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Where to Recycle Toaster Oven? – 6 Easy Ways


Author: Ana Stanar
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Are you having problems with disposing of your old unusable toaster oven? Do you feel that you have to keep them in your homes? Or do you want to upgrade your current toaster oven for a newer model?

If you are ever confused about how to deal with your old or damaged toaster oven, then in this article we will talk about how, when and where to recycle toaster oven.

Basically, the simplest solution is to either repair and sell your toaster oven off, get in touch with your local recycling service or give it up for donation.

However, there are plenty more solutions. Let us look into this in depth.

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Where to Recycle Toaster Oven?

There are many places where you can recycle your toaster oven.

1. Thrift Stores

Some thrift stores accept bulky items such as dishwashers, ovens or refrigerators only when they are functional.

So for users that would like to donate their toaster ovens to replace it with a newer version, go online and search for the nearest thrift stores to you.

It will make a lot of difference in the life of anyone that ends up getting them.

2. Direct Charity

You can directly donate your old, but functioning, toaster oven to nearby charity organizations.

Most NGOs and charity organization accept charity in the form of both monetary as well as usable items.

3. Get it Repaired

If you have a malfunctioning toaster oven but you are still in love with it, you could take it for repairs.

Most kitchen appliances have a warranty. If your toaster oven has not exceeded its warranty, take it back to the store. They would direct you to where you would get your repairs either for free or at a discounted price.

For toaster ovens that have exceeded its warranty date, take it to the closest repairs shop to you. Do not attempt repairing your toaster oven yourself unless you are a professional.

4. Send it to the Recycling Center

Recycling your unusable toaster oven is a smart solution. It is environmentally friendly and helps reduce clutter.

Toaster ovens are mainly composed of steels, metal and/or aluminum. These materials are really useful and easy to recycle. When you recycle your toaster oven, first it will be tested if it can be repaired or refurbished.

When they are found to be a non-working device, the parts are shredded and separated to be reused by manufacturers in new products.

You can search up your local recycling center either online, on the newspaper or from your daily trash collectors.

5. Sell of the Scrap

Scrapyard will not only take care of the recycling, but may also pay you some

Scrapyards and scrap collectors are generally on the look out for electronic waste. Since these appliances contain metal and parts that can be sold off, they are excellent source of income of the scrap collectors.

If you have a scrapyard nearby, you can sell of your old toaster oven there. The scrapyard will pay you and will take care of the recycling for you.

6. Check with the Manufacturers

Many manufacturers have dedicated solutions for handling old and worn out devices.

Some manufacturers have policy that allow customers to get rid of their old appliances for news. The difference in the amount is paid, but in the end you get a newer model and the manufacturer takes care of the recycling for you.

Toaster Oven Recycling Preparation

Before recycling your toaster oven, there are some basic preparations you need to make and they are:

  • Unplug your toaster oven for several days before recycling in other for it to cool and ensure that the interior is totally dry.
  • Tie up the power cord or tape it to the unit to avoid tripping over the cord while carrying it.
  • If there are removable parts in your toaster oven that you might need, consider keeping them. Also, remove all glass items and plastics prior to recycling.

Why Should You Recycle Your Toaster Oven?

E-waste. or electronic waste, is a dangerous health hazard accord to the World Health Organization.

This same reason that apply to all general electronic waste also apply to toaster oven for recycling them.

1. Protects the Environment

Recycling helps to protect the environment. The little gesture of recycling also helps to save wildlife and humans as it reduces the rate of climate change.

Besides toxic substances like heavy metals present in most devices is a dangerous health hazard for children.

2. Reduces Landfill

How leaching and groundwater pollution works. Source: Canada.ca

The rate at which we dispose of things is increasing at an alarming rate.

This increase in the rate of waste disposal has gradually led to the overflowing of landfills.

Moreover, landfills that are not maintained or sealed properly cause Leaching where the toxic chemicals seep into the ground water and into the flowing water bodies like rivers.

This results in catastrophic damages to life and land.

3. Saves Energy

Valuable materials recycled from a toaster oven can then be reused in other appliances. In this way, you reduce the energy required to extract, process and manufacturer new materials.

Saving energy means loving carbon footprint especially for countries that rely mainly on fossil fuel powered energy.

4. Saves Money

The cost of recycling is far less than the cost of waste disposal. Recycling also helps you develop the habit of buying what you need. This habit helps you to save a lot of money. Some recycling companies also pay you for your recycled material.

5. Prevents Diseases

Disposing of waste in landfills leads to the emission of toxic gases that can be injurious to the health of those living around.

Also, the leaching of the waste from landfills into the ocean floor can lead to an epidemic of infectious diseases such as typhoid and dysentery.

Your choice to recycle your toaster oven helps more than you think. It’s a choice that saves the planet.

When Should You Dispose of Your Toaster Oven?

Getting rid of your property should be a decision that you alone make. But if you are unsure when to dispose of your toaster oven, here are some instances;

1. Catches Fire

You should definitely dispose of your toaster oven after it catches fire. It is absolutely dangerous to try reusing an appliance like that.

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2. Cost of Repair

Where to Recycle Toaster Oven
Fixing a heavily damaged toaster oven would not be a financially sound idea.

If your toaster oven malfunctions and the cost of repair is almost the price of a new toaster oven, it’s wise to recycle that toaster oven.

Do not try to fix it on your own if you are not a professional.

3. Electrical Shocks

If your toaster oven causes frequent shocks when touched, it’s a sign that you need to get rid of that it. It is extremely dangerous. You could try putting it out for repairs. But if after fixing the shocks persist, recycle.

4. Clutter 

If you plan on getting newer appliances that allow you to de-clutter through combining various appliances in on one such as toaster oven with air fryer etc, recycling your older toaster oven would be ideal.

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Final Words

Here we looked at where ways and places where to recycle toaster oven. We also looked at why and when you should recycle your old toaster oven.

Whether you are environment-conscious, or if you to earn some extra bucks by selling it off for scrap, the choices are many.

However, the last thing you should do is just simply throw it off in the garbage.


1. How do you dispose of a toaster oven?

To dispose of your broken toaster oven, contact a local repairman or junkyard. You can either sell it or give it away to a handyman or appliance repair shop in your neighborhood. They may be able to repair it and resell it, or disassemble the toaster for salvageable parts. If the local repairman is unwilling to accept it, you can locate the nearest junk shop and drop it off.

2. Can you put toasters in garbage?

Yes, the majority of small appliances, such as toasters, are completely safe to dispose in regular trash. Larger appliances, such as microwaves, will require contacting your local waste management company or city to determine when larger appliances will be collected.

3. Is a toaster oven considered e-waste?

It is critical to note that there is no clear definition for e-waste, and that it is regulated separately from general waste. The following are some examples of e-waste that should NOT be disposed of in your trash bin: Toasters, coffee makers, and microwave ovens are all examples of kitchen equipment.

4. Are toasters recyclable?

Toasters, indeed, are recyclable. Small appliances, such as blenders and toasters, are constructed to last for an extended period of time. The majority of small appliances are constructed primarily of metal, such as steel. As a result, they have useful materials that are relatively easy to recycle — and thus should avoid ending up in landfills.

5. What Cannot be thrown in a dumpster?

By and large, you are not permitted to place hazardous materials or liquid-based items in your rented dumpster. This category includes wet paint, oil (as well as all other liquids), asbestos, sealed tanks/drums, electronics (e-waste), tires, and certain types of appliances.

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