

Large Capacity

Large Capacity

Source: Luby Extra Large Toaster Oven

For starters, most toaster ovens featuring french doors are the largest of their kind in this home appliance category.

Therefore, if you want to cook large sized meals, multiple meals, or if you love baking or roasting then these ovens would be great for you.

Easy Access

Best Toaster Ovens with French Doors

French doors allow easy to access to the toaster oven racks.

Since toaster ovens featuring french doors are large, it would be difficult for you to reach out with your heavily loaded food trays and pans should the toaster oven feature the simple pull down doors.

Furthermore, a single large door would need a lot more space in the front compared to double doors that would require half as much.

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Great Looking

French doors give your toaster ovens an exclusive look. Since french doors are rare, having one would be a luxury and can easily grab the attention of many visiting your kitchen.

They are also great if french doors falls in line with your interior decor.

Final Words

Here we looked at some of the best toaster ovens with french doors. These are the rarest kind of toaster ovens since only a select few extra large models feature these.

Nevertheless, if you value good looks and ease of access, then french doors are excellent.

There aren’t a whole lot of options available, but fortunately, you can find one that can fit your basic requirements be it affordability, digital, or compactness.

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