Write For Us - Kitchen - Food - Home - Submission Guidelines

Write For Us – Kitchen – Food – Home – Submission Guidelines

KitchenGearoid.com at the moment receives about 200 unique visits per DAY and the number is rising steadily.

In the few months since its inception it has garnered a whole lot of traction.

If you are a foodie or have a blog related to Kitchen Tools, Home Appliances, Food Recipes, Health or Home in general, you can submit your guest post to us.


Guest Post Submission Guidelines

If you are a good writer, then you have nothing to worry about as our guidelines are fairly simple. In fact, we may actually help you out in writing the article if we like your pitch. Here are the details.

1. Tell Us About Yourself

Tell us a bit about yourself and the blog that you want to promote here at KitchenGearoid.com.

We just want to make sure that you are someone who knows what they are talking about and whether we can accept linking to your blog or not.

2. Topic Selection

  • Sift and thoroughly examine our blog and look at the topics we tackle
  • We tackle topics related to kitchen gadgets and appliances, how to use different kitchen appliances and food recipes.
  • You will pitch us a list of topics, ideally three topics related to our blog. We will select one.
  • The topic will have to be unique. You will not write on the exact topic for any other site.

3. Content

We do not charge and will never charge for guest post. Therefore, we do, however, ask that the content be great. Unfortunately, we will reject content that has visible issues with grammar, sentence structure and tone.

  • At least a 1000 words article is required.
  • Do not write in a promotional tone. Write in a friendly conversational tone.
  • The content MUST be Unique. It will be checked for plagiarism.
  • The article must be formatted with a good number of subheadings. We may actually help you with the sbuheadings if we approve the topic.
  • You are to provide 2 royalty free images. You can free stock photos at unsplash.com, pixabay.com, pexels.com.
  • Optional: URL to the video you want to embed.

4. Linking and Promotion

  • We can provide a Dofollow link to your homepage only. The homepage MUST NOT be a product landing page.
  • IMPORTANT: You will be required to write a featured post on your blog with a Dofollow link linking back to your article on KitchenGearoid.com once it is published for promotional purposes.

5. Credits and Terms

The right to the article will be owned by KitchenGearoid.com. We reserve the rights to edit the content of your article to make it fit with our website should the need be.

Send us an Email

If you accept the submission guidelines above, then send us an email at admin@kitchengearoid.com

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