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Tovala Smart Oven Review | 5 Cooking Modes for Delicious Meals


Author: Ana Stanar
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I recently got the chance to test out Tovala's Smart Oven and I have to say, it's one of the best kitchen appliances I've ever used, so that’s why I have decided to write this Tovala Smart Oven review.

It can cook food in different ways: toast, broil, bake, and steam plus take up less space than a full-size oven, which is great for small kitchens and apartments.

In this review, I’ll tell you about my experience using this smart kitchen appliance and whether or not it really lives up to all the hype.

Tovala Smart Oven, 5-in-1 Countertop Toaster Oven

Main Features

  • This Tovala smart oven has 5 multiple cooking modes; bake, reheat, steam, broil, and toast
  • Its power is 1525 watts
  • This is a smart oven- smartphone controlled
  • It comes with recipes written by professional chefs
  • The kitchen appliance comes with an oven rack, crumb tray, measuring cup, sheet tray, steamer cover, instruction manual, hot pad, and Tovala IQ
  • This is a convection oven with a brain; it is able to automatically switch from one cooking mode to another
  • It is able to cook store-bought food recipes perfectly by scanning a code

I'm not going to lie; the first thing that attracted me to this product was the look. It's sleek and stylish, with a transparent toaster oven door that lets you see what's cooking inside. It looks great on my countertop and it doesn't take up a lot of space, which is perfect for our small kitchen (see also 2-in-1 toaster ovens).

smart oven by Tovala

Tovala Smart oven is a countertop oven that replaces a conventional oven, toaster, microwave, and steamer.

It is a Smart Toaster Oven that Performs Well

Another thing that I liked about this smart toaster oven was how well it performed. I made these meals: pizza, chicken breast, beef steak, and cookies and they all turned out to be delicious.

It cooked without drying out any of the food like other conventional ovens tend to do.

I was able to cook food in its own juices without adding any extra oil or butter, resulting in fewer fat and calories compared to traditional cooking methods like frying or baking.

Eating less fat has numerous health benefits, including lower your cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease. Moreover, it aids in weight loss by promoting a faster feeling of fullness, leading to overall reduced food intake.

With my desire for a countertop convection oven that could handle a variety of dishes, I found one that exceeded my expectations.

This oven not only cooks meals exceptionally well but also has a steaming feature for preparing vegetables. I'm particularly impressed with how it prepares chicken and fish, yielding tender and juicy results.

The convenience of cooking couldn't be simpler: just unwrap, insert the meal into the oven, and scan the barcode to program it.

What's even better is that the selection of store-bought meals compatible with the oven's programming continues to expand, making meal preparation effortless.

a meal served on a white plate

Cooks A Variety of Meals with The Same Machine

The Tovala oven is more than just a toaster; it's a versatile kitchen appliance with 5 different cooking modes. This means it can do much more than just toasting bread.

With its full-sized oven capabilities, it allows you to effortlessly prepare a wide range of Tovala meals in your own kitchen. The oven heats up quickly, cooks food to perfection, and is easy to use.

It also prioritizes safety with its automatic shut-off feature. Additionally, it saves you money on electricity. Personally, I prefer this oven over my larger ones.

It cooks food fast, resulting in slightly browned but not mushy veggies and perfectly cooked meats. I'm still learning not to overcook, but overall, the results are impressive.

While the scanner functionality is not as useful as I had hoped and appears to be limited to their food products (which I haven't purchased), I appreciate the oven's quick cooking time and the delicious taste it imparts to my pizza.

Compared to my previous oven, it doesn't dry out my food. Plus, I managed to get it at a great price during a sale. Whether I'm preparing filet mignon or panko-encrusted chicken breast, this oven consistently delivers perfect meals.

Simply scan, hit the start button, and in just twenty minutes, a delicious meal is ready to enjoy.

Perfectly Cooked Tovala Meals

The baking function is used for baking bread or cake while reheating mode is ideal for heating up leftovers or other foods that have been stored in the refrigerator.

You can also use steam mode to make healthy dishes such as steamed vegetables or fish. Broiler mode is used for grilling meat while toast mode allows you to toast your bread slices with ease.

slices of bread toasted in the oven

It is a Smart Oven

This conventional oven boasts an intelligent brain that simplifies the process of selecting the perfect cooking mode to meet your specific needs.

Gone are the days of worrying about overcooking or undercooking your meals, as this smart oven accurately determines the ideal temperature based on the food type.

What truly impresses me is the oven's exceptional quality and sleek appearance, evident in its durable materials. The smart features are incredibly convenient and user-friendly, and I particularly appreciate being able to connect the oven to Wi-Fi using my smartphone as a hotspot.

With an incredible range of features, this oven can outperform a traditional convection oven in every way. Its intuitive smart capabilities, such as smartphone connectivity and barcode reading, truly set it apart.

Comes with lots of Professional Recipes

It comes with recipes written by professional chefs with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. All you need to do is follow the instructions on your smartphone or tablet and you will get perfect results every time.

You Have More Control with Tovala App

The Tovala app offers convenient control of your oven from anywhere, ensuring you can manage it even when you're not at home. It keeps you informed through notifications, alerting you when your food is ready or if any issues arise with the oven.

Personally, I find it liberating that I no longer have to constantly monitor my oven. While the app is impressive, there are some additional features I believe it should have, and I hope for an update to address this.

Additionally, the scanning feature is surprisingly useful, and the oven's self-cleaning capability adds to its appeal. With solid build quality and a reliable app, it provides peace of mind.

I appreciate the ease of use and have been pleasantly surprised by the meal quality, which has surpassed my expectations.

However, I do have reservations about the subscription model, as it requires a commitment, and I believe they are missing out by not partnering with a fitness/calorie-counting app like Noom.


  • The app of Tovala oven makes cooking easier: you select what you want to cook (pizza or toast) and how long you want it cooked for (medium or dark), then press start and you will get a home-cooked meal
  • The Tovala steam oven comes with recipes for you to try out at home. The recipes include everything from cookies and brownies to meatloaves and casseroles
  • It also offers some unique features like meal subscriptions, so you don't have to think about what to make for dinner.
  • The Tovala smart oven comes with a glass door that makes it easy to monitor the progress of your food while it's cooking.
  • The fact that the Tovala oven can cook using so many different methods means you don't need to buy an array of kitchen appliances to get the job done.
  • This kitchen appliance is powered by 1525 watts which are sufficient for cooking most dishes.
  • You can place this appliance anywhere on your countertop without taking up much space at all and it doesn’t need any additional accessories or attachments to operate properly either since everything is built into this one unit.
  • Tovala smart oven has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to set the temperature and time easily
  • You can cook various types of foods in it like pizza, chicken wings, fish fillets, etc


  • This toaster oven is not cheap but it can save time and money if you use it instead of buying takeout food every day.
The oven and the dishes in front of it

Frequently Asked Questions about Tovala Oven

Are Tovala Meals Healthy?

The Tovala Smart Oven is a smart kitchen appliance that allows users to cook meals from their own homes. It’s specially designed for people who don’t want to go out to eat but still want healthy and fresh meals.

Their recipes have carb-conscious meals like spaghetti squash alfredo and crispy cauliflower tacos with guacamole so they only use whole grains instead of refined grains like white rice or white pasta noodles in their recipes. They also have recipes for vegetarians and gluten-free meals.

Tovala Meal Service

It is worth noting that Tovala has a meal service that has great-tasting food. These meals came in handy during Covid 19 times. This service is ideal for insanely busy people who have no time to make meals themselves.

Tovala Meals are made from high-quality ingredients. The company sources its ingredients from local farms and producers. Their meals are made from scratch and are not processed or packaged in a factory.

Can The Tovala Oven Be Used as A Regular Oven?

Yes, the Tovala oven is used as a regular oven. You can use the Tovala Oven to bake, broil, and more.

The Tovala Oven has racks to place your food. This means that you can fit several dishes in the oven at once and cook them. The big benefit of the Tovala Oven is that you don't have to preheat it. Just throw in your food and start cooking.

In addition to the cooking modes on the oven itself, there are also recipes available in the accompanying app. These recipes include pizza, cookies, and breads that have been specifically designed for this type of oven.

recepies on mobile screens

Can The Oven Be Used in a Tiny Apartment?

The Tovala has been getting some attention lately, and for good reason. It's one of the smart ovens that can be used in a small space like an apartment.

It is ideal for use in small apartments or homes because it does not take up much space on your countertop when not being used.

Is Tovala Expensive?

This great oven is not a cheap budget toaster oven but it's not expensive either. It's a little more than the cost of a toaster oven and it's less than the cost of a traditional oven.

You should consider how much money you'll save by cooking at home with this smart oven rather than eating out all the time when looking at its price.

You also have the option of getting Tovala Meal Kits. These are pre-portioned ingredients for meals like roast chicken or salmon with vegetables. You just put them in the oven, press a button, and walk away.

When your meal is done, you pop it out of the oven and eat it right there on your countertop or tabletop.

a container with food in an oven

What Can I Cook with Tovala?

Tovala is primarily designed for cooking meals that are healthier than what you would find at fast food restaurants. It's also great for reheating leftovers, making toast, and warming up frozen foods. However, there are many other things you can cook with it as well!

How Much Food Can It Make?

The Tovala is large enough toaster oven to make two servings at once. You can cook two pizzas at once or two chicken breasts or two sandwiches. Or you can make one pizza and one chicken breast and one sandwich so everyone gets exactly what they want. The size of your food is limited only by your imagination.

Is Tovala Good for Making Pizza?

Yes! You can use Tovala to make pizza with premade dough from the supermarket or homemade dough from scratch (using your own recipe).

You can either bake the pizza directly on top of the oven rack or transfer it onto a small baking sheet if you prefer less mess when taking it out of the oven after cooking time has elapsed.

pizza in the oven

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Tovala oven has had its ups and downs, but it has made a positive impact on my diet and lifestyle. Inspired by a delicious hotel lunch, I wanted to incorporate more roasted veggies into my meals, and the oven has allowed me to do just that.

While there was a learning curve and limited documentation, the toast function impressed me with its consistent results. The assembly was easy, but using the oven was initially confusing.

However, I eventually figured out its features, like the helpful timer. Custom programs are handy, although the toaster function could be improved. The presence of steam resulted in moist toast.

The water storage and fill mechanism for steam needs engineering improvement.

Overall, the Tovala oven has made a meaningful difference in my life, giving me more control over my meals. A dedicated cookbook for this device would be beneficial.

About the author

Ana Stanar

An Art Teacher, entrepreneur, and a mother of three, Ana considers cooking a form of art - pleasure for all senses as well as a process that requires creativity, passion and devotion. Since she leads a busy life, Ana just loves testing various kitchen appliances for Kitchen Gearoid, especially those that save her time while preparing food and cooking but also make every meal a masterpiece!


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