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How to Cook Toaster Strudel in Oven? – Learn Here


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Toaster strudels are amazing convenience food that can be easily prepared within a couple of minutes. But the question remains, how to cook toaster strudel in oven?

Basically, toaster strudels need to be thawed first since they are generally kept frozen. After thawing, preheat the toaster oven at 350°F for 10 minutes and then toast the strudels inside for another 10 minutes at the same temperature.

Toaster strudels are flour products that are crunchy like when prepared, they are usually prepared by being put in the oven for a couple of minutes to toast evenly, then left to cool for a while to avoid scalding because of the imbued heat.

It is much sweeter when it is cool enough and flavors can be easily identified.

Toaster strudels are usually preserved by being frozen and need to be thawed before toasting. Strudels are the perfect breakfast, they can also be accompanied by fruits or some milk.

Below we will talk extensively about how to prepare toaster strudels.

How to Cook Toaster Strudel in Oven

Toaster strudel in oven
Always remember to preheat your oven. Source: Oventoasternapi

Toaster strudels are usually prepared in toasters. With the advent of toaster ovens, it has become much speedier and easier to prepare. To cook your toaster strudels:

  1. Bring out your strudels from the fridge to thaw, just the quantity you need
  2. Preheat your oven to about 350°
  3. Spread out a baking sheet or foil paper on your oven tray and lay the strudels on them.
  4. Put the pan in the preheated oven and leave to bake for 8-10 minutes. If using toaster oven, set the toast mode.
  5. Check at 3 minutes intervals to make sure that they are being cooked on both sides and not burning.
  6. Bring it out of the oven and lay it on a plate to cool for a couple of minutes.
  7. Prepare the icing and pipe them on you strudel
  8. You can also add your desired topping to the strudel.
  9. Your toaster strudel is ready to eat

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Should You Cook Your Strudels in a Microwave Oven

Some people do not recommend cooking your strudels in a microwave oven as it might not cook evenly throughout and the strudels get ruined.

The most practicable reason for this is the fact that strudels are frozen food. And microwave ovens tend to heat up too fast and very easily.

If your strudels haven’t been thoroughly thawed prior to this, your strudels might not be in a good shape when you take it out.

It might end up being crusty on one side and not properly cooked on the other. So you might want to consider a convection oven, a toaster or a toaster oven for your strudels.

So in short you cannot use a microwave oven to prepare toaster strudels.

However, what you CAN do is use the combination of microwave as well as the stove if you do not have toaster oven or a regular oven available.

To do this, put them in the microwave oven for 1-3 minutes just so that it can thaw and the temperature can even out. Once that is done, transfer it to a non-stick pan to cook on a stove. Just cook under low to medium it and only for a couple of minutes at a time.

Check the sides at regular intervals to make sure that it is not burning and cook until its golden or light brown.

You can leave your strudels out of the pan for a couple of minutes before eating. This is because the fruit filling will be thoroughly cooked and burning hot and might end up scalding your tongue.

Sure the results will not be as perfect as toaster or regular oven, it can suffice.

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Can You Cook Toaster Strudels in an Oven?

Toaster Strudel
Toaster strudels can easily be prepared using toaster ovens. Source: Blog

Sure you can.

In fact, you can toast a larger batches of straddles at a time.

if you have a regular oven that does not have a TOAST mode, then you will need to flip them on equal intervals.

However if you do have a toaster oven, simply select the TOAST mode. This will turn both the top and bottom heating elements on and prepare your strudels just as a normal slot toaster would.

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How Long Should you Cook Your Toaster Strudel

how to cook toaster strudel in oven
Toaster Strudels should not be cooked for more than 10 minutes.

Toaster strudels are great and delicate and cooking them not long enough or too long might end up ruining them and you really don’t want that.

Ideally, toaster strudels should be cooked for about 8-10 minutes especially if you are using a toaster oven, they are super predictable so under medium heat of about 350°F, your strudels shouldn’t take too long to cook.

If you are using other cooking methods, however, like a pan + microwave combo we mentioned earlier, you might want to regulate to very low heat and flip them over at a 1-minute interval to ensure that they are being cooked evenly and are not burning.

Toaster strudels have really short cooking spans because it is a convenience food, so you don’t want to overcook it.

How Long Can you Keep Your Toaster Strudels For

Toaster strudels can be kept in your freezer for up to 3 months. They should be thoroughly frozen all the time for as long as you’re not eating it yet due to their base product which is flour and the fact that they are a type of pastries.

You should not thaw them if you’re not using them immediately otherwise they will get spoiled. I don’t recommend you keeping the strudels in the freezer for more than 3 months, it might still be fine to eat after that but to be on the safe side, consume within 3 months.

Once you’ve prepared your strudels, you should consume within a couple of hours.

Ideally, you should only prepare a quantity of strudel that will not be too much so that you will be able to finish it within the day.

Finally, strudels are convenience food, they aren’t exactly the best option for breakfast especially since they are more like a snack. You should consider a more loaded breakfast.

But they are a great snack with the tasty filling and icing. And now since you know how to cook toaster strudel in oven you should be able to prepare them easily yourself.

Can You Eat Your Toaster Strudels Cold

No, you can’t. Toaster strudels packaging comes with instructions for preparing it to eat and the instructions are quite easy to follow. Since toaster strudels are kept in the freezer for a long time to keep it preserved, it is not safe to be eaten raw.

You can decide to either cook it in a toaster oven or a regular toaster. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes to cook if you’re using the right temperature.


1. How long do toaster strudels go in the oven?

Cooking time is approximately 9 to 10 minutes. Place the frozen toaster strudels on a foil-lined baking sheet after preheating the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Strudels should be cooked for eight to ten minutes on each side, or until golden brown. Allow five minutes for the pastries to cool, as the fruit filling will be extremely hot.

2. Are toaster strudels healthy?

While Pop Tarts and Toaster Strudels are convenient, they are probably more unhealthy than you realize. The crust is composed of flour, fat, and sugar, while the filling is composed entirely of sugar. They contain no fruit at all. Consuming these empty calories and unhealthy fats is the absolute worst way to begin the day.

3. Is Toaster Strudel a breakfast?

Although Toaster Strudel is marketed as a breakfast pastry, it is most similar to Austrian strudel, which are layered pastries with a sweet filling. If you want a genuine strudel for breakfast, you should brave the bakery line.

4. Can you air Fry Toaster Strudel?

You certainly can. We've discovered the ultimate trick for warming up flaky Pillsbury Toaster Strudel without turning on the oven or toaster! Due to the air fryer's rapid air circulation cooking process, both sides of the Toaster Strudel are perfectly browned without burning in as little as 8 minutes.

5. What's the best toaster strudel flavor?

The best Toaster Strudel flavors include cherry, apple cream, bacon, egg and cheese scrambles, strawberry cream, blueberry, chocolate, cinnamon roll with Cinnabon flavor, Danish style cream cheese, raspberry, strawberry, apple, wildberry, Boston Cream Pie, S'mores, Snickerdoodle, and pumpkin pie.

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