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Popular Toaster Oven Brands – Learn Here


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Most Professional Chefs and users of toaster ovens will admit that they are a real blessing. Choosing the best brand of toaster ovens for your use is of utmost importance as a wrong brand can mar your dish.

Below are the best-reviewed toaster ovens and are perfect for home and indoor use. It can carry out basically all the cooking functions of a conventional or electric oven and even use lesser energy. Higher-end toaster ovens, though, often have functions that enable you to roast or bake in the toaster oven.

Over the years, toaster ovens have become a more affordable and efficient alternative to its other counterparts and most popular electronic brands have released their brand-specific toaster ovens.

Since a lot of people often get worried about the best products to buy, we have put together the most popular ovens brand and what makes them seem so special.

8 Popular Toaster Oven Brands

1. Breville

Best Breville Toaster Ovens
Breville is a premium brand that does not compromise on features or quality. Hence their oven toasters are generally more expensive.

This brand is also known as the world leader in kitchen appliances and is quite good at what they do. Their product includes coffee makers and a variety of ovens type, blender, juicers, and expresso machines (see Breville’s smart toaster oven and air fryer combo and their mini smart oven).

While their products are on the high side, you cannot deny that they have some really great ones.

Their ovens can be purchase in the range from $200 to about $800, some of their available oven toasters include Breville Compact  Smart Oven, Breville Smart Oven Pro, Breville convection toaster oven with elements etc. Its capabilities go far beyond making toast. This countertop can roast vegetables, cakes, sandwiches, reheat pizza, leftovers, etc.

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2. Cuisinart

Cuisinart Cuisinart began in the US in the year 1971, it was created by Carl Sontheimer. The brand has since been committed to making kitchen appliances and machines like toaster ovens, blenders, fryers, food processors e.t.c.s They are well known for their kitchen appliances including their toaster ovens. Some of their renown products include convection ovens  Cuisinart Convection Air Toaster Oven, Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven (steel), toaster oven Broiler, retro toaster Oven Broiler e.t c Their toaster ovens can be gotten for as low as $69 up to about $250. To purchase any of Cuisinart’s products, simply visit their website. Read more: Best Toaster Ovens Under $100
Cuisinart is another premium ovens brand that produces high quality models only.

Cuisinart began in the US in the year 1971, it was created by Carl Sontheimer. The brand has since been committed to making kitchen appliances and machines like oven toasters, blenders, fryers, food processors etcs.

They are well known for their kitchen appliances including their oven toasters.

Some of their renown products include convection ovens  Cuisinart Convection Air Toaster Oven, Chef’s Convection Toaster Ovens (steel), toaster oven Broiler, retro toaster Oven Broiler e.t c

Their oven toasters can be gotten for as low as $69 up to about $250.

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3. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Breach
HamiltonBeach ovens are the one most will go for. The offer budget, mid range, small, large and premium models.

Hamilton Beach is one of the most popular makers of kitchen appliances. From deep fryers to waffle toasters to rice cookers and electric spiralizers.

The company remains one of the oldest and largest producers of electronics in the game. They are also acclaimed to be one of the best in the game.

Established as early as 1906, the company is one of the major go-to brands for kitchen appliances and electronics. They is also a producer of oven toasters .

One of the best things about their Oven Toasters is that they have over 30 varieties of the product, so you can get your ovens for as low as $34 and as high as $180. So if you will like to buy ovens, they should definitely be one of the products you consider.

Some of the common Hamilton Beach Ovens includes the air fry countertop oven, stainless steel 6 slice toaster oven, sure crisp air fry toaster oven, 6 slices of toast easy reach digital toaster oven with roller top door e.t.c

To purchase any of their products you can easily visit their website

4. Avanti

Avanti is another popular brand that is renowned all over the world for the production of countertop home appliances. From wine chillers to beverage coolers to water dispensers, to convection and pizza the brand has got most of your household needs covered.

Established over 45 years ago Avanti remains one of the leading technology producers in the world, some of their popular oven toasters include Avanti 6 Rotary toaster oven, Avanti Compact countertop multifunction convection toaster ovens and Avanti Black Stainless steel ovens.

They are located in Florida and remain one of the lead producers of oven toasters in the world today.

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5. Black and Decker

Black and Decker is another lead producer of home technology in the USA today. Black Decker are known for their production of household appliances and accessories and they are also known for home improvement products like garden tools, blenders, electric irons, vacuum, and cleaning implements.

It’s no wonder that they are also popular for their production of world-class oven toasters .

Although Black and Decker are known for their appliances, their ovens doesn’t seem to be the best in the game and a rather large number of customers has complained about the fire starting occasionally on the ovens, which is not a very good comment on the ovens.

They also reviewed on the fact that it burns toast a lot. If you will like to purchase your toaster oven from Black and Decker, be sure to make sure that you’ve properly reviewed it is worth your money.

6. Kitchen aid

Kitchen aid was established as far back as 1919, by an engineer named Herbert Johnson, with the production of standing mixers it is also known as one of the leading producers of home technology. Especially kitchen appliances which the producers are passionate about.

With headquarters located in Australia, it provides amazing products to her customers located all over the world. Today, Kitchen Aid makes products like blender, toaster, convection oven fridge e.t.c.

Amazing ovens that kitchen aid produces is the countertop toaster oven, it is the most common type from the brand and has amazing features.

Today Kitchenaid is also one of the leading products of toaster ovens. With products sought after far and wide all over the world. Kitchen aid stands out because of some unique features on its toaster oven.

7. Oster

Oster Toaster Oven
The Oster ovens are reasonably priced and have fair value for money to offer.

Oster is another amazing kitchen appliance brand. It was founded in the year 1924, almost 100 years ago by Jarden. They are known for their home and kitchen appliances and some of their kitchen products including blender, food processor, air fryer toaster oven, deep fryer, and other common kitchen appliances.

Oster is acclaimed to produce the best-valued toaster oven. Examples of their ovens include Oster Digital French Door Oven, Oster 6 slice convection toaster oven, Oster designed for life 6 slice toaster oven, Oster 4 slice toaster oven.

Ovens range from as low as $50 up to $200 depending on the specifications and your preferences, you can purchase or amazon or via their website.

8. June Ovens

Popular Toaster Oven Brands

June ovens are one of a kind, with innovation coupled with beauty, it remains one of the leading ovens in the industry. It can contain up to 12 slices of bread and one exceptional feature of this ovens are the fact that all you need to do is put a meal inside, it takes a picture of it and gives specifications on how to cook it.

Unfortunately, their ovens are a little on the high side, from about $500, but you will be sure to get value for your money.

The above brands are exceptional in the kitchen appliances industry and that is why they made it to the list of popular oven toaster brands.


Through your boundless imagination, ovens have infinite possibilities. Cooking, baking, toasting bread and pizza can also be a great bonding experience with your close friend, apart from its versatility in the kitchen.

When purchasing ovens some reminders, such as the price, the size, and its characteristics, such as its simple to use control panel. Make sure the ovens still has a calm surface of stainless steel to prevent burns. Happy cooking!


1. What is the best brand of oven toaster to buy?

Today’s high-end toasters are Mini-Me versions of full-size ovens. They can also do everything from roasting a beautiful, golden-brown chicken to baking a cake.

Here are some of our best toaster oven picks.

A. Breville
B. Cuisinaart
C. Hamilton beach
D. Avanti

2. How do I choose an oven toaster?

When you decide for yourself which ovens to buy, the kind and amount of cooking you do, the room you have and your budget must first be determined. It is also critical that specific features are taken into account that could cater to your cuisine.

3. Is oven toaster healthier than microwave?

No, despite the lack of radiation, ovens are not healthier than microwaves. Thanks to the fact that microwaves waste less nutrients because of quicker heating.

4. What are the advantages of a oven toaster?

Toasters  are more powerful than a full size ovens (using about half as much energy as a standard oven). The price of a regular oven is just a fraction of that. Toaster ovens easily preheat.

5. Can you cook chicken in ovens?

Yes, ovens also has several cooking functions. You can toast bread, pizza baking, you can also roast or bake chicken and even frozen pizza. Baking method is about the same as a traditional wall ovens but just temperature and time difference.

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