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Mueller Austria Toaster Oven Review | The Compact Size With the Cooking Power of a Convection Oven


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This Mueller Austria Toaster Oven review is the only guide you'll need if you're trying to make a decision whether to buy this sleek-looking, stainless steel 4-slice toaster oven...or not.

As lovers of every kitchen gear in the market, this Mueller Austria definitely got our attention. This review would showcase cooking functions and unique features, so buckle up and decide later if this machine is worthy of your hard-earned money.

Toaster Oven Hybrids: Small but Powerful

Gone are the days when toaster ovens were just designed to cater exclusively to toasting bread. The modern toaster ovens look like hybrid countertop machines - mixing the compact size of a traditional toaster oven with the cooking power of a convection oven. On the other hand, there are numerous quality options when it comes to non-convection ones.

Simply put, the Mueller Austria we're showing you today is a convection toaster that boasts a wide temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees F.

muller oven

This Mueller toaster oven is designed with convection technology that naturally circulates air for quicker and more evenly cooked meals. And because this stainless steel multifunctional oven can bake, broil, toast, and keep food warm, there's a good chance you'll make this convection oven your go-to kitchen tool. And, if you have a mobile kitchen, follow this link.

Mueller Austria Multi-Function Toaster Oven Review

Mueller Austria MT-175 model is a multi-function, stainless steel toaster oven 4-slice unit. "4 slice" here refers to four slices of bread or pizza.

MT-175 Countertop Toaster Oven Design

Design-wise, the stainless steel exterior is eye-catchy, but also effective in keeping dirt away. And if you're a fan of the industrial kitchen look, this silver compact toaster oven is definitely a good addition to your cooking equipment.

This stainless steel countertop toaster oven measures 16.88 x 13.88 x 11.25 inches and weighs just a little over 2 pounds. That's super lightweight for something as sleek-looking.

in the kitchen

Even the set of 3 dial controls (for controlling temperature, function, and time) look so sleek in black and gray themes. Located beside the cool blue indicator light, the dials are self-explanatory, as Mueller Austria definitely designed the menu with the users in mind.

The large glass door on the toaster oven lets you keep an eye on your food. Open the oven door and you'll be greeted by a spacious oven interior. It is spacious enough to toast 4 slices (see best 4-slice toaster ovens here) of bread for a golden brown toast every time.

And because of its slightly curved interior, heating or cooking a 9-inch pizza results in evenly cooked pizza with a crispy crust.

As an oven toaster equipped with convection technology, you wouldn't have to worry about power consumption as it uses up to 60% less energy compared to traditional ovens.


Dual-Position Rack

This Austin Mueller toaster oven comes with a free multipurpose non-stick pan, which you can place in either of the two rack positions.

If you're a baker, you know how this flexibility would make your life easier. Perhaps you need to use a tall oven pan for roasting a whole chicken, you can lower the rack position to cook the entire thing inside. 

This dual-position rack is more common in traditional ovens, which is why I'm very happy to see it featured on this Mueller toaster oven. It gives the user more options for baking.

muller oven

Mueller Toaster Oven MT-175 Features

Here are highlights of Mueller Austria's 4-slice toaster oven:

Even Toast Technology

As the name of its tech suggests, Even Toast Technology guarantees that you can toast bread evenly at all times. No more soft bottoms or burnt tops, or food with uneven heating.

Toaster ovens are prone to have uneven heating issues. Fortunately, Mueller Austria equipped its MT-175 model with Even Toast Technology for optimized heat distribution, faster heating, and in turn, less power consumption

toaster oven

Convection Oven Functions

This Mueller toaster oven 4-slice isn't just here to bring you perfectly toasted bread. Because it is also designed as a natural convection oven, you can use it for all your baking, broiling, toasting, and warming up food.


Wide Temperature Range

Mueller Austria's toaster oven 4-slice multifunction model has a wide temperature range of 150 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, it heats up exceptionally fast and lets you cook food instantly.


3 Cooking Functions, "Keep Warm" & Crust Options

The MT-175 comes with 3 cooking modes and helpful crust options for those of us who are picky with our crusts.

  • Baking, Broiling, and Toasting: These three functions are a life-saver if you want to save time in the kitchen. You can make tiny cakes, bake meat, broil hotdogs, "fry" chicken nuggets, and so much more - all in one machine.
  • Keep Warm feature: This isn't a common oven toaster function, but very much welcomed nonetheless.
  • Crust Options: Mueller Austria's MT-175  totally removes the guesswork from toasting. You can pick from light, medium, or dark and be able to toast varying degrees of crust to suit you and your partner's toast preferences.
cooking abiliies

Aside from these four functions and crust options, the Mueller Austria toaster oven also comes with a built-in timer, which you can set up to 30minutes long.

The built-in timer uses a dial, making it easier to re-wind even with just one hand. And if you don't need a timer, just keep the knob on the "Stay On" functionality - easy peasy!

Mueller Toaster Oven MT-175 Pros and Cons


  • 1100 watts of power
  • Easy to clean, trio set of dials
  • Space-saving compact design
  • Comes with a 2-year no-hassle replacement policy
  • Includes a recipe booklet (ideal for anyone just starting out at either cooking or baking)
  • Cool stainless steel toaster oven design
  • Good unexposed heating elements from Even Toast and Convection Technologies
  • See-through glass is easy to clean
  • Option for 30-minute timer and "Stay on"  offers flexibility
  • Super-convenient removable baking pan
  • Easy to clean removable crumb tray (see-through glass makes it easy to check if the removable crumb tray needs cleaning)
  • VERY helpful crumb and toast settings


  • Removing the baking pan has a learning curve (be patient in getting it out the first few times)
  • Might be too small for big families

Toaster Oven FAQs

Is a Toaster Oven Worth it?

If you have a full-sized oven and microwave oven already in your arsenal of cooking equipment, should you really bother with a toaster oven? What can it bring to the table that the other two machines can't?

Here are several tidbits you should know:

  • A toaster just toasts bread but expect it to toast to perfection. It is a single-function machine.
  • A convection toaster oven is flexible. It can toast, bake, broil, and other cooking functions.
  • A microwave oven is unable to toast, but it can bake or broil as well.
  • A conventional oven (regardless if it is tabletop or built-in) is the most full-featured. It is able to bake, broil, and toast effortlessly.
three functions

If you have a traditional oven, you don't actually need a toaster or toaster oven anymore. However, these smaller machines are energy efficient, require less countertop space and prep time, and are ideal for small-sized meals. You don't really need to crank up your standard oven if you're just cooking four-slice, 9-inch pizza for two people. Also, check out these law wattage ovens, too boot.

Can You Put a Toaster Oven Under a Cabinet?

If you have no more countertop space and are wondering if you could put the Mueller Austria toaster oven 4-slice under a cabinet, the answer is YES. It could fit into your cabinet, but it depends on how your shelving is arranged.


What is the Best Toaster Oven on the Market?

Breville, Cuisinart, Panasonic toaster ovens, KitchenAid, and Mueller Austria are some of the best toaster ovens in the industry, but they're in the higher price range.

Check out Black&Decker, or Hamilton Beach if you're looking for something cheaper but are STILL quality-made toaster ovens.


Should I Buy Mueller Austria Toaster Oven 4-Slice?

The Muller Austria MT-175 toaster oven boasts of a sleek compact design, but with "big oven" heat.

Powered by 1100 watts, convection technology, and other patented Muller Austria technologies, you'd be able to take advantage of the flexibility this multifunction oven brings to the table.

Aside from heating up leftover pizza slices and toasting bread, imagine the unlimited possibilities of this compact model. From baking crispy bacon within several minutes to broiling hot dogs and hamburgers, you'll never run out of things to cook.


The Mueller Austria  MT-175 toaster oven heats up easily and saves power in the process. This energy efficiency advantage is the reason many people who already have a full-sized, powerful conventional oven still shop around for a smaller (but more energy-efficient) alternative.

Yes, there are dozens of similar toaster ovens in the market, but at this low price and a two-year warranty to boot, buying the Muller Austria MT-175 toaster oven is definitely a steal.

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