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Can You Use Parchment Paper in a Toaster Oven? | Are There Any Risks?


Author: Cornelia Suehr
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A lot of us love to use parchment paper when cooking because of it’s non-stick property. However, if you are new to using this material you may be asking can you use parchment paper in a toaster oven? Are there any risks and precautions attached?

Basically, Yes! Parchment paper CAN be used in your toaster oven if you take proper precautions. Often times we assume that because it’s paper, it is likely to burn when we use it and therefore is not safe for use in a toaster oven. Though this is true, precautions like not putting your parchment paper close to your ovens heating element will help maintain safe practices.

In this article we will discuss more about parchment paper, including when and when not to use parchment paper in a toaster oven.

We will further consider possible dangers that can be associated with the use of parchment paper in toaster oven.

However, before we begin, let us look a bit into what a parchment paper is for newbies.

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What is Parchment Paper and Why is it Used in Toaster Oven?

Can You Use Parchment Paper in a Toaster Oven
A brown parchment paper is unbleached.

A parchment paper is a grease and moisture resistant paper that is used to bake. It is usually preferred to its many alternatives such as foil because of it’s non-stick property.

It is also often used as an alternative to greasing pans before use. Parchment paper helps your food come off easily and can even be recycled in some cases. There are two types of parchment paper:

The bleached parchment paper and the unbleached parchment paper.

Bleached parchment paper is treated and is white. Unbleached parchment paper has a brown shade, and is untreated with chemicals. The unbleached parchment paper are generally more expensive.

So Can You Use Parchment Paper in a Toaster Oven?

Can You Use Parchment Paper in a Toaster Oven
Parchment is essential for most baking recipes.

The answer is a resounding yes!

Parchment paper is heat resistant and as such can be used in an oven.

However, it should not be used for too long in a very dry and hot oven as it could burn your food.

Procedure for Usage

Below are the step by step procedure for using parchment paper in a toaster oven:

  1. Start by turning your pan over and laying on the parchment paper. This is to cut out the exact shape and size of your pan on the parchment paper
  2. Place the cut out parchment paper inside the pan
  3. Pour in your batter or any food you want to bake
  4. Place in the toaster oven. Ensure that no part of the parchment paper is sticking out.
  5. Voila, your food is ready. Turn over onto a plate or another parchment paper and eat.

Parchment can be used to prepare most foods.

Safety Precautions for the Use of Parchment Paper

Make Sure that No Part of the Parchment Paper is Sticking Out to Avoid Fire Hazards or Burns

Some people prefer their parchment paper sticking out because it will allow for easy carriage of food when done.

It’s a very risky thing as paper may touch any hot surface and burn.

Do Not Use in a Halogen Toaster Oven or An Oven Lit by Halogen Light Bulb

Halogen toasters  are known for their ability to heat and cook very speedily. But their cooking method makes them extremely unsafe for parchment paper use.

Parchment paper will easily burn in halogen ovens compared to other oven types.

Ensure that the Parchment Paper does not Touch the Walls of the Oven

The walls of your toaster ovens can also become danger areas. They are hotter than most of the other parts of the oven, except the heating element and can cause your parchment paper to burn.

Ensure it’s not Close to the Oven’s Heating Element

Don’t allow your parchment paper to get too close to your oven’s heating element, it might end up in flames.  This is why it is advisable to cut out just enough parchment paper. And in the exact size of your pan or plate.

Do not Reuse the Parchment Paper more than Three Times

Due to it’s non-stick quality it is more likely to burn with each use. It is reusable for a maximum of 3 times. When used more than 3 times, the result is that the paper must have become very thin and can easily burn out.

Temperature Limit for Parchment Paper

Usually, you should not put parchment paper in a toaster oven above 420°, others say 450° but it is advised that you totally refrain from using in heating conditions over 425°.

Also, you should not use parchment paper unless your oven manufacturers have said it is alright.

Numerous manufacturers have argued that extreme high heat in parchment paper only causes the parchment paper to disintegrate and fall apart when you’re trying to take it out. It can contaminate your food.

For foods like pizza and simple pastries, you’re not likely to have issues with your oven’s heat affecting your food.

But when you bake foods like bread that require extreme heat and usually stay in the oven for over 30 minutes, refrain from using parchment paper and consider safer alternatives.

Parchment Paper vs Wax Paper

was vs parchment paper
Wax and Parchment paper are two different materials used for different applications. Source: rd.com

Parchment paper is often times confused with wax paper. Wax paper contains, well, wax and is also non-stick and moisture resistant.

However it is dangerous to use it in a toaster oven because it is not heat resistant. It could melt or ignite. So, can wax paper go in oven? No!

Wax paper is way cheaper than parchment oven and can sometimes serve as a substitute for parchment paper but should not be used inside a toaster oven.

Wax paper is used for freezing purposes and not for anything that has to do with heat.

Wax paper unlike parchment paper is glazed with wax which usually prevents food from sticking to it but when wax paper is used in extreme heat, the wax can melt into your food and the paper can begin to burn.

When not dealing with extreme heat, you can use either of them interchangeably for your kitchen needs.

Dangers of Using Parchment Paper in Your Toaster Oven

It can Disintegrate

Extremely high heat, even when parchment paper isn’t directly touching a heat source can cause it to disintegrate.

Once you try to pick up your parchment paper, it will begins to fall to smaller and messier pieces.

If you are preparing a meal such as chicken or pizza, a few of these annoying pieces can get into your food.

It can Smoke

Your parchment paper will likely smoke before it burns.

Since your oven is an enclosed space, even if you’re able to avoid the fire, there’s no telling how much the smoke can affect your food. It might begin to smell of smoke.

Therefore, you should refrain from using parchment paper in extremely high heat or for long periods of time

It can Burn

Though parchment paper has been designed to withstand extreme heat conditions, when directly touching the heating element of your toaster oven or the oven wall, it will definitely burn. The result could be devastating if not properly taken care of.


In this article, we looked into whether can you use parchment paper in toaster oven or not. The answer is yes, they are safe to use and are essential for baking.

However note that parchment paper are heat resistant but not flame resistant.

Even if you want to use parchment paper in your toaster oven, avoid letting it get too close to your toaster oven’s heating element and don’t use it to broil.

Also don’t expose your parchment paper to high heat over long periods of time as it can begin to disintegrate and ruin your food.

Avoiding all these as well as abiding with other safety precautions in the manual will help you practice safety in your kitchen while getting the best out of your toaster oven and parchment paper.


1. Is it safe to use parchment paper in the toaster oven?

Parchment paper is a fire hazard in any oven, but especially so in toaster ovens due to the proximity of the heating sources to the food. If you want to use parchment paper in your toaster oven, keep it away from the heating element and avoid broiling; alternatively, use a non-hazardous mat such as a Silpat. If you prefer not to have one, use aluminum foil (cautiously).

2. Can you put aluminum foil in the toaster oven?

No, the foil should not come into contact with the internal walls of a toaster oven. The foil may melt onto the surface of the wall, making cleaning difficult and preventing the inside from heating correctly, possibly permanently damaging the toaster oven.

3. Can you use glass pans in a toaster oven?

Generally, you cannot use a toaster oven with glass. The oven's heat may cause the glass to overheat. It may break, causing harm to the interior of your toaster oven. These are marked "oven-safe."

4. What temp will paper catch on fire?

Although paper ignites at approximately 480 degrees Fahrenheit, it burns at a much higher temperature. A paper fire's core temperature is approximately 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit; give or take a couple hundred. The flames' tips are typically between 600 and 800 degrees.

5. Is parchment paper flammable?

Parchment paper is silicone-coated, nonstick, and resistant to burning at temperatures up to 450o F, making it ideal for use in the oven. Whereas wax paper is difficult to fold, delicate, and combustible (let alone the odors and food hazards associated with melted wax), parchment paper is versatile and resilient.

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